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Butt Evolution

Go ahead, laugh your butt off🍑🍑😂😂 Little jiggle wiggle giggle for your Saturday morning 😀 Butt Evolution http://theselftalkshow.blog/2019/05/25/butt-evolution/ — Read on theselftalkshow.blog/2019/05/25/butt-evolution/

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Laugh it Away

Sadje’s story was an incredible delight to read! Thank you, Keep It Alive, for such a cheeky and pleasant post!! I chuckled as I read what happened. It reminds us that life really should be lived, and that we should allow ourselves the laughter rather than carry embarrassment. I’ve had a few instances where I…

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5 easy turkey crafts 4 kids

My girls absolutely love crafting, and I love participating, while listening to them chatter💗The credited source is linked to each of these photos. You can find the full list of supplies and instructions, as well as other activities, by visiting the links. Here’s a list of 10 easy and cute turkey crafts for the holidays…

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Fillin It UP!

Some days…. Right now, this is my answer! May solve nothing, 99% chance of unresolved issues for some future date but Boys and Girls…. YOU’RE ALLOTTED DAYS LIKE THESE!! 👎🏼🖕🏼Over Today! Anyone have anything they’d like to contribute?

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Conversation Starter anyone?

The Haunted Wordsmith ended up on a conversation starter website, and I’ve mentally noted to monitor her browsing (haha, just kidding)! From the site, she pulled 20 questions. I’m listing those and my answers below : What movie would be “improved” if it was turned into a musical? What is the weirdest thing you have…

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Uncle Al before coffee

Photo Credit attached This is Uncle Al, the snapping turtle. There’s one in every family, you know; the crazy uncle who’s lost a screw or few. The Uncle that makes you feel super sane because he’s a bit out there? Well Uncle Al just woke up. He’s waiting on coffee. Uncle Al is extra snappy…

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#FOWC: Weight

The bucket screamed at me…. ” Help, help!! I can’t hold it anymore. The weight is too much.” So, I saved the day. I ate half the candy supply 😂🤪🎃🌟💀☠️👽👾🤖👻👺👹👿 Check out Fandango’s One Word Challenge Here!

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#FOWC: Drawer

In the comfort of familiar four walls, the man sat comfortably, in his drawers. These were his absolutely favorite pair. They were light green, with splashes of neon blue and orange across the material. Not only, were they the most comfortable pair, but also, held sentimental value. His sister had gifted them to him four…

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#FOWC: Beard Fun

Inspired by FOWC: Beard I have just found my “wow” for the day! You guys ready for this? Brace yourselves…. View this post on Instagram If we could all learn to love each other, even in the face of our differences, perhaps we’d realize that deep down, we’re all just the same… Portland, that was…

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#WAD: Inevitable

The deliciously inevitable pair 🍩☕️!!   This post is my next entry in Roger Shipp’s The Daily Addictions Challenge. You can learn more about his challenge, view the chosen word prompts, and read previous posts by clicking on his name 🙂

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