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Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment

A growing body of scientific evidence is making clear the connection between good nutrition and good mental health.
— Read on theconversation.com/why-nutritional-psychiatry-is-the-future-of-mental-health-treatment-92545


I Dedicate…

This is being formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: dedicate! Photos have been taken from Pinterest.

🌼 I dedicate this post to every warrior who’s survived abuse: whether you’re a man, woman, gender fluent, survived emotional abuse, sexual, or physical. An individual who lives to tell their story of every, any, and all situations where he/she endured forced harm is beyond surviving. You are amazing, and you need to believe this about you. 🌸

This Daily Prompt: Armor

Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt can be found HERE .

Should the government, WTO, be allowed to decide what, when, and where of international trade goods? The rich continued to be rich; while, others in foreign countries starved.

In 1999, the people of Seattle challenged the WTO and it’s leaders. Many protectors were dressed in armor of gas masks, turtle costumes, and cement barrels linking their arms. The people aimed for a peaceful protest; however, the city was still in complete chaos.

You can read more about this historical event on the web at historylink.org.

My 7 Favorite Things

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🌸My Favorite Things🌸

My Girls

Kindness {Kindness cards I made last night:)}

My Washer & Dryer. You don’t appreciate these till you have two girls and are a single mom.

Adult Coloring Apps

My boyfriend

My Readers

Makeup/Beauty Products

Let’s go with:


Mina R

Stuart France

My Inner MishMash

Happiness Buffet


A Touch of Gilead

Fandango’s Provocative Question

His question:

“What is more important to you, doing the right thing or doing things right?”

In my opinion, it’s equally important to do the right thing AND to do things right.

Sometimes, we don’t know how to do things right. When we haven’t been taught a skill, it’s likely we’ll first do it incorrectly. Thereafter, it’s important that we do it right.

Now on the other hand, doing the right thing is usually pretty clear. It’s the choice that falls in line with the laws and ethics. This choice reflects a person’s character. This is important because it keeps us safe and secure. It keeps the peace, so they say.

Of the two, being that we don’t always know the right thing or how to do something right, it’s important we take the opportunities to grow and learn.

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Today’s Random Word: CHILDREN

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#NDRW – #18

Today’s Random Word: MANIFESTATION

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Concept: To write everything and anything that comes to mind about the Daily Random Word.

It can be incomplete thoughts listed, a short story, a personal story, personal reflection, memories, whatever you want it to be. The idea is to get everything out. Once you’ve done that, you can return to these posts and use the ideas in your writing.

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Love is Love, no matter which way you say it💚

How we recognize love influences our relationships. There’s five different love languages, and each one is ok. The common denominator is that they all say the same: I love you in ways other than using those words.

Taken from Thought Catalog, here are fifty alternatives for I love you. May these help you recognize love in all it’s forms.

1. “Do you want to wear my coat?”

2. “How was your exam?”

3. Checking in when they have the flu.

4.”Would you like anything from the store?”

5. “How did you sleep last night?”

6. Surprising them with their favorite candy.

7. “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella—it’s supposed to rain.”

8. “I saw this and thought of you.”

9. “Your hair looks great like that.”

10. Reminding them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

11. Sharing your favorite food.

12. Letting them have the front seat.

13. Putting two sugars in their coffee even when they say they want one because you know they like it better that way.

14. “I’m proud of you.”

15. “Listen to this song I heard—it reminded me of you.”

16. Sending a funny picture you saw online.

17. Washing their dishes even when they don’t ask you

18. “How is your family?”

19. Having Gatorade ready the morning after a rough night out.

20. “There’s traffic on the highway; take the back road.”

21. “Tell your mom I say hi.”

22. Listening to their music even when you don’t like it.

23. Bringing breakfast in bed.

24. Putting on the kettle before they even ask for tea.

25. Sharing relevant news articles with them because you know they’d be interested.

26. Helping them study for a test.

27. Going to their big game.

28. Bringing an extra water bottle when you know they’ll be in the sun.

29. “Do you need any help with that?”

30. Waiting up for them to get home.

31. “How was your day?”

32. “You should take a break—you work too hard.”

33. Taking the long way home so you both can keep talking.

34. “Good luck on your interview.”

35. Greeting them at the airport.

36. Stopping by just because.

37. Giving up your seat on the bus so they can sit.

38. Letting them go in front of you in line.

39. “You look like you could use a hug.”

40. Bringing them lunch at work.

41. “I really want your opinion on something.”

42. “You were right.”

43. “You can pick the movie tonight.”

44. Sharing your bed.

45. Holding their hair or rubbing their back if they are sick.

46. Helping them write a paper.

47. Standing up for them if someone says something mean.

48. Letting them have the window seat on the train.

49. “You can have the last slice.”

50. “Call me when you get home.” 

Couple more;) Both photos taken from Pinterest.

Warning: Strong Language and Possible Triggers

I heard a man, a father, on a YouTube kids video, tell him son….. Not to pick a certain toy because that particular toy “was for girls”.

That got me thinking. This black man is telling his boy he can’t have a toy that girls “typically” use for play.

Some white mom tells her daughter to keep her purse close because criminals are often black males? How are these two scenarios different?

This is how we teach sexism, descrimination, and division to our children. This is how we pass down segregation to our future… And the hate continues.

An individual is going to be different from BOTH parents. This individual has a God-Given RIGHT to choose for him/herself. Along the way: individuals, adults, media, many different stimuli, will try and influence.

Of all that’s influential, why the fuck (excuse my French but this has me boiling) would a parent choose to limit his /her child’s growth, identity, social inclusion, diverse acceptance, and enriched future by disallowed a toy a girl usually has. Why would a parent choose to be a negative influence.

To all of you bitching “it’s just one toy” or “It’s not that serious”…

You’re apart of the problem. It takes one lesson to learn bullshit nonsense. It takes one instance for hate to be planted into a child….

Don’t be ” that ” Dad….

Credit the Source

It’s flattering to reference an individual of any talent, as long as credit is rightfully acknowledged. We are all gifted with blessings, and what a world it is to have access to them. Our lives are better, more enriched. It’s the respect of due credit that displays thanks and appreciation for the gift.


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Good Morning Y’all. My brain is going a mile a minute, despite my lack of coffee intake. That’s very unusual, but, that’s the perfect adjective to describe my life right now.

It’s Thursday, a cold 25 degrees. I already miss summer. We’re up, getting my older daughter ready for school. She’s not entirely recovered from her head cold, but she’s feeling better. Calandra is doin ok. She’s mommy’s little sweet pea cuddle bug.

I’m alright, I suppose. One day at a time, working through the intensity of my emotions. Are there any other HSP’s or INFJs in the nearby blogosphere? If you know of someone, please introduce him/her to me. Anyway, back to these emotions. What I don’t understand makes me frustrated… When I get frustrated, I cry. Sometimes, I don’t believe it’s because of what initially happened, but some other aspect of the situation. For example, I’m not sad that my ex and I are not together, but how it happened has me really shook up.

Since I don’t go out much, I socialize on apps. This one has been my favorite by far. I can’t imagine my life without writing. Of course I don’t feel I’m a big deal, or that I even write exceptionally well. I do feel writing is an outlet for me to convey my thoughts. It’s a platform (that’s the word I was trying to find the other day! Facepalm) to release and create. The possibilities are endless, and my thoughts are on paper. I can create a short story about a love I wish happened to me.. or an ending I feel better suited for my ex. It’s my writing, and I may write as I please. There’s so much freedom in that.

Ok, well you all have a fantastic Thursday. The weekend is almost here. Keep warm if you’re in that part of the globe. Keep an eye out for future posts.

Daily Word Prompt: Mandatory

In order to be accepted into our motherly shanagans, the following is mandatory:

  • Coffee must be reheated at least twice ; and that’s every cup you attempt to drink.
  • Hair is to be, at least, a weeks worth dirty, and thrown into the messy mom bun.
  • There needs to be five loads of clean laundry, unfolded, laying through out the living area.
  • The sink must be overflowing with dishes.
  • Clothes drew unwanted stares, because they’re holy and out of date.
  • You DVR shows in hopes of some quiet alone time.
  • Your fruit is chilled, in the refrigerator, half eaten.
  • Bags rest under your eyes, and you have a permanent resting bitch face.
  • Tub has a dozen toys laying in it, for bath time.
  • Menu consists of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.
  • Home never looks clean.

If you can abide to the list, welcome to the nut house 😂

Your Daily Word Prompt can be found here 🙂

Heart for Humanity

Since she was a little girl, she has had a heart for the well-being of others. Her church has organized a missionary trip to Guatemala, and she jumped at the chance to go. She wanted to broaden her horizon of the third world countries, and better understand the worlds outside her own. Through her international studies in college, God’s took her to Uganda and Tanzania. The eye opening experiences were equally humbling and heartbreaking.

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What love isn’t

  • Easy
  • A feeling
  • Getting your way all the time
  • Endless supply of money
  • Selfishness
  • Stagnant
  • Lusting after another
  • Emotional attention given /received from someone other than partner
  • Munipulation
  • Apathetic
  • Withholding
  • Emotionally unattached
  • Lack of willingness to understand
  • Choose not to communicate effectively
  • Found at the bottom of a bottle
  • Doing what you want over what you need to do
  • Comfortable lying
  • Incapable of working through conflict
  • Seeking attention
  • Unaccountable of self
  • Insecure
  • Envious
  • Unforgiving
  • Unmerciful
  • Lacks grace
  • Jealous
  • Untrustworthy
  • I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. I didn’t love myself ; therefore, I couldn’t have loved anyone else. I do know, though, that I’m seeking it now. I’m seeking it deep within myself and the best version of it with another. Years and years of a marriage, two individuals had surely learned along the way. I want that.
  • Habla en Español #6

    Now, I’m going to move on to some basic sentences.

    Spanish: Ella es una mujer.

    EnglishShe is a woman.

    Spanish: Tú eres un niño.

    English: You are a boy.

    Spanish: Comes manzanas.

    English: You eat apples.

    Spanish: Tú eres hombre.

    English: You are a man.

    SpanishUsted es una mujer.

    English: You are a woman.

    Featured Image Credit: Spanish 4 Teachers Website

    Coloring Therapy

    (Pre)-Self-Care Sunday♥‿♥💗💗💗!! You matter; you’re important; take care of you 🙂 .




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    Free Printable Coloring Pages:

  • 1. The Ultimate Guide to Free Coloring Pages
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    2. Favoreads Club Free Coloring Pages

    • There’s an option to sign up for this club on this website. There’s a great selection of free pages, as well.

    3. Moms and Crafters Coffee Lovers Coloring Pages

      These are simple and super cute!!

    4. JustColor Selection of Sites with Free Coloring Sheets

    • There’s a great selection on this site!! Lots of categories and coloring levels. There’s something for everyone!

    #FOWC: Center

    ” I believe, in the center of it all, all that lives, all that grieves, and all that matters… In the center of all the hate, the unexpected blessings, and the prayers unanswered.., in the sunrises and early birds’ song, in the second guessing, second chances, and second half of life…love is all one sees. Love is what makes everything and anything “be”💕

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    city sky cloudy skyline
    Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


    Photo Credit Attached

    From a child, to a grown “man”….

    His life has been a fusion of diverse expierences.

    A story of bumpy roads, secure places, some

    questionable choices. But they were his.

    Early on, he owned his life.. He decided what it’d be…

    With a willingness to follow his Almighty,

    In obedience and faith, authentically with love and mercy.

    He wasn’t a King, in a big castle, not the owner of a

    Lamborghini, He wore simple style and drove with

    practicality. Time took him to a chapel, and to a sweet hospital nursery,

    Forced him to face truth, death, and suffering.

    He’s seen hate, unexpected seizure, and secession of soldiers in war.

    He’s seen the most horrid shifts in the major corporate industry,

    And shades of every color,  brushed effortlessly into lives that crossed paths with his.

    His story’s is like all the others, far from perfect, flawless, or


    This man was born to a Jewish woman…. To a German man…

    He was born unable to hear well, though that allowed for imaginative

    Internal dialogs. His childhood allowed for him to see new places,

    To explore that which was in his immediate surroundings.

    He traveled to the assisted living residence, the library, and animal

    Shelter. He volunteerd at the Homeless Shelter soup kitchen; and occasionally

    Visited the halfway house. He spent endless time in observation, a powerful

    And undervalued talent of most.

    Throughout his life, the spice he’s always craved, the true

    meaning in his pages, has been this uncanny acceptance

    of what is…

    He has spent his life embracing the acceptance of what’s

    different, respecting that this spice is simply the truths,

    That varies from one to the next.  He hasn’t been granted

    authority to conceptualize and label the thoughts of  those

    who disagree.

    He understands his life as reality, seeking to continuously

    grow and enrich it further. In doing so, kindness and

    compassion has lead him to unimaginable moments.

    These have always been his greatest treasure.

    Daily Writing Challenge Mixture

    ” It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark!” Michael sings.

    Maybe so, but, trust me, thats just the beginning! Who am I, you ask?

    Photo Prompt taken from The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Writing Challenge

    I am Phelsador, the alley cat. I sit upon this nice, warm, and thick outstretched tree branch as the people below bellow about goblins and ghouls. They truly are a vicious bunch, though, I must say. I’ve noticed them breaking so that can hunt their next snack. I don’t know about all of this belief is terror creatures, but I suppose it could be true.

    The main actor is famous, I guess. Michael something or another. In the moonlight, he transforms into a ware wolf. Hhhmmmm, maybe there’s a pumpkin carriage awaiting for his Miss?! The beginning scene with all the screaming, really my least favorite part.  It catches me of gaurd, occasionally, and I’ll hiss like a possessed demon… Then fall out of the tree.

    It’s just about that time when the actors are earily creeping up from the grave, OH LAWD is it stinky!!! One by one, some accidently slipping back into the deep hole. The costumes are well articulated for the Halloween theme. I don’t stick around long enough for human interaction though. My luck, I would run into a human that really has lost his sanity.

    Nine lives, and I’m not ready to use them all on this Michael fella… So I perch myself on this branch and observe the eccentricity humans display on Halloween.

    This is a combination of the Daily Writing Challenge and Worth A Thousand Words

    Community Unity

    Photo Prompt : Rochelle Wisoff

    The old stone cottage has withstood the test of time. It’s also become the life insurance of Switzerland’s winter months. Communities of  families will use such a place for bulk food storage.  It’s perfect for such use because of its size and the stone structure. Here in Switzerland, the winter temperature could drop as low as zero degrees Celsius. In the past, before this system was in place, a wife may use the last of her rice, and the stores would be closed.

    Check out Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge Here 😀

    Word count: 98

    This vs That

    You know what I love about theory? It can be proven to be truth, by some tangible evidence. Likewise, it can be debunked by tangible evidence.

    Trial and error produces results that either support or debunk a theory. In the case of spirituality, though truth relies on personal beliefs for the majority, the same CAN still happen.

    Let’s say a trial is set up to determine whether or not a concoshtion of drugs can cure Hodgkinson lymphoma. Through studies, researchers have reported this cancer ills middle-aged African Americans more so than other group. Coincidently, spiritual beliefs also reign strong in the African American Society.

    The two possible outcomes of the trial are

    1. The cancer is gone.
    2. The cancer is still present.

    Science, evidence of tangible blood tests, provides some answers as to a cure. Now, what about faith… and spirituality?

    The cancer is a condition that enters the Petri dish called prayer. The testing machines are belief, faith, and obedience. For the individuals who live deep in faith, the power of a Greater Being has provided tangible evidence.

    Through prayer and praise, rebuke of the Devil, and other spiritual practices, the two results are:

    1. The cancer is gone.
    2. The cancer is still present.

    In the Biblical day’s, Jesus rose from the dead. He turned water into wine (one of my MOST appreciated gratitudes;), and cured a woman from Leprosy. Those are tangible results. To the followers of Jesus, that’s the belief that God’s able and capable.. despite the unseen. In modern day, tangible evidence could be a crippled standing up and walking back to his/her seat.

    In both scenarios, the theory was born through a belief in possibility. By testing a theory, the results showedq either successful or unsuccessful. Based on the tangible results, each scenario will tweak the procedure and try again. Should there be no other possibility (probability), the testing has been completed.

    Evidence is a result of theory… an idea that took on life because one person believed it.

    Neither was proven more valid than the other. Neither was proven better than the other.

    Both were proven to be systems that produced results based on belief.

    What you choose to believe is your life. All that’s happening around you is a system of particles swirling to and fro, appearing in the formation of recognizable objects. What truth is in it? What theory are you testing? Are you testing the theories you belief? Do you even know what you belief? Are you seeing the results that you desire? Are you opened to the possibility of alternative results? Are you willing to tweak and try again?

    Something to think about 🧡

    GDJ-1086657 : Featured image credit

    Clubhouse “Dumbfounded”!

    Everyday, around 3:15, my younger daughter and I arrive at the school in which Zivah attends. Typically, I’ll take Sweet Pea(Calandra) to the school playground, because she loves interacting with the other kids and playing on the slide.
    Today was no different. We arrived a bit earlier so I could check on Zivah. I believe she’s been having a tough time with severe separation anxiety and uncomfortable pain from ingrowning molars. She’s spent the end of last week and much of this week, this far, crying 😦 I wish I knew what’s the solution. I am trying to piece this situation apart so I know exactly the issue to tackle. It’s truly disheartening.
    A few minutes before the school for was to open for ” pick up ” parents, Calandra and I walked to the door. She’s a sweet girl, greeting everyone with a hi and a wave. She enjoys talking to others and showing them skills she can do. Everyone is very receptive, complimenting her on her cuteness and friendliness.
    The moment that left me speechless though, happened when a lady looked at me and asked,
    ” You’re adopting her?”….
    Then she follows with “How many do you have?”
    No one has ever asked me that before. With her doing so, I fell she spoke so much disapproval towards my choices. This is the twenty first century, biracial children are more common now than they were twenty years ago. In today’s society, families are multicultural. It’s more uncommon for each member to be of the same race.
    my boyfriend and I came up with a few alternative answers to her question :
    * No, she came as the treat surprise in a Kinder egg.
    *Picked her off the shelf at Toys R US.
    *Bought her off Craigslist
    *Stork dropped her off.
    These I should have said, but I was to dumbfounded to think 😳😳

    #WAD: Muster

    As Fredrick stood outside the meeting door, he felt much more collected. Quickly, he was able to regain his professional composure.

    While his heartbeat slowed, Fredrick remembered a peculiar scene he witnessed this morning. He stepped out of the taxi, and there behind a company garbage bin, was a tan tabby cat. Roughly six inches away, was a muster of other cats, clustered together, facing the tabby.

    Fredrick never makes time for what’s going on around him; his job is a constant To-Do manual, scrolling through his mind. On this particular morning; though, the cat possy made him question the intelligence of other species. Leadership and agenda, survival and challenges, Fredrick accepted these cats understood all that too!

    Thankful for that brief moment, he chuckled, shook his head, and returned to his meeting.

    This post is my second entry in Roger Shipp’s The Daily Addiction Challenge 💀☠️ You can learn more about his challenge, view the chosen word prompts, and read previous posts by clicking on his name 🙂

    A Beginner at an Ending

    Right now, I’m watching a Netflix Original Series , “The L Word”.

    In this particular segment, Jenny, a compulsive and inspiring author, is meeting with an editor. She’s been diligently writing from the moment her character was introduced in Season 1.

    Her script has finally landed in the hands of a publisher, who’s desire is to put her story out “there”. Jenny’s in tears; she celebrates out loud… In the very moment she opens the envelope of her first advancement.

    The plot twist: Jenny’s story is dark. As her words formulated on paper, she relived every single haunting detail of childhood. Unfortunately, this munipulated her mind and lead her to self destruct.

    The editor argues Jenny’s portraying herself as a victim, who’s encouraging young girls to cut themselves to handle the agnony.

    To Jenny, as her life spins undeniably and profusely out of control, this choice… is a moment, when she feels some control of it.

    The editor proclaims that despite her adversity, Jenny is here. She’s survived. Her strength has brought her to this meeting, where Jenny’s sitting with an editor, discussing a nightmare that happens to be her life.

    Our lives are a tangled mix of victories and mistakes. We are individuals that have faced life that appeared completely uphill… and we doubted everything we ever thought to be true. We’ve seen questionable behavior. We’ve heard gut wrenching confessions. We’ve testified that no one else could possibly understand what “this is like!!”…

    Haven’t we?….

    We’ve felt like we’ve lost it… that we aren’t making sense, and that our sanity has abandoned us. We’ve felt this universe, or God has officially acted on some conspiring vendetta against us… and that for unbeknownst reasons, we MUST deserve it… where the ONLY thing that seems to make sense… and the only person that understands is the lie “pick up that razor blade”, ” go buy another 24 pack”, “you know where to find heroin.”, or ” You are just a pathetic nobody that fails at everything.”

    Our hearts are strong enough to accept what’s happened to us. Professionals, religious affiliates, nature, and even children can help… do help. WILL HELP.

    Our CHOICE to begin the process is how we change though. No one can force us to believe it’s possible. No one should ever hold that responsibility for our life.

    Jenny survives so much ugliness, and the editor is pushing her to see it… But, it’s Jenny’s life… and it’s her perspective. When the final day ends, does she want to be seen as a victim… carrying around her past, avoiding all roads that lead to hope and transformation? Or will she choose to withdrawal the shades, push open the windows, and allow the wind to dust off the cobwebs?

    You get to decide.

    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Woman survives cancer, not once, but twice.

    Teacher shields her students in a school attack.

    Child decides to raise money for a parent’s bill.

    Man pushes himself to regain independency.

    Young man assists an elderly across the street.

    An employee encourages a special needs customer to help.

    Volunteering with disaster relief

    Donating blood.

    Registering as an organ donor.




    There’s angels that walk this earth…

    That blend in with all of us…

    They don’t wear capes.

    They’re deciding to be kind.

    They’re demonstrating how to lead.

    They’re dedicating time to others.

    Not all heroes wear capes,

    Many of them, though they feel “ordinary”,

    Made a decision,…





    That was extraordinary.

    In that moment … They became a hero.

    I’ve Just Discovered Him

    I don’t do life without laughter!

    I just can’t; especially with society’s pms’ing

    Offended nonsense these days.

    Tonight, I REALLY needed my endorphins! (And

    My scale was already threatening me to stay away from my KitKats)

    Surfing Netflix, I came across this pale, odd, and homosexual looking fella. His name is Daniel Sloss!

    “Why Not?!”, I said to myself… BEST DECISION IVE MADE TODAY! 😂😂😂😂

    Now, he’s a bit twisted… But all of humor is, even in the slightest. He has colorful language ( which I usually can’t stand!).

    He’s genuinely funny! His subject matter is real, raw, and current. It’s honest and he hits every angle about all the possible awkward situations within comedy! Homosexuality, offending others, Vegans, Art…

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before. If you’re open minded and would enjoy a night of laughter (as if anyone would say Nah, I’d rather sit here and be a sour ass.), I HIGHLY recommend Daniel Sloss:)

    Here’s a sample😂😂😂

    Daniel Sloss

    It’s Beyond Coincidental


    “Be patient with yourself. All flowers blossom at different times.”

    —CKJ, Finding Avalon



    I was talking to a friend this morning because I couldn’t take anymore. (thank you The Good The Human for offering a listening ear. That really touched my heart!)

    She helped me realize I have been emotionally overwhelmed, in the last 3 days, and I needed to diffuse so I felt better. She’s so awesome, and she’s naturally a positive woman with encouragement and kindness to give. It’s impossible to end a conversation with her and feel crummy.

    Once we were finished talking, I came across this quote on tumbl’r. Timing…

    Something bigger than “coincidence”…..

    Suicide Awareness Month #2

    48BA3B26-E54A-407A-84BF-95F3C8630FD6These are the 5 steps to get involved in someone’s life who may be suicidal. Now, you may say, “Brandy, my (whomever) was happy go lucky all the time. (Whomever) was always smiling and laughing. I had no idea there was even a problem.”

    Robin Williams is exactly this scenario. When people hurt the most, he/she will  use tactics to disguise the pain. Individuals, who hurt so deeply, don’t want to trouble others with their problems. Not only that, they believe no one hears them anyway.

    Is that incorrect? Were they talking to deaf ears? That’s a topic for another post. Here is how you can make a difference. This is how you can make an impact, and possibly save a life. We all hurt, we all bleed.

    Our financial status….

    Our religious preference…

    Our political affiliation…

    Our race…

    Our gender…

    Our homeland…

    ….. Suicide doesn’t  discriminate… Pain is worldwide….. And it hurts…

    This poster, along with many other resources, can be found HERE🙏🏼

    15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me🌺

    1. I am a twin.
    2. I love rainbows.
    3. I’m 5’5″ tall.
    4. I could live without bacon and the beach.
    5. I only drink Pure Leaf and Gold Peak Tea.
    6. I was born in the evening.
    7. My first pet was a dog.
    8. I played the Saxophone and Clarinet in high school.
    9. I prefer nights.
    10. The only Broadway show I’ve ever seen is Cats.
    11. I want to do Private Investigation work but feel to late to begin.
    12. I am attracted to both genders (Bisexual) and personality (Demisexual).
    13. Seven o’clock is my favorite hour of the day.
    14. I’ve never been drunk.
    15. I’ve been on a cruise.

    Now I will tag 5 people who I hope would share about him /herself. If you choose to participate, please tag 5 people at the end of your post. Have Fun 😄🙃😄🙃

    10 of the best mental health apps for 2018

    Life happens! When it does, these apps are here to assist us in regaining control of our thoughts, breathing, confidence, and self esteem. These handy apps are here if we’re looking for a peaceful little away scape, place to throw up some thoughts, and talk with a professional about a situation. At any moment, I hope any of these apps help you find your peace once again.

    Whether you’re going through a rough patch, experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress, or having relationship issues, there is an app to help.
    — Read on www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320557.php

    Spread Kindness against Bullying

    1. News Coverage of Jamel’s Story
    2. Donations Page

    The Circle Ends

    So why do I say we’ve seemingly forgotten the concept of give and take?

    Because humans decide to do what’s best for him/herself.

    Because humans decide to be selfish and speak/act in such a way that suits his/her needs.

    Now, read that correctly. I said humans.. not “all” humans.

    SO HERE’s the catch:

    Some humans mistreat others.

    Some humans demonstrate ungratefulness and unkindness, violence, and self destruction.

    Some humans speak with arrogance and ignorance.

    And yet, they

    Complain when they’re taken for granted, backstabbed, abused.

    Wear the frown in their “dark and grey” world.

    Are confronted with friction from others, difficulty when needing help, and unforeseen misfortune.

    Possibly have bad health. God Forbid, May pass away too soon.

    What we get is what we deserve. What we give is what will come back to us. Science, Religion, Evolution… every approach tells us this same thing. Our thoughts are real the moment they leave our lips. Our thoughts take life the moment we act on them. In these moments, our thoughts are OUR reality… (hence why reality is seen differently from one person to the next… and each one is correct) … and our reality becomes our life. It’s a choice… what you think… what you give… and in return… a gift or equally a consequence. The choice is ours.

    We should GIVE what we deserve because it’s wholesome and good… and others deserve it too. In turn, we’re all looking out for each other… thus the cycle of our species remains fruitful and strong.

    The Endless Circle

    Plants bloom and wilt. Babies are born, and people die. Structures go up, and buildings are torn down. The cycles in life seem to be continuous. In some instances, unfortunately, the cycle stops. Species of animals and plants become extinct.

    Imagine how these cycles would look if each participated with his/her own best interest at heart. How different would this world be if honey bees just decided not to pollinate. How ugly would this planet look if trees and grass, flowers, and water didn’t work together and provide for one another? What if the sun just stopped turning, and we were stuck in mid-darkness!

    The concept of give and take for the balance of a greater good can also be found in scripture.

    Proverbs 11:18; “A wicked person earns deceptive wages,but the one who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.”

    2 Corinthians 9:6; “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

    Luke 8:4-18; “And when a great crowd was gathering and people from town after town came to him, he said in a parable: “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell along the path and was trampled underfoot, and the birds of the air devoured it. And some fell on the rock, and as it grew up, it withered away, because it had no moisture. And some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up with it and choked it. And some fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold.” As he said these things, he called out, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

    All these examples teach one very important lesson, and it’s this concept humans have seemingly forgotten.

    What you: exert, reap, and give to this world.

    You will: gain, sow, and be given from this world.

    Why do I say, we must have forgotten such a virtue? This thought continues in the next blog.

    Day Nine

    Prompt: Do you communicate differently online than you do in person?:

    I don’t feel that I do. While growing up, my mother always said, “You’re never going to know who you are.” 🤔 That really annoyed me. It upset me moreso, though, because the way my life was going, it was completely true. I had no time to be a child, explore hobbies, participate in clubs or groups. I didn’t have the freedom to make mistakes and learn. That’s shit my parents couldn’t deal with because they chose to have 8 kids.

    To slide away from the cynical, it wasn’t until I was much much older, that I decided wasted time is too expensive for me. I decided that I’m going to use clearly articulated communication as much as possible.

    And, since then, I have. I know what I mean when say something. I am specific to the color of a period at the end of every sentence. Haha my friend recently confirmed my theory with, ” You put the 10 in 100.”

    With that being said, I don’t feel I communicate differently. The difference is, I write more online than I talk in my real life. I don’t like people so I keep to myself. Haha!

    Quit Being so Sensitive

    If you’ve heard this more times in your life, than you’re own name, You may want to check out this HSP Pinterest Account 💙💚💙

    HSP is known as Highly Sensitive People (plural is person). The common quote all of us has repeatedly heard is “Quit Being So Sensitive!”…. But, I want to suggest you don’t.

    Being Highly Sensitive means you’re able to sense things on a much deeper level. This is a special gift, that was specifically chosen for you. Research, read, and remember your sensitivity is OK!

    M.C.O.K. In Clarksville, TN

    This has my face just smiling 💗 What a beautiful way to begin the new school year! I hope this new change blossoms uncontrollable positivity for this community 💚


    Day Eight

    Prompt: .What is something blogging has taught you about yourself?

    I’ve not been blogging long; but, it surely has become a special piece of my life.

    Here are 5 Things Blogging has taught me about myself :

    1. I have a big heart to invest time into the silent tears of others.
    2. I need to learn to proofread!
    3. My best writings happen when I’m going through something.
    4. I find encouragement and inspiration through other bloggers.
    5. Regardless of my level of proficiency, I’m apart of a new family.. The blogging community.

    Here are 5 things other bloggers have taught me :

    1. There’s a blog post for nearly every subject and every one of its subareas.
    2. There’s no judgement because writing is sharing the intimate form of Love: language.
    3. Early morning posts can be quite interesting to read.
    4. Lipstick is highly valued!
    5. Advice is limitless and often delivered with such class.

    M.C.O.K – Please Cast a Vote

    This sweet boy has spent all the normality he knows doing for others. What a beautiful soul; he’s only 11. His goal is to meet Ellen💗💗💗 My heart has such love for this sweet boy. If you stop by this link below, would you please take a moment and cast a Vote? Kindness in exchanged for kindness🌸