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FOWC: Opening

She found the small beautifully decorated box sitting on her doorstep. There wasn’t any postage; therefore, someone must have hand delivered it.

” How strange!” She thought aloud. ” Charity, no. It’s not a cat toy, that I’m sure!”

Charity has been her sweet Himalayan princess for seven years, now. If it weren’t for her, Kim would have had some much longer and darker nights.

Kim looked around, but there wasn’t any indication of whom left this gift. She bent down, carefully, and retrieved the box.

Once she was comfortable on the porch swing, she slowly pulled the left wing of the ribbon. She was hesitated to proceed, for no one can be too careful with suspicious packages these days.

As Kim fought with herself, Charity peeped out the midsized opening, at the foot of the screen door.

“Mmmeeoowww!” She declared.

Kim didn’t acknowledge the request.

She announced her presence again.

” Mmmeeoowww!” This time a more perturbed.

Kim looked at her cat and responded,

” Oh yes your majesty. It’s time I served your breakfast, isn’t it?”

Charity jumped upon the cushiones seat, and rubbed her head up against Kim’s arm.

” I need another cup of coffee for this adventure anyway. Let’s go.”

With that, the ladies made their way inside, and back to the kitchen.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Opening


Daily Writing Challenge Mixture

” It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark!” Michael sings.

Maybe so, but, trust me, thats just the beginning! Who am I, you ask?

Photo Prompt taken from The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Writing Challenge

I am Phelsador, the alley cat. I sit upon this nice, warm, and thick outstretched tree branch as the people below bellow about goblins and ghouls. They truly are a vicious bunch, though, I must say. I’ve noticed them breaking so that can hunt their next snack. I don’t know about all of this belief is terror creatures, but I suppose it could be true.

The main actor is famous, I guess. Michael something or another. In the moonlight, he transforms into a ware wolf. Hhhmmmm, maybe there’s a pumpkin carriage awaiting for his Miss?! The beginning scene with all the screaming, really my least favorite part.  It catches me of gaurd, occasionally, and I’ll hiss like a possessed demon… Then fall out of the tree.

It’s just about that time when the actors are earily creeping up from the grave, OH LAWD is it stinky!!! One by one, some accidently slipping back into the deep hole. The costumes are well articulated for the Halloween theme. I don’t stick around long enough for human interaction though. My luck, I would run into a human that really has lost his sanity.

Nine lives, and I’m not ready to use them all on this Michael fella… So I perch myself on this branch and observe the eccentricity humans display on Halloween.

This is a combination of the Daily Writing Challenge and Worth A Thousand Words