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A CBT look at Maslows ‘characteristics of self-actualizers’ … – Veronica Walsh’s CBT Blog Dublin, Ireland

A CBT look at Maslows ‘characteristics of self-actualizers’ … – Veronica Walsh’s CBT Blog Dublin, Ireland — Read on iveronicawalsh.wordpress.com/2014/06/23/a-cbt-look-at-maslows-extended-hierarchy-of-needs/amp/ Advertisements

Save the Honey Bees


My Mental Health Journey 5


Personal Self-Reflection Questions


Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression

EXCELLENT read💕💙💕💙 Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression — Read on foxandco.life/2019/02/26/rethinking-how-we-heal-from-anxiety-and-depression/

Learning Influences Brain Healing


A Few Didactic Cinquains

New writing style

The Best is Yet to Come


Fandango’s Provocative Question


You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you

This is a comic about the backfire effect. I found it so insightful!! I didn’t know such a concept existed. Source: You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you        

Living with a Mental Illness

Excerpt by Charlotte Eriksson

#NDRW- #23

Nova’s Daily Random Word- #23

Nova’s Daily Random Word- #16

Nova’s Daily Random Word- Day #16

❄️Blog Spotlight 🎄

Tracking wildfire animals.

Adventures of a Single Mom

I don’t have two girls. I have one very girlie daughter. Then I have a very boyish daughter… Who’s singing about pee and poo, while taking a bath.

Habla en Español #6

Now, I’m going to move on to some basic sentences. Spanish: Ella es una mujer. English: She is a woman. Spanish: Tú eres un niño. English: You are a boy. Spanish: Comes manzanas. English: You eat apples. Spanish: Tú eres hombre. English: You are a…

50 utterly random things about ME😂

I can’t stand wet sand. I wash dishes from left to right. My bed is in the corner of my bedroom. I don’t have any allergies. I love most genres of music. Fushias, Daffodils, and Tiger Lilies are my favorite. I’ve tried Oyster and…

Habla en Español #4

{3TC:} Miss Claire & Her Moon

Here’s the beginning of the story with Miss Claire and her Moon. It’s called Shooting Star


I’m so thankful to live this life, open-hearted to “the possible”… With faith bigger than fear, and my eyes focused on truths. So much could destroy me… Bitter my heart, send me down a dark rabbit hole… I Know that my ONLY limitation is…

Matter-of-Fact Monday #2

Shavua Tov is the beautiful common greeting, “Have a wonderful/great week.” It’s apart of the Israeli Hebrew language ✡️ Featured Image Credit

Habla en Español #3

Spanish: él English: he Spanish: ella English: she Spanish: eresEnglish: are Spanish: yo English: I Spanish: tú. English: you (informal) Spanish: usted. English: you (formal)

Habla en Español #2

S: ¡Hola! E: Hello! S: Sí. E: yes S: gracias E: thank you S: ¡Chao! E: Bye

#FF: Beyond the Horizon

The students stepped off the bus and fell silent. You could “hear a pin drop”, as they say. The structure of what sat before them, the height and details. They hadn’t seen anything like it before. Many of Ms. Tiddles class were kids from…

Signs & Symptoms

Just as with other illness, prevention is key! To keep a cold away, doctors recommend individuals wash hands, keep hands away from the mouth, cover a sneeze or cough with an elbow or tissue. Occasionally, we miss something though. Before long, someone in the…