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5 Important Life Lessons

The Lion King has been my #1, top, ultimate favorite movie since it was released June 14, 1994! It’s infused with wonderful and valuable life lessons. The soundtrack is angelic. I love everything about this movie!

Here’s 5 Life Lessons the Wildlife and Safari Animals Teach Us:

  1. Even in the animals kingdoms, the moms care for the young before sunrise.
  2. Being brave doesn’t omit the feeling of fear.
  3. Everything is connected to everything else, all reliant on others to do their part.
  4. Running from responsibilities only delays the inevitable.
  5. Family is those who teach you about love, Hakuna Matata!
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Julia’s Story Part 1: Truth of the Matter


” The sun will always shine and the moon will always glow, she said while staring into the distance. He smiled as he put his hand on her shoulder. As she turns around, he says

” Julia, dear, I have something I need to tell you.” His face went flushed, as if he was just hit with the flu.

“Roger, what is it? You look as if you’ve just seen a ghost.” Julia t responded.

“Come, sit next to me.”

“Roger, what on earth is the matter?” Julia said in utmost concern.

” I don’t know how to tell you this; I really didn’t know how to accept it myself. ” He added.

” Well, whatever it is, I’m certain we can get through it together!” She reassred Roger.

” But you see,” He began,” it won’t be us being through this?”

” Whatever do you mean? You’re not making any sense Roger. We have been through so much, and…”

” Julia, I realize I’m gay!!” He interjected.

She just stared at him, not sure what to say. Blinking in complete shock, she turned around to watch the moon.

Her mind started with questions, how did she not know? How did she miss the signs, after 25 years? Was he seeing someone else? How did he realize he was gay?

” I’m so speech… ROGER!!!” She screamed.

While wrapped up in her thoughts about this latest discovery, Roger suffered a sever heart attack.

” ROGER! ROGER, WAKE UP!!” She wailed

By this point, closer bys had called the ambulance. The ems were now there, attempting CPR.

With no avail, they apologized to Julia for her loss.

” I can’t believe this,” Julia settled onto the cement wall, ” I would rather have had him alive and with a partner, than to not have him at all.”

As the moon continued to rise, she continued to cry…

Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays

Sometimes, you have to stop being so much to everyone else, because you’re being so little to yourself.

~ Nova

The greatest gift you can give to this world is authenticity.

~ Nova

Deeply rooted in the heart of every successful woman, is every couldn’t that she did!

~ Nova

Saturday 💛 Vibes

Good Morning!

Today’s a new day.

What brings your heart joy right now?

To whom would you show gratitude?

This morning, my daughter and I fed the birds and squirrels. I was excited to see birds actually paying us a visit.

After we came back inside the warmth, we did a  step by step instructions of how to make toast. She’s easily flustered, and lots of information at once doesn’t work. She did well, and I’m thankful that we did it together.

I’m not sure whats in store for today; but I’m determined to feel good. Later, I’m thinking pancakes 😁


My Mental Health Journey 1

When I was a little girl, I thought like a little girl. I acted like a little girl. I was treated as A. Little. Girl…. I was being raised by a single mom, who had 4 other children and no help. She did what she could, but understandably, it was too much. She moved to Virginia. We kids were placed in the system.

My siblings and I were taken in by this couple, who couldn’t have children. At that time, I didn’t know the underlying secrets of that fact. Soon after we were rerooted to this new life, still unsettled mind you, they got pregnant. Not once but twice. In two years, this couple went from no children to eight.

None of us felt our lives made sense. I did what was expected of me, and yet us “older kids” were raised differently than the younger ones. I noticed it, early on..I was in elementary school when I “knew” the insanity of our departure from that house was going to be dramatic and ugly. The saddest part was my inability to do anything to prevent it.

As we grew, I was reprimanded and disciplined. Much like a dictatorship, there was no other way. I had no voice. I had no options, opinions, or alternatives. That’s exactly how things were operated. I had zero opportunity to express what I felt. There wasn’t even a system to teach me what any of it was or how to regulate it. They didn’t allow such individuality.

As I got older, my numerical number increased, but my maturity didn’t. I didn’t experience that part of life which establishes and nourishes maturity! Why wasn’t I close to my parents? Why weren’t they introducing me to new concepts? Why weren’t they encouraging me to try?? Why didn’t they understand that criticism wasn’t a successful way to develop confidence while learning a skill. I was condemned for not cooking, as if I had no initiative.

I didn’t feel comfortable with trying to learn to cook. I didn’t feel comfortable being around my mother. I had absolutely no self confidence or desire to be alone with her, in the kitchen. The essential skills that we learn in the preteen years, I didn’t know. The life skills I needed by 21, I didn’t have until 5 years ago.

During my young adolescent years, I was emotionally abused because she resented me. I was abused because of the issues she carried. I was abused by a woman who didn’t love me… nor did she want me. She didn’t even like me. She didn’t like any of us 4 older kids… because we weren’t her own. She never said as much… but, actions speak so loud… and hers were a hell of a ton louder than the bullshit that escaped her mouth.

I saw this resentment so clearly, when everyone in the family worked so hard to keep hidden. It angered me. It hurt me. Year after year, the same lie continued. It just took on more of a recognizable shape. When I was in middle school, eighth grade, this darkness became verbal/emotional abuse. I suffered because two adults made a choice to adopt. I suffered because a grown woman chose not to face her own demons. She spent years lying to me about who she was. She spent years lying to herself.


For an INFJ,

Who feels what others do (Empath)

And lives with every sense amplified to it’s strongest range… (HSP)

LIFE can be overwhelming, sometimes. It was for me, January 24th, 2019 I looked him in the eyes and “knew” before I knew details. My intuition speaks volumes above what most humans hear. I knew we needed to stay in that date night. I knew I wanted and needed alone time with him. I know I didn’t want to “share his time” with anyone that night (and if we were out, that would include complete strangers.)

The following Monday, he was hospitalized with a medical condition we’d been monitoring. Without so much as “I’m being transported to Mayo Clinic.” In the 3rd day in, I went from knowing this change was coming, to finally hearing the specific details. He needed to do what was best for him, and I needed to support that.

I’d been in situations before, where he’s be gone for a month or so… But, it wasn’t rarely due to a medical condition. He requested this transfer, and it was one of THE BEST facilities for him in the country.

We kept in touch over this past several weeks. He grew stronger and remained so patient with me (haha bc I’m quite a handful when I go hysteric!) and his doctors. He spent time progressively, always working towards being someone better.

In the meantime, I was here, coping the best way I knew how… In silent prayer, battling my mind, mothering and nurturing my, and finally myself.

This past weekend, I sat in my bubble bath spa music resonating, and I felt myself “just be!”… Only to find out my Darlin is coming home today.

People cope the very best they can. It’s not our place to be angry because they aren’t satisfying our desire to communicate. It’s not right for us to judge them in their silence, for we don’t know what they’re dealing with… Strength sometimes is only enough to get out of bed and do the very minimum.

I’ve achieved a few more goals this past month. God’s blessed me with a man that has taught me more than he’ll ever know. I feel at peace right now. He and I did this Together. We got through this challenge together. I’m so damn proud of him!! I’m equally proud of myself.

” There’s no growth in comfort zones; therefore, we should embrace the pain and accept the challenges. “

~ Nova


Protected: My Dear Love

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The Best is Yet to Come

Her biggest heartache isn’t that she doesn’t have a great life;

Her biggest heartache is the life she keeps within her mind as if her “now” shows nothing in her favor.

Her biggest heartache is this image she’s holding onto, instead of embracing what she has.

Time has transformed so much, and that’s what time does best.

Trust your journey sweet moonchild;

It’s changing you for the better;

And the best is yet to come ❤️


#FOWC: remorse

I love The Lion King. It’s been my all-time favorite movie since the first time I saw it. The notorious Uncle Scar manipulates little Simba to believe he’s responsible for Mufasa’s death. Scare wanted first place, Pride Rock, and the title of “King”. He had a selfish agenda and zero remorse. He was going to do whatever necessary to achieve his mission.

I can’t imagine being Simba and seeing his daddy fall to his death. Responsibility? Running from his past? Eeeeehhhhh, I’m not in agreement with that. Simba grew to face his past, and he displayed his remorse to Rafiki, his mother, and everyone who counted on him.

At the time of the accident, he was too young to piece everything together; however, Serobi and the Lionesses disappointed me. Scar had a pattern of ill behavior. They never should have believed a thing he said.

Timon and Pumba taught Simba about free life and enjoying it day by day. They were exactly who Simba needed at the time they found him. Pumba cracks me up. He’s a warthog; remorse falls upon his personal space embarrassingly quite often. I give kudos to Timon for being his sidekick and endearing friend.

Written in focus of Fandango’s One Word Challenge: remorse

Cost of Learning “The Hard Way”

Wednesday Wisdom: Hard lessons don’t come cheap. (A quote on the rearview windshield of a black truck, I saw, coming home from pickin my daughter up.)

Think about that for a minute. How many times, in your life, did you learn something “the hard way”!?

I don’t have enough time to remember all of mine. I’m a stubborn, passionate, and resilient individual. I do what I want; and I take accountability.

The hard lessons, though, have been costly. I’ve lost family members because I chose to take charge of my life. I’ve lost belongings because I chose to be honest with myself and fell in love with a woman.

I’ve lost friendships over silliness, and trust so effortlessly.

I know we all have gained valuable insight over our years. The lessons have made us wiser; but, not one has come without a cost.

Consider that before deciding to go through with a plan. Decisions can’t be undone. In addition, think about the cost it places on others as a direct result of your behavior. We all coexist… And our behavior will always impact those around us.

Life Lessons

What I was never taught, or what was tempted to be forced into my life, I learned on my own. I knew there were skills I needed for survival. I knew there was responsibility I needed, rather than burdening someone else with it.

What I would teach my younger self about life is the following :

  1. Failure doesn’t mean unsuccessful, but rather an opportunity to try again.
  2. I am capable of so much more than I realize.
  3. Trying means I’m willing to learn.
  4. Knowing my personality type will change my life.
  5. Trust my intuition.
  6. A man knows and shows when he wants, if I’m questioning it, move on.
  7. Years become wisdom and tears become flowers.
  8. Lies can sound convincingly truthful, but they’re not.
  9. Know my worth and don’t let any man change them.
  10. Be confident in my decisions, humble in acceptance, forgiving of mistakes, and unconditional with love.
  11. Face my life as it comes, denial just delays the progress of progress.
  12. Music is free therapy.
  13. Writing things down allows me to discover patterns.
  14. Cooking is actually fun.
  15. Vertigo is treatable, and nothing of which to be afraid.
  • The Hate You Give review 🎥



    My thoughts following this movie…

    1. The power of hate only produces hate.
    2. Blacks deserve equality too.
    3. Whites can support black lives without being in their “white private”.
    4. All lives matter.
    5. Violence isn’t the answer.
    6. No one should abuse the use of a fire arm.
    7. Death is too permanent for “mistaken”.
    8. Seeing black or seeing white first can either start war, or produce a strong bond of acceptance.
    9. No one has the right to jump the gun, so they say.
    10. We adults are always teaching our children, even when it’s less obvious to us.