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Take Some Give Some

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2ObpyIo My little volunteer project 😉😉 There's lots of these around. I picked up 400 books to refill them. . . . #kindnessmatters #onlykindnessmatters #clevelandchildrensbookbank #freebookstoread #littlelibariersCleveland  @kidsbookbank 🙂

I am a twin. I love rainbows. I'm 5'5" tall. I could live without bacon and the beach. I only drink Pure Leaf and Gold Peak Tea. I was born in the evening. My first pet was a dog. I played the Saxophone and Clarinet in high school. I prefer nights. The only Broadway show... Continue Reading →


This past week had lots of ups and lots of downs. I felt some things I hadn't ever before, and they were profound! Much of the week, I was so sleep deprived that I couldn't see the big picture. This morning, when I opened my planner, this quote summarized it perfectly... And my heart felt... Continue Reading →

It's not a national holiday. Nothing in particular triggered a need. It's something I just want to do, and it's honestly something I should do more frequently... 🕊❣️💙🕊❣️💙Thank you American Soldiers🕊❣️💙 🕊❣️💙 This country is the best place on this planet. Our freedoms are priceless privileges granted to us at birth. I listen to friends... Continue Reading →

Self Affirmation

I'm not made for this world. I feel too deeply, I see what you hide. I know what you've kept secret And I hear what's unsaid. Situations do not chain me, To my past and imperfect mistakes, I'm never a victim of circumstance, But, the decider of my fate. This life has never been easy,... Continue Reading →