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Tag: Family Time

Life of a Single Mom


More Rock Painting

Our quality time together is such a special time! I’m so thankful and blessed💚


❤ Im so blessed to have such sweet and happy daughters<3


His smile, That come and take me look. I can’t resist it; I crave it. The taste, sweeter than anything I’ve ever know. This desire, hands down valleys and over peaks. I fall into his tranz every time.. Helplessly Hopelessly … Continue Reading #FOWC: TOXIC

#WAD: No Caption

Sometimes, there simply aren’t sufficient words to describe the cherish of a moment. Sometimes, there aren’t words that would best explain the significance of a sister. Sometimes, there’s no need for words… No caption… No talking. Just love, smiles, and … Continue Reading #WAD: No Caption

Community Unity

The old stone cottage has withstood the test of time. It’s also become the life insurance of Switzerland’s winter months. Communities of  families will use such a place for bulk food storage.  It’s perfect for such use because of its size … Continue Reading Community Unity

#CFFC Tuesday #3

Theme: Things people play with  ANIMAL PUPPETS This is a free play area for kids at one of many Metro Parks in Cleveland. These puppets are awaiting kids at Rocky River Nature Center, along with blocks, a huge turtle shell, … Continue Reading #CFFC Tuesday #3

#FF: “Sense”ational

Paisley was the light of Patricia’s life! She was positive and cheerful, loved everyone, and enjoyed life. Patricia always said Paisley could accomplish anything, despite her Down Syndrome. As Paisley’s 16th birthday approached, Patricia decided a beach theme would be … Continue Reading #FF: “Sense”ational

Amazing News!

Remember the beginning of last week, when I embarrassingly announced a missing turtle?? Well TODAY I FOUND HIM!!!!! Ben was so happy to see his brother. He swam right over to him and climbed on his back😂😂😂 They have such … Continue Reading Amazing News!

Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best — Read on I absolutely can’t wait to see this!! Comment below your thoughts!