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Blog Party Details

Hey Hey!!

Who’s excited to party??!!!

Kristian & I are stoked!! We’re beyond ourselves excited because Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and what a better way to fall into the season than with you talented and beautiful people!!

So, the “meeting place” IS WordPress… SPECIFICALLY, A certain post that will be called “Blog Party VIPs”… (which excludes NO ONE)….

This VIP room is password protected! If you think you might have even 5-10 minutes to stop in, PLEASE EMAIL ME dreambeliever2010@outlook.com for the password!! Write ” Password” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.

The daily countdown is on my actual website: https://mynamaste365online.blog! The posters are also located there:)


Ok!! The daily countdown posts will be starting soon, as well!! 😀


Monday Greetings

I hope you all had a good weekend. I actually had a pretty good one, all things considered.

Saturday night I went to bed at 9:15, got up about three for snack, and went back to sleep until 8:15. I can’t remember the last time I slept all like that.

Today, I got a few things accomplished and really tackled my kitchen. Decluttering ALWAYS feels good. My dishes are about done, yeah it feels nice.

Other than that, it’s been a chill weekend. To hot and tired to do much else.

Good Morning y’all.

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Connect with Me :D

On Pinterest:

This is a board for Mental Health Advocates. I only add the individuals who advocate. This is where we can share and collaborate ideas and find helpful resources.

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On Instagram:

Here’s where you can find me : novanamaste

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Here’s where you can find me on Twitter: NovaNamaste19

Tuesday Thoughts

This is powerful huh?!

Good Morning ~ Happy Tuesday! I’m sipping my coffee ( Seattle’s Best Port Blend is my favorite!!)

This image really caught my attention! My fears are just as aggressive and dangerously inhibiting as these alligators! I’m sure you can relate.

Thankfully, when we recognize the alligators in the swamp, we can hold on to faith and hope to keep us. I personally believe I would literally lose my mind if not for my faith.

What are these ideas anyway?

Hope is believing in what can’t be seen.

Faith is believing the unseen to come to being!

They’re might might ideas… and they’re for everyone. Spiritual, religious, atheist or whatever.

If we all practiced putting hope in situations and faith into ourselves, I know we’d build self confidence and overcome. I know we’d be victorious and feel proud.

Maybe it’s worth a try? Maybe the possibility is worth another chance? I know you’re worth having faith. I know you’re worth keeping hope!

Special Post About Moms, By Moms

Feel free to add your scenarios in the comments🤣☺️ The funnier the better 😁😁

Here’s my list of ” You know you’re a mom when…”

    You hear any person yell for mom in the store, and you look for the mom.
    You know when it’s 5pm, because that’s wine time.
    You get six hours of sleep and feel solid.
    Bedtime goes from 2am to 8:30 pm, the night before.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Consent Episode Depicts Rape Kit for First Time | The Mighty

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” latest episode, “Silent All These Years,” depicts what it’s like to survive sexual assault, including one of the most detailed rape kit scenes shown on TV, and the importance of consent.
— Read on themighty.com/2019/03/greys-anatomy-consent-sexual-assault-rape-kit/

My Recommendation: Twitter Account 🌟

Over on Twitter, I’ve been blessed to meet so many fellow bloggers. It’s been a really cool expierence. I want to encourage you to

#1 Create an account of you don’t have one.


  • It’s the social media platform that’s the most instantaneous communication with others.
  • The tweets are simple to create.
  • Using popular blog hashtags brings visitors to your blog, and other social media accounts,
  • I would love to chat with you and
  • it’s fun!

” If it’s not your favorite, remember growth isn’t in a comfort zone.”

Once you’ve created an account

#2. Find me HERE: @ NovaNamaste19

#3. Follow accounts that “share” and/or “retweet” links.

Here are a few I suggest:

  1. AllThoseBlogs
  2. BloggerLoveShare
  3. LovingBlogs
  4. TheBloggersPost
  5. FemaleBloggerRT
  6. BloggersTribe


#4. Find the tweets that appear similar to this & join ” the party”!

These treads are overflowing with links to support fellow bloggers and your opportunity to chat with them. You post your blog link and watch your numbers bloom.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment below or inbox me @ mynamaste365online@yahoo.com

High Value Online support Groups, Communities, and Resources for Mental Illness

Incredible Resource!! I’m so stoked to have found this list to share 🦄🌸😉!! Taken from Chronic Illness Warrior Life, this list is gold when it comes to finding relatable people who KNOW what you’re going through! I hope this blesses you!

Connect from the comfort of home. Find your tribe by joining one of these great online support groups or communities for people with mental illness.
— Read on www.chronicillnesswarriorlife.com/online-support-groups-mental-illness/

Texas man calls professionals for ‘few’ snakes under house; 45 removed

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I would be running like a lunatic crying baby😂🤪🤣

The homeowner discovered the rattlesnakes when he went into a crawl space to see why his cable service was acting up.
— Read on www.cleveland19.com/2019/03/20/texas-man-calls-professionals-few-snakes-under-house-removed/

200 People Watched New Zealand Shooting On Facebook Live, But No One Reported It

THIS is a PROBLEM!!!! THIS, if NOTHING ELSE, should be why YOU deactivate your account!!! #fuckedUP

I know that’s strong language, but this is INSANE! And it actually happened! It should alarm us… All of us!!

200 People Watched New Zealand Shooting On Facebook Live, But No One Reported It

200 People Watched New Zealand Shooting On Facebook Live, But No One Reported It
— Read on blackamericaweb.com/2019/03/19/200-people-watched-new-zealand-shooting-on-facebook-live-but-no-one-reported-it/

Disturbing Article About Facebook

Hopefully, you consider deleting it after reading this.

A friend and I ran into one of his investors in a café in San Francisco, and the investor asked if we’d heard of a Soylent competitor, Ample. He was curious what we thought of it, and of meal…
— Read on medium.com/s/story/yes-you-should-delete-facebook-heres-why-bc623a3b4625

Affirmations For Success – Be Inspired..!!

The mental law of correspondence says that our  outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  By  focusing on the traits and characteristics we would like to have, we begin immediately to attract them  into our life. Affirmations are a great way to keep  our minds focused and our thoughts positive. As Claude Bristol says, “It’s the…
— Read on empress2inspire.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/affirmations-for-success/

For My New Followers

I’m so excited you’re here! Thank you for choosing to follow me 💕

Telling you a little about me:

  • My heritage is majority British & Scottish .
  • I have two daughters.
  • My favorite type of orange juice is Florida’s Natural, not from concentrate, without pulp.
  • I love butterflies.
  • I’m in love with nature (other than when it snows).
  • I enjoy crafting, and the arts.
  • My favorite hand lotions are Aveeno & Cerave.
  • I am obsessed with makeup.
  • Lavander fragrance is all over my apartment.
  • In 2005, I almost committed suicide.
  • In 2014, my husband did kill himself.
  • In 2014, a good friend of mine attempted it twice.
  • I’m pro-life, liberal, spiritual, and introverted.
  • Sunsets and the 7 o’clock hour are magical.
  • I love variety.
  • I was adopted very young.
  • I love all kinds of music, except heavy metal, which of course is my boyfriends favorite .
  • Daffodils, Roses, Fushias, Lotuses, and Tulips are my favorite flowers.
  • I prefer evenings to mornings but enjoy runrises.
  • I have three clocks hanging in my home, one of which was a Christmas gift from my late husband. It plays a clip of music every hour. It’s my absolute favorite.
  • I could eat peanut butter on nearly everything.
  • I use many Dove products.
  • I have an Amazon Firestick.
  • I wear the same necklace all the time. I never wear earrings.
  • I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and I love it.
  • Other bloggers are incredibly talented and inspiring.
  • I hope to learn more about you and see you in my notifications

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.

~ Rumi

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

~ C.S. Lewis


For the Love of Challenges – My Namastè 365 Online

This is such a valuable post. The number one reason why I LOVE this is because it DOES challenge me to try new genres, word structures, vocabulary exc. Hope you enjoy 🙂

I was hoping to find this list:D Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you find something little that makes like easier by leaps and bounds? Through the Friday Fictioneers, I’ve been challenged to research and explore unfamiliar grounds. Before this year, I would have ran in the opposite direction at the sniff of a challenge! That…
— Read on mynamaste365online.blog/2018/09/29/for-the-love-of-challenges/

You Need to see This:D

  • {if this photo doesn’t make you smile, get on the phone and make an appointment with your doctor. There’s something seriously wrong with you.}
  • #FollowFriday some of my favorite people
    1. Lolsys Library
      Bonnywood Manor
      The 50 year old poet
      The Eclectic Contrarian
      Why to Stop

    Movie Dates with the Kids:)

    A few kids friendly movies coming 2019!

    Wonder Park

    March 15, 2019

    Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

    The Lion King

    Summer 2019

    The Secret Life of Pets 2

    June 7, 2019

    The Kid who would be King

    February 15, 2019

    AND A FEW MORE FOUND AT My KidsTime☺️☺️

    #NDRW- #22

    Today’s Random Word: HEW

    Please tag each post #NDRW

    Concept: To write everything and anything that comes to mind about the Daily Random Word.

    It can be incomplete thoughts listed, a short story, a personal story, personal reflection, memories, whatever you want it to be. The idea is to get everything out. Once you’ve done that, you can return to these posts and use the ideas in your writing.

    Have fun

    Time for Follow Friday – Blog Style

    The Haunted Wordsmith’s awesome recommendations of Blogs to Follow:D

    Time for Follow Friday – Blog Style

    — Read on thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com/2018/12/21/time-for-follow-friday-blog-style/

    Behind the Scenes – Finishing ’18

    I’ve got a few pieces in “draft”, that I want to give excessive time. If my posts seem few, it’s for this reason. My “heart” work is yet to come ❤️ I can’t wait until I can publish them.

    Age of Technology

    Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    I remember when… Those funny words used when a delicious dusted off story, is about to begin. It’s likely, this story, to begin for the eight hundredth thirty seventh time.

    As the story goes, I remember when I was your age. My elementary school was about ten-fifteen minutes from home, and my father was the principal. We would arrive every morning, usually before every other students, and leave after all were gone.

    Within nearly every classroom, was a black chalkboard, framed with a chalk ledge at the bottom. Oh the mess that could make. The teachers did well keeping it contained! Along with the standard presentation equipment, some teachers had a three prong chalk holder. It increased legibility greatly. In addition, of course was an eraser.

    For me, I had received an exciting pencil box, full of school supplies. A brand new set of crayons, glue, scissors, pencils, and an eraser. I was elated! When it was necessary, a student was raise his/her hand, and proceed to the pencil sharpener. The grinding sound was so loud; but, it was our normal.

    Years passed and I made it to 8th grade. Technology advanced in the years, as well. I remember sitting in class, and asked a classmate to barrow a lead pencil! It was the coolest moment ever. The eraser came out from the back; I would insert a stick of mercury the size of a hair strand; then reinsert the eraser.

    Soon, lead pencils were everywhere. Everyone had one, or five. The chalkboards were being archived while whiteboards were installed. Multiple colored ink pens even showed up in my life! Neato isn’t it??!! At that time, it was really cool!

    Oh my gosh yes, the pencils with multiple tips stacked atop one another inside the pencil itself. That was another lovely toy for class.

    Overtime, all of that vanished. Today, it’s a rarity to see a pencil sharpener in a classroom. Kids , before they even hit Kindergarten, are using their finger or these plastic replicas (styluses) to do the writing… on iPads and touch screens. They don’t even voluntarily handwrite that often.

    It’s crazy how “historic” a pencil is; but, years ago, people said the same about my (at this time) 8 channel double knobbed color tv.


    Good Morning Y’all. My brain is going a mile a minute, despite my lack of coffee intake. That’s very unusual, but, that’s the perfect adjective to describe my life right now.

    It’s Thursday, a cold 25 degrees. I already miss summer. We’re up, getting my older daughter ready for school. She’s not entirely recovered from her head cold, but she’s feeling better. Calandra is doin ok. She’s mommy’s little sweet pea cuddle bug.

    I’m alright, I suppose. One day at a time, working through the intensity of my emotions. Are there any other HSP’s or INFJs in the nearby blogosphere? If you know of someone, please introduce him/her to me. Anyway, back to these emotions. What I don’t understand makes me frustrated… When I get frustrated, I cry. Sometimes, I don’t believe it’s because of what initially happened, but some other aspect of the situation. For example, I’m not sad that my ex and I are not together, but how it happened has me really shook up.

    Since I don’t go out much, I socialize on apps. This one has been my favorite by far. I can’t imagine my life without writing. Of course I don’t feel I’m a big deal, or that I even write exceptionally well. I do feel writing is an outlet for me to convey my thoughts. It’s a platform (that’s the word I was trying to find the other day! Facepalm) to release and create. The possibilities are endless, and my thoughts are on paper. I can create a short story about a love I wish happened to me.. or an ending I feel better suited for my ex. It’s my writing, and I may write as I please. There’s so much freedom in that.

    Ok, well you all have a fantastic Thursday. The weekend is almost here. Keep warm if you’re in that part of the globe. Keep an eye out for future posts.

    Daily Word Prompt: Mandatory

    In order to be accepted into our motherly shanagans, the following is mandatory:

    • Coffee must be reheated at least twice ; and that’s every cup you attempt to drink.
    • Hair is to be, at least, a weeks worth dirty, and thrown into the messy mom bun.
    • There needs to be five loads of clean laundry, unfolded, laying through out the living area.
    • The sink must be overflowing with dishes.
    • Clothes drew unwanted stares, because they’re holy and out of date.
    • You DVR shows in hopes of some quiet alone time.
    • Your fruit is chilled, in the refrigerator, half eaten.
    • Bags rest under your eyes, and you have a permanent resting bitch face.
    • Tub has a dozen toys laying in it, for bath time.
    • Menu consists of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.
    • Home never looks clean.

    If you can abide to the list, welcome to the nut house 😂

    Your Daily Word Prompt can be found here 🙂

    Life Lessons

    What I was never taught, or what was tempted to be forced into my life, I learned on my own. I knew there were skills I needed for survival. I knew there was responsibility I needed, rather than burdening someone else with it.

    What I would teach my younger self about life is the following :

    1. Failure doesn’t mean unsuccessful, but rather an opportunity to try again.
    2. I am capable of so much more than I realize.
    3. Trying means I’m willing to learn.
    4. Knowing my personality type will change my life.
    5. Trust my intuition.
    6. A man knows and shows when he wants, if I’m questioning it, move on.
    7. Years become wisdom and tears become flowers.
    8. Lies can sound convincingly truthful, but they’re not.
    9. Know my worth and don’t let any man change them.
    10. Be confident in my decisions, humble in acceptance, forgiving of mistakes, and unconditional with love.
    11. Face my life as it comes, denial just delays the progress of progress.
    12. Music is free therapy.
    13. Writing things down allows me to discover patterns.
    14. Cooking is actually fun.
    15. Vertigo is treatable, and nothing of which to be afraid.
  • Love

    What love isn’t

    • Easy
    • A feeling
    • Getting your way all the time
    • Endless supply of money
    • Selfishness
    • Stagnant
    • Lusting after another
    • Emotional attention given /received from someone other than partner
    • Munipulation
    • Apathetic
    • Withholding
    • Emotionally unattached
    • Lack of willingness to understand
    • Choose not to communicate effectively
    • Found at the bottom of a bottle
    • Doing what you want over what you need to do
    • Comfortable lying
    • Incapable of working through conflict
    • Seeking attention
    • Unaccountable of self
    • Insecure
    • Envious
    • Unforgiving
    • Unmerciful
    • Lacks grace
    • Jealous
    • Untrustworthy
  • I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. I didn’t love myself ; therefore, I couldn’t have loved anyone else. I do know, though, that I’m seeking it now. I’m seeking it deep within myself and the best version of it with another. Years and years of a marriage, two individuals had surely learned along the way. I want that.
  • Pinterest Resources


    I hope you have had a great week, thus far! My week has been pretty good. I know the majority of that credit is due to my meds😂😂😂!

    Continue reading “Pinterest Resources”

    3, 2, 1 Quote Me Tag: Health

    Thanks must be given to such a great blogger, Sadje, Keep It Alive, for tagging me in this fun 3, 2, 1 Quote Me Tag! I love quotes!

    Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

    Thank the Selector

    Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.

    Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!

    Pixel photo

    There is agreement among science, medicine and metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel disease, and certain frequencies can destroy disease. Herein lies the link between frequency (vibration) and health. Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy! Scientific research has shown that different parts of our bodies have their own sonic signature. In other words the sound of the cells of your heart differs from the sound of the cells of your kidney. “~ Dawn James

    This quote was taken from a post this super cool blog! Be sure to check out out:)

    It’s incredible what we are capable of, and many are so unaware of it! Different specialized areas of Science have proven that vibrations can heal our bodies. They have proven that we are more than matter, collective in a form we recognize, in a certain frequency. Our health is affected by the frequencies around us.

    Pixel photo

    When you FEEL healthy and vital and alive and prosperous…  you attract more of all those things. – Abraham-Hicks

    This quote was posted on a super cool page that provides spiritual food for the soul. Check it Out HERE 🙂

    You can learn more about the Abraham-Hicks, Laws of Attractions HERE

    Pixel photo

    Here are my 3 Tags:

    1. It’s My Life
    2. V.J. Knutson
    3. Ricardo Sexton

    Habla en Español #6

    Now, I’m going to move on to some basic sentences.

    Spanish: Ella es una mujer.

    EnglishShe is a woman.

    Spanish: Tú eres un niño.

    English: You are a boy.

    Spanish: Comes manzanas.

    English: You eat apples.

    Spanish: Tú eres hombre.

    English: You are a man.

    SpanishUsted es una mujer.

    English: You are a woman.

    Featured Image Credit: Spanish 4 Teachers Website

    Coloring Therapy

    (Pre)-Self-Care Sunday♥‿♥💗💗💗!! You matter; you’re important; take care of you 🙂 .




    #clevelandgram #arttherapy #selfcaresaturday #selfcare #selfcareisntselfish #loveyourselfquotes #loveyourselffirst #saturdaynight #saturdayvibes #peacelovepositivity #coloring #clegram #blogginglove #selfcareisimportant #arttherapy


    Free Printable Coloring Pages:

  • 1. The Ultimate Guide to Free Coloring Pages
    • About midway down the page, there’s a place to subscribe for additional notifications of pages. The list of sites with free pages follows.

    2. Favoreads Club Free Coloring Pages

    • There’s an option to sign up for this club on this website. There’s a great selection of free pages, as well.

    3. Moms and Crafters Coffee Lovers Coloring Pages

      These are simple and super cute!!

    4. JustColor Selection of Sites with Free Coloring Sheets

    • There’s a great selection on this site!! Lots of categories and coloring levels. There’s something for everyone!

    🕊Blog Spotlight 💚 Saturday

    This week’s spotlight is pulled from a bit of a selfish angle: my love of birds. I really sat in my memories of my grandpa after I read, Baldy’s post, Sing Me Something Well!

    This week’s blog spotlight is Backyard Bird Nerd!!

    The images are amazing, both of birds and nature♥‿♥!! What’s not to love, right??!!

    Please so





    Laugh it Away

    Sadje’s story was an incredible delight to read!

    Thank you, Keep It Alive, for such a cheeky and pleasant post!! I chuckled as I read what happened.

    It reminds us that life really should be lived, and that we should allow ourselves the laughter rather than carry embarrassment. I’ve had a few instances where I truly embarrassed myself. What are you to do though? There’s nothing that can change the situation, and there’s nothing that can prevent mistakenly awkward from reoccurring… So, just laugh out loud, bid them good day, and be on your way😂😂

    Photo Credit Attached

    50 utterly random things about ME😂

    1. I can’t stand wet sand.
    2. I wash dishes from left to right.
    3. My bed is in the corner of my bedroom.
    4. I don’t have any allergies.
    5. I love most genres of music.
    6. Fushias, Daffodils, and Tiger Lilies are my favorite.
    7. I’ve tried Oyster and Lamb before.
    8. I’ve been to Alaska.
    9. My favorite animals are stingrays and turtles.
    10. I have an electronic toothbrush.
    11. I have an upstairs apartment.
    12. I played the sax and clarinet in school.
    13. I grew up in the country.
    14. I’m scared of heights.
    15. I’ve never tried any drug or cigarettes.
    16. I know how to ride a bike.
    17. I’ve never lived outside Ohio.
    18. My biological dad and I have recently started talking again.
    19. I love thick raspberry chocolate cheesecake.
    20. I own a laminate machine.
    21. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
    22. I had one dog growing up.
    23. I had an upstairs bedroom.
    24. I own 3 different pair of glasses.
    25. I love chocolate with most things, especially nuts.
    26. I can’t stand tomato juice.
    27. I idolize Princess Diana.
    28. I’m an 8.5 size shoe.
    29. I fit into the same earings I wore in high school.
    30. I didn’t play any sports.
    31. I love red and pink wine.
    32. My home has rugs, not carpeting.
    33. I have lavender scented toilet paper.
    34. I’ve been married 2x before.
    35. I’ve recently watched “Sing” (super cute!)
    36. Some of my favorite TV shows are Chicago Med, Greys Anatomy, and The Good Doctor.
    37. Old places fascinate me.
    38. My heritage stems from Great Britian, Wales, and France.
    39. I have a PreKindergarden Teaching degree.
    40. I don’t have upper wisdom teeth but still have bottom.
    41. I love watching people (especially when they sleep).
    42. I’m 5ft 5 inches tall.
    43. My mother is my hero.
    44. I think of my pap when I hear coo-coo clocks.
    45. Some day I want a yard of fruit trees.
    46. I don’t know how to ice skate.
    47. I’ve been in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    48. I’ve been on Maury Povitch.
    49. Both my kids weighed 8+lbs at birth.
    50. I really don’t know if I’m that interesting? Haha

    {3TC:} Miss Claire & Her Moon

    Here’s the beginning of the story with Miss Claire and her Moon.

    It’s called Shooting Star

    Continue reading “{3TC:} Miss Claire & Her Moon”

    Game Time

    I’m following The Haunted Wordsmith’s lead with adding a touch of fun to my blog. The ugly in this world can’t be overcome with more hatred. Let’s chat, share and laugh with, complement and encourage one another 🙂

    #1. Brooke is my legal name.

    Brandy is my biological.

    MoonChild or Nova is my alias.

    #2. Flowers


    Stuffed Animals

    #3. Heights

    Drunk people

    My daughters dying.

    #4. Glasses

    A messy hair bun.


    #5. New blogs I follow: Jade M. Wong

    Glacier Mellow Neveen Badr’s Literary Journey


    #6. Archives

    Private Detective

    Real Estate

    #7. Russia


    Kings Island

    #8. Rumplestiltskin



    Now, I’m not tagging anyone. Feel free to answer any of the questions if you wish 🙂