Reasons 2B Happy

     The studies say it takes 21 days to create or break a habit. I, personally, know after three weeks of a consistency, whether good or bad, that particular part of my life feels “normal”. This year, for the first six months, some wonderful things took place, while other painful days filled in the rest.

      Lately, that door closed, and , I’ve decided to fill those voids with this Chapter: Reasons to be happy. The littlest of things used to bring a huge smile to my heart…. until that stopped. Sometimes, we don’t recognize it’s stopped, and we don’t know when. 

       Good mental health means caring for your brain, heart, and spirit. Just as you eat fruits and veggies to remain strong, and exercise to keep healthy… attention must be given to your soul to keep mentally positive and ok. I’m not sure many recognize the importance of this, or even how to go about doing it. 

        One suggestion I would give anyone is a gratitude journal. This commitment to writing three things of which you’re thankful on the daily, will assist your mind to refocus onto positive things… thus creating a better mental state.

       This section of my site is similar to that. I’m going to post reasons to be happy, and personal insite as to the value it has in my life. I may reflect on a childhood memory, share a thought about the object itself, who knows. Regardless, I invite you to grab a pen and some paper… 

and remind yourself why you should be happy