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The BFG in Review

Must see

#FOWC: Castle

Every year, during the first full week of October, the castle, on the hill, begins its annual ritual. First, the small path through the forest, that outlines the west side of town, becomes overthrown with thistles and thorns. The air … Continue Reading #FOWC: Castle

26 Questions

There’s a blogger of which I am certain will be someone I always remember. She’s just a soul that blends well with mine, and I’m grateful to have come accross her page. One post she has,  is entitled ” 26 … Continue Reading 26 Questions

#FF: Re-humanizing Cafe

Photo Prompt ©️Dale Rogerson This patio welcomed every passerby. The funny part is, NYC natives tell the same story: after a brief stay, every resident reroutes ship to sail this street as often as possible. Ezra did just that. Angelina’s Sip & … Continue Reading #FF: Re-humanizing Cafe

Favorite Movies

My Top 10 Favorite Movies The Lion King The Little Mermaid Collateral Beauty The Age of Adaline Shawshank Redemption Erin Brockovich Rigoletto The Freedom Writers Dirty Dancing Saving Private Ryan