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Tag: creativity

The Road called Creation

Featured image oil painting done in app by me.



#3. Your day in ten words. Blessed, Thursday, Cleveland, Midnight, Early, January, Enriched, Calm, Quite, Peaceful It’s early here (12:02 … Continue Reading 01/03/19

Habla en Español #6

Now, I’m going to move on to some basic sentences. Spanish: Ella es una mujer. English: She is a woman. Spanish: Tú eres un niño. English: You are a boy. Spanish: Comes manzanas. English: You eat apples. Spanish: Tú eres hombre. … Continue Reading Habla en Español #6

Thanksgiving Tag

November and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite things:D Everything from the gorgeous colored leafs to the crisp cool air, and football games and oh so delicious food! Laughter and family, hot chocolate, and amazing hot baths… there’s a million … Continue Reading Thanksgiving Tag

#FOWC : Former

A mysterious capsule, metal, plastic, or wood. Buried in this earth, awaiting for it’s grand reentrance! Marvelous wonders, hidden secrets, roads that lead one back, a former life, a different time, a portion of history just discovered.