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I was there


Top 10

Reasons I Love My Daughter in School : She makes new friends. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance … Continue Reading Top 10

My Pre-Fridayness

’nuff said! I’m not here. You do not see me. Do not Disturb 😂

Striking Out

So, here’s my goal list: {for this week} 🔘 Not texting a particular person 🔘 Practice more Patience with my girls 🔘 Read 10 mins a night, to them. You ever have one of those weeks when life gets in … Continue Reading Striking Out

I'm not here to knock dollar stores, because I happen to love them — but the selection can be hit-or-miss, and sometimes the quality is less than ideal. Luckily, for anyone on a budget, there are other options. Amazon is loaded with products that cos…
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Finding exactly the product that makes life alittle easier feels like winning the lottery sometimes! Here are several that may feel just like that:)

# Permanent link to 75 Genius Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5