Who you are: Meditation

Who are you? Is it important to know who you are? Where you came from? You’re a human being, with a purpose. You are one in a billion….. A BILLION! Think about how many zeros that is… LoL

Of course you should know who you are! A unique design. You’re completely new from every single other person in our species. So, Where would you begin to figure that out? How do you begin the process?

Age? Zodiac Sign? Religious affiliation?

That’s a good start. It’s a larger scale to which you can find people of who can relate and support one another. What else? Hobbies? Political affiliation?

What about on a personal level? How do you identify you, as a person?

Heritage? Ethnicity? Name? These break down the bigger groups of people into smaller groups. 

The two that has tremendously impacted my life are The 5 Love Languages & Myers-Briggs Personality test. These indicators have provided me insight in regard to my past, healed my heart of pain, and guided me in present day with  relations and interactions.

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