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    Writing Prompt #109: Vanished

    Being written for Rachael Mark’s prompt seen here. Photo taken from Pinterest.

    Anastasia paused at the moment she saw him. She would surely be thought rude for staring; but, she couldn’t do anything else. He was dark and handsome, standing at 6′ 5″. His top hat and peacoat created an illusion of him taller in height. From where Anastasia stood, she could see he had a thin but masculine physique. He stood facing her, with his feet shoulder length apart, and a cane resting in front of him.

    She shivered, suddenly, as if an ice cube just fell the length of her spine. This usually happens to her when her spiritual life was trying to speak to her. For another moment, she remained there, at the bottom of the stairs. His whole aura was intriguing and mysterious. There was something about him that tempted Anna’s desire.

    After what seemed like a lifetime, she took five steps forward, and began walking up the stairs. The centertown college was old England architecture. The market was a gorgeous structure of stone and masonry work. Anna has adored the brilliant sculptures and intrigue details artists put into their masterpieces.

    While lost in her thoughts, and unfortunately by the time she reached the upper landing, her mysterious gentleman had vanished. She pressed up against the wall to overlook the town square. No, he wasn’t there. She delicately galloped through the narrow street, splashing through a puddle in the process. He was nowhere to be found. With much disgust, Anastasia surrendered her search.

    The day had begun it’s transition to early evening, and the weather was quite cool. It was time to return home and prepare dinner. She hoped to see him again, if fate allotted.

    Going Back to School 2018


    This year has been my very first experience with this part of parenting. Every year before, I’ve always felt annoyed with how “in your face” stores seemed to be about it. I suppose the hype from the ridiculous list contributed to my cause of irritability.

    Today, while in Family Dollar, I pulled up that trusty ol School Supplies List… And I felt as if I just landed in Tibet! “What on earth type of pencil sharper? “, I mumbled to myself. “A tablet? Kindergarters have a tablet on the list” I explained in hysteria (little me.. In my head). I felt so new with the procedure of preparing my daughter for school.

    I’d like to tell you that’s the end of the akward and anxiety this chapter of change has brought me, but it’s not. Getting the paperwork to enroll required me to drive to downtown Cleveland, to an area of which I’ve never been, and sign her up. I quadruple checked the night before that I had all the needed paperwork and then some! Thankfully, Zivah (Zee-v-Uh) {my older daughter} and I were in and out of there quickly.

    Next came signing up for the choices of schools I’d want to her. Here, the parents have to choose several. Depending on previous students, students with incoming siblings, seats available (all the fun variables that work your nerves simply because it’s tedious), I had to wait and see if my first choice would offer her a spot…. And they did!

    Whew, I was overwhelmed! I cried!!! I knew this setting, teaching style, and philosophy was exactly what Zivah needed. I knew here she’d blossom and actually enjoy learning….. But, with my excitement came more anxiety….

    What about getting to school? Zivah has a 2 1/2 year old sister. We three would have to wake every morning, get dressed, eat and out the door by 8:30! That’s structured! I haven’t had an obligated schedule that structured since I was in school. Needless to say, the anxiety was taking over my breathing rather aggressively. I not only had another child, but my vehicle is picky come winter temperatures (as if three women with hormones isn’t enough)! What if my car wouldn’t start and I was out, trying to get Zivah and stranded… Who would I call? I mean, I was really psyching myself out. It was horrible 😦

    I eventually found a bus schedule, rather easy to follow and safe for her to wait. I of course will take her some days, but the option of public service is a thousand pounds off my chest. (When I wasn’t worried about bus bullies, accidents, and shit!) Our schools even have a bus tracker feature in the parent portal so we know when the children arrive!

    This whole experience has been exhausting, to say least (and I even left out the aspect of school uniforms shopping 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️)! I’ve felt like I’ve been too exposed to society and change. I knew this was coming, but on any given day, there’s at least a zillion factors that could make something “new” feel like something “terrifying”! I really wanted a teacher friend, or a fellow parent, hell my momma, to talk to about everything. I feel I need reassuring that everything will be OK… And Zivah will do great in school. I haven’t had that… So, I’m reaching out to you all…

    Asking simply for a hug! You don’t have to fix anything, nothings broken… You don’t have to suggest anything, I’ve gotten by,…. I just need some hugs so I can feel comfort of a safe and familiar place again.

    Thank you 💙

    75 Genius Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5

    I’m not here to knock dollar stores, because I happen to love them — but the selection can be hit-or-miss, and sometimes the quality is less than ideal. Luckily, for anyone on a budget, there are other options. Amazon is loaded with products that cos…
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