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WOTDC: Match

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge is, match. You can read about the challenge on this blog, Tales from the Mind of Kristian.

My washer has a mind of it’s own. No two socks are thrown in for a cycle; and the match exists for a dry cycle. Maybe, the socks find a different soulmate. Perhaps, there’s a sacred hidden door in the machine. They crossover to this new and exciting world, and can’t return. Perhaps there’s a sock fairy, and it’s against her kingdom’s law to be seen. She has to be unnoticed when she sweeps in to grab her treasure. I can’t understand, why smelly yucky socks though? I don’t know.

Till next time fairy, don’t take mine.


Word of the Day Challenge: Delicious

This is created for The Word of the Day Challenge.

I’m not one to try exotic new foods, more in fear of how my body will react to it. When I have something that I LOVE, however; such as fresh fruit, or a Duncan Donuts Strawberry Banana Smoothie, I savor every last morsal! Haha, isn’t that how we all should do every bit to life, though? The delicious taste of life is such sweetness. It should be lived in all it’s luscious, colorful, and delightful glory. That’s my opinion.

Word of the Day: Lingering

The lingering stench of bad decisions suffocated Carl, as he clumsily tried standing. His head throbbed; and the faint light shining through the curtains felt like a jack hammer to the skull.

” Where does she keep the aspirin?” He grumbled in irritability. Hangover is not a good look for him.

He took the glass, from the strainer, and filed it half full with water. Carefully, he turned around and made his way to the bathroom.

James, his lifelong friend, made it as far as the hallway. He looked ROUGH… His collard shirt was half His from his hands. He was missing a shoe and sock from one foot. To top off the look, he smelled like regret. Puke was all down the front of him, that Carl could see anyway.

“Wow dude, you must have partied hard!” He said to his friend, while passing by.

Stepping over him, Carl made it to the bathroom. He hoped there would be aspiran in the medicine cabinet.

“Shit!” He whispered. With no relief, he made his way back out of the bathroom.

” Maybe there’s some in her nightstand!” He thought, heading in that direction.

Tracey, Carl’s female best friend, was sleeping next to the sliding closet doors. She was still wearing the cute Al Chazier fleek black evening dress from the night before. He had a crush on her all the while they were growing up. In middle school, during one of the yearly dances, they missed. It was awkward. They bumped heads. They never did anything like it since.

Carefully squirming past her, Carl made it to the night stand. In luck, there was a bottle of medication inside.

” Whew! Thank God!” He murmured, as he popped the lid of and tapped two whole white pills into his palm.

Throwing his head, he gulped the water, washing down the medication as fast as possible. He’d been hungover plenty of times, but this felt different. His body felt extra heavy, and he felt extra warm. It was only May, so the outside temps weren’t the New York hot yet.

” Damn! I’m still not feeling it!” He thought, as he stumbled past Tracy, on his way out of the room. As he approached the James, still passed out in the hallway, his throat began to tighten.

” WTF!” He panicked. Shortly thereafter, his vision began to blur, and he desperately needed to get back to the sink.

Practically plummeting facedown into the carpet, he desperately tried to regain control of himself. He had no idea what was happening, and no one else was comprehensive to help.

Slowly, griping the nearby furniture to stay up, he made it to the kitchen. His breathing now was gasping. His chest heavy, as of cement blocks were loading for transporting. He felt himself slipping.

“Forget the water, where’s the damn phone?!” He mustered out. He collapsed to the floor and laid on his back. With one hand over his heart, he felt a trail of tears stream down his cheek. Ten minutes later, he gasped for the last time.

Sonya emerged from the walk in pantry. This was her birthday; it was her party the night before. She wasn’t going to allow someone to ruin it for her. Carl had just met her; however, when he started drinking he became obnoxiously frustrating.

He made the mistake of getting in front of the mic and giving a less than pleasant birthday toast.

Sonya tip toed over to where Carl laid motionless.

” I tried to warn you, fool! ” She whispered with this evil look to her eyes.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge; found here🙂

The Basics

The elemental foundation is a necessity for all else to suceed. It’s the brick that all else depends; and it’s that which builds strength and endurance. Without it, the holes will weaken the sustenance of the goal, and it’ll crumble.

Why is it that so many major corporations don’t understand this concept? Every right hand should understand the basics. Every left hand should, too. Everyone should be working towards the same goal. Every employee should be trained in the process. Every individual should be aware of how their position affects the rest of the process.

You’d think this was rocket science.

This has been formulated for the Word of the Day Challenge 😀 You can read more about it HERE 😀

#OWP #WOTDC: Envision

What timing, and quite the suitable word, for The Word of the Day Challenge. It’s also called #OneWordPrompt, I believe.

Today, the world is envision. As I sit here, on 18, February, 2019… Known as President’s Day, in my country, I can’t help but to feel a melting pot of emotions.

In high school, my History teacher, Mr. Kidder, taught the foundations of this country… Or so they (our government) had lead me to believe.

He taught me Christopher Columbus discovered this “new land”…. He taught of the pilgrimage John Smith endured, and the Native American people he encountered. He taught about the wars, and slavery, the greatness of President Lincoln and President Jackson.

I felt proud to be American,…. And ashamed of my leaders. This established feeling escalated through my early adult years, learning the hidden truths of history.

There’s so much our government hasn’t told us. There’s so much more to US History, that paints a heartbreaking picture. I’m not proud of our leaders. I can’t say I’m proud of many of our Presidents. Their choices haven’t been to establish equality for all… And they’ve done so with utter disgraceful lies and secrecy.

This is “Adam Ruins Everything “… You may find yourself questioning what you thought to be truth, as well.

Listen Carefully

#OWP #WOTDC: strength

She’s faced injustice, but she has a huge heart.

She’s been broken, but that’s not her identity.

She’s cried countless tears, and she knows it’s not over.

She’s a Southern Soul Sister, and she proudly represents

The beauty & strength that lies deep within.

That which resides beneath the skin.

She is a woman of color🌺

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge

#WOTDC: revelation

His greatest strength has always been blackmailing the enemy with the revelation of their motive. Even without a conversation, he can identify the purpose of their words and prearranged plans. It’s been his greatest gift and darkest curse.

On the right side of the law, he’s been a tremendous asset in solving cases, particularly the cold case files. A time or two, under the impression of superiority, the criminals caught him unaware. They had a brief victory with the upper hand; however, it was always shortlived.

His life has always been exhilarating and eventful. He uses his abilities for the wellbeing of all… But, the days when he’s not on the clock, he enjoys strolls through the fountain park and arboretum.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge



WOTDC: Intricate

The intricate details of his work are outstanding! Each stone, leaf, butterfly, and animal is perfectly designed with talent and dedication. His family has been in Northridge for several generations. Each generation has had a man passionate about stoneary. The painting material is a mixture of crushed ivory tusk, water, and modge podge. He uses a pocket knife carved from slate, heated to harden.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge

#WOTDC: Exquisite

This post comes from the sweetest reminder of my passion for birds. I know, I know, I’ve said this before… But, they truly are=}

Brought to you by Moi for the Word of the Day Challenge

Exquisite creatures with brilliance, elegance, and peace.

Green-Headed Tanager

Itatiaia RJ Brazil, 2008

Photo Credit: @palomino595 on Flickr

European Turtle Dove

Photo Credit attached

Southeast Asian Peacock-pheasant

Photo Credit: Myles Lamone

Webpage: imagur

Emerald Starling

Photo Credit: Tamara Kaylor

Website: redbubble