Thursday Thankfulness

I’m thankful for

The warmth of today’s weather.

Many of you here, my support system.

My vehicle is now running.


Seeing both my babies tonight.

Listening to them laughing about silliness.



The Botanical Garden admission is free tomorrow!

The daffodils and tulips blooming.

My new coffee cup.

This job opportunity


Happiness Is…

Soft Piano Music
This image… And the balloons.
Watching these baby turtles!

“All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the object to which we are attached by love.”

– Baruch Spinoza

“Happiness is a way station between too little and too much.

– Channing Pollock, Mr. Moneypenny


Selena Gomez on Mental Health

She’s been diagnosed with Lupus! She suffers with Anxiety and Depression!

She speaks out, unafraid and unashamed.

So can you!

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthadvocacy #beblessed # believeinyourself #therapymakesadifference

My Mental Health Journey 13

Opened Tabs:

  • My kitchen sink seriously needs emptied. Why can’t I feel motivated.
  • Today’s my first day of work… After 10 years… I’m very excited about it. This is going to change my life. Ironically, it’s a job that would repulse an INFJ.. LOL I am going to be using my incredibly sweet and pleasurable phone voice to call potential sellers!! I’d follow a script and fill out a questionnaire. I’m actually beginning to “dream”…Sure, I’ve had goals. I’ve had the smaller achievements over time. I’ve not felt capable and it possible for me dream much bigger than the necessities, ever.

{See what BAD anxiety can do? Creates an incarcerated feeling to the house.}

  • My boyfriend woke up Sunday. I couldn’t contain my tears. I knew that I worried about memory loss; but, I’m more prepared for it. He’s not remembered much since walking up. Not many people, not associates he’s known for years. I know he doesn’t remember me… BUT, I know who I am in this situation… And by knowing so, I’m able to be ok with whatever the future holds. Do I want him to forget me, no! I’m sure that the follow of what’s meant to happen will be exactly what we need at the time. It’s about faith, hope, and love.
  • I really need a nap.
  • I really need to shave 😂😂
  • Bluh…

It Didn’t Matter As Much, Until It Did.

There’s going to come a moment,

When your world is going to stop,

And the next minute, the next hour

The next day, week,

The next second is going to be of uncertainty.

Life is going to feel so fragile.

The idea of feeling hopeful feels like

A jynx, and there will be very little control of your own.

It’s the downfall, the dark clouds, and the questioning

That draws out courage, strength, and wisdom.

It’s the possibilities of the end that rearrange

Priorities and gives us perspective.

We’re usually not prepared for such moments,

We think it’ll never happen to us..

Until it does.

It does…

Then, we begin to live…

Because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Coffee Share ☕️🍵

Good afternoon (almost)~

Please come in and have a seat. The coffee’s ready and the hot water for tea is almost ready.

The weather is gorgeous, here in Cleveland! I’m so thankful for that. I was worried about your drive up. The warmth feels amazing; and, the tulips are wonderful aren’t they?

So how has your week started? Anything big going on that you’d like to talk about or need to talk about? How’d your gardening going? I’ve yet to start but I am very excited about it.

This morning, I got up at my daughters Father’s house. Zivah and I stayed over because I had a huge fight with the neighbors yesterday. What about? Parking? It’s really worked it’s way into my balanced peace of mind. You know those super annoying inconveniences? That’s what this is! Zivah was a bit out of her element, but she got into school with little emotional discouragement. She’s an HSC (highly sensitive child). So much of what she feels, I did when I was her age.

Once I got her to school, I drove back and worked out a plan to get my car in the shop. That’s caused major anxiety over the last week, but it’s almost over. Bluh.

I’m going to let you enjoy your coffee, have a marvelous day!

Welcome to Nova’s Namastè 365 Online

Hey hey ya’ll lovely souls, hope your Monday had started off with positive vibes lighting your way. I wanted to take a moment and personally write a blog post for you 🙂

Special Shout Out 2 my newest followers! I’m grateful & excited to talk to each of you.

    Healing My Hope
    Schreibern als Hobby
    Wright Strokes
    Kay Inflight
    Blogs by Roshna
    Vibe a Little
    But I Smile Anyway…
    Beauty of my chaotic mind

Just wanted to tell you a few about me💕

  1. My pancakes are never circular; but, they taste so good.
  2. I’ve played the clarinet and saxophone in high school.
  3. Both of my girls were born via C-section.
  4. My whole 33 years, I’ve never been drunk or smoked anything.
  5. My favorite numbers 3,5, and 7.
  6. Right now, I’m obsessed with the Netflix show Parenthood.
  7. I love most types of music.
  8. I can swim; but, I hate swimming.
  9. I love Italian food.
  10. Clowns are scary.

My Mental Health Journey 12 ( I Just Can’t & You Can’t Expect Me To)

Here’s my confession:

If a post is a personal story, informational about a topic I’m interested in, fictional, humorous, music related, short in length, or labeled with a really catchy title, I’ll end up reading it in it’s entirety.

Otherwise, and I may have missed an additional exception or two, I will skim through and catch the main ideas, so I can comment and leave support.

If that offends you, please unfollow me now.

Now that those lose feathers have been shaken off, allow me to explain.

I PROMISE you, I WANT to read every single word of every single post every single one of you have, and will write!!

Truth be told, I can’t. Number one, I don’t have the time. My two babies keep me busy. I’m a mother first, before anything else.

Number two, if I did so, I wouldn’t have a blog of my own. I wouldn’t have time to write. I love writing, and I’m loving interacting with all of you, as well.

Number three, my brain is so easily overwelmed that I can’t read a whole lot at once. When I worked at Bob Evens (hey that’s something you all didn’t know about me!), my biggest challenge was keeping up with the menu because of the amount of information I had to learn in such a short time. It was seasonally changing, too!

And number four, I am a multitasker. Every moment of my life, literally, I am doing at least 2 things. I have to. It’s just a must for my life.

I’ve recently had a follower take offense to this, and that hurt me. I’m one of the most supportive bloggers I know.. And that’s regardless of every factor other than we are all trying to accomplish the same goal… Write good material. This blogger wasn’t satisfied with my amount of effort and dismissed me completely.

Personally, I feel if you have such high levels of your followers, the intention of writing needs evaluated. I also prefer you don’t follow me in the first place…

We all do what we humanly can, and we’re our own worst critics. We don’t need expectations like read every post I write word for word, comment every single time, like and share it, on top of our own self sabotage.

That’s it for now.

Rocks & Jelly Beans

My daughter, Zivah, and I spent some quality time together. We ran to the largest candy store in the United States, b.a. Sweetie Candy Company, and bought a ton of jelly beans!!! (Because today is National Jelly Bean Day!!) Then, we ran to Long John Silver’s for chicken and chips. After lunch and Zivah accidently locking herself in the public restroom, we stopped at Home Depot, for rocks to paint. We were going to head to the park to collect acorns and other nature finds, but didn’t make it. I wanted to take some time to pick up some trash, too. Maybe something we’ll do this week. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to pick up trash. LoL. It’s been a super fun day!!! What did you do for earth day? Anything fun?

My Mental Health Journey 11

I wanted to take a few minutes and jot down a few notes.

I’ve spent two days alone now; and, I’ve allowed a constant flow of emotions. No regrets or shame, no prolonged sadness. I’ve let the thoughts come and be, then released them out into the universe.

Recently, I found an image on Pinterest that really spoke to me.

It’s deep. I realized that before, like the last four weeks, things were falling apart. Ha! It’s more like a tornado came through.

But they’ll come together again, because that’s life. That’s how life happens. In the last week, ideas and dots have been connected. Some things have become clearer, and other things have been removed from priorities.

Life isn’t a race, to focus on the finish line (death? Really?), and go…

The race is a journey, at whatever pace best suits you and your current situation… And that pace will change. The journey is the combination of ups and downs, when life comes together and falls apart… And comes together again.

Without the balance… Up with down, good with the difficult… Hard with the easy… Life wouldn’t be…

Something would too much…

Something else, would be too little.

Trust your journey 💕 Walk by faith!

Easter 2019🌸

happy easter

Easter graphics @

I hope that you feel the renewed hope, joy, and freedom that comes from a selfless sacrifice. Whether you believe in God or not, a sacrifice is the possibility. The old has laid to rest, and the new is right around the corner. Walk with faith in the possibilities and belief in yourself.

Spring has Sprung 🌷

Many exit ramps here in Cleveland are homes to lovely 🐘 elephant statues. This one is Zivah’s favorite. The Blue one ( yes there’s a Blue one) is mine. The red one down the street from this one is Calandra’s favorite. Nearly every day, the girls make a HUGE deal of them lol… As if they’ve seen them for the first time, every time! This road is Fulton Road, and turning right will lead you to a branch of the Cleveland Public library. Sitting lovely outside there, is a giant squarel. I didn’t realize there was such a thriving taste for art when I moved here.

There’s an incredible Downtown Sculpture Tour for anyone who’s interested in checking it out 🕉 ENJOY 🐘!

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! (collaboration poetry)

Roy, over at A Guy Named Bloke, created this super cool challenge!

It’s called Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!

Rory’s Instructions:
I will choose a topic, write four lines of Rhyming Verse then l will tag one of my readers who will in turn add four lines of Rhyming Verse to my mine and Tag one of their own readers, and then it is a case of wash rinse repeat and let’s see how far our topic goes in so far as a Rhyme?




The Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

Rory Starts us off:
So, so much to do, and with so little time, I want to do everything, nothing to be missed, But how do l plan it all, how do l define, The perfectly crazy bucket list?

Paula’s adds:
First up is a lush tropical jungle, Jaguars and waterfalls… all quite insane; I do hope my parachute isn’t all bungled, When I jump from the doorway of this airplane!

Fandango Continues:
I want to take a rocket into space, Or maybe a submarine ride deep in the sea. I sure hope they will save me a place, Because that’s where I really want to be!

Cheryl Contributes:
A trip to the mountains is what l’d choose, I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes, Rocks are high and edges slippery, Wouldn’t want to fall off the perifery,

Kristian Contribution:
I’d like see the world, visit the sands of Abu Dhabi take a cruise down the Golden Gate Bridge in my Maserati,
head to New England and catch a game at old Fenway Park,
then board a ship to Costa Rica where I can swim with a shark.


My Contribution:

I’d travel to the desert in Egypt

And photograph the pyramids,

Photo Credit Attached

Then board the Ciaro railway,

To the Chocolateria in Madrid.

Photo Credit Attached

I’d like to tag Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway:)


Photo Credit Pinterest

The gray and colorless days arrive.

Fierce rain move in and floods her mind.

Insecurities, fears, endless lies,

Every second of every day.

She struggles to see the outlines,

The defining moments.. Her life

Becomes blurry, too fast.

Despite what pulls her down,

She remains loving of herself.

She embraces the unpredictability life is.

She accepts the process of

Her pain and discomfort.

Her love and light warms

The places in her life,

That her mortality attacks.

She is breathless and beautiful

From the inside out.

Modern Day Jesus on Good Friday

Photo Credit Attached

I think Jesus would give a speech, more like the Holy Ghost would give a speech on Good Friday. I am certain Jesus didn’t want His followers, and disciples to grieve his loss of life. Though few believed His declaration of return, He told them. He also said to not be burdened by this world.

Kind of ironic for me; but, this modern day poem conveys the same beautiful message. This is hypothetically speaking, well maybe not. Spiritually speaking is better said. In all instances, the individual is not at the grave… But rather in every and all ways, that entails the Spirit world.

Happy Good Friday 💙🕊

My Mental Health Journey 10

[Biggest Sigh!!]

I realized something about myself, this morning. I’ve NEVER been in the  “immediate” circle of someone who’s had major health issues or experienced a long drawn out suffering death. I’ve had family members die; but, I’m not close to them. I didn’t see any of the “hard” stuff.

I don’t know how to handle what I’m in. I don’t know what to think about it. I know what I have to accept; and, I’m trying my hardest. I know that there’s a possibility that this individual will improve. Right now, that improvement is slow. Every day that passes, I feel like I lived another week.

I’m expecting myself to adapt to this change; and, I’m waiting for this situation to become my new normal. It doesn’t feel like a “good” or “bad” thing, but something that might actually feel easier.

Last night, I thought about conversation. I thought about friendship and support. I thought about what needs said and what I need to hear to feel better. Is that selfish? I don’t know, maybe! Right now, I don’t care. I know that I’m hurting and it sucks.

In my situation, I feel like such comments like ” He’s lucky to have you. You’ve been here for him since the beginning. ”  And.” I am so proud of you for handling this so well. It’s tough but so are you.” Would sound so nice in this situation…. Where I feel worthlessly helpless.               ” Support” is defined (well my definition) as uplifting, active listening to, and emotionally being available for someone. A goal in supporting a friend to make sure they don’t feel alone in the situation. It’s hearing this individual so you understand (to the best of your ability) them. It’s conversing with them about what their thoughts are, how they’re doing, and what ways can you help.  I don’t think that’s selfish to want. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard parallel stories of others lives when I needed a friend to talk to.


Ok, that’s exhaustingly deep for my low caffeine and sleep levels. Please keep me and mine in prayer. Thank you!


Follow Blogger Friday 💖

All of you are wonderful and talented bloggers 😀 I would honestly list each of you, if it wouldn’t take me all day.

Here’s a list of bloggers I highly recommend 🌟🍀

Find-Out-More Friday

This is a basic little list of common questions. I would like to get to know my readers better & see what we may have in common.

I would like to encourage you to use the comments section to answer, that way you can read about other writers ☺️💖🌺🌺If you’d like to create a post with answers, please create a pingback to here.

I can’t wait to read your responses 🐢🌸

  1. First name
  2. Birth Month & Day
  3. Favorite color(s)
  4. What country you live
  5. Favorite movie
  6. 1 of your hobbies (besides blogging ;))
  7. How many children do you have? Furbabies?
  8. Favorite smell
  9. One cause/charity you support
  10. Where do you volunteer if anywhere.
  11. Do you live in the same town of which you were born?
  12. Color of your eyes

Evening Thoughts 🌙

Photo Credit Gabriel Garcia Marengo

The day’s over.

I made it through.

Might not have been easy;

But, I did it.

My precious toddler wanted

Mommy to help her fall asleep.

That moment, watching her sleep,

Made me so proud.

Something I never heard my

Parents say.

My “me time” is so close,

I can almost taste the wine.

My dear friend checked in with me.

She’s such a gem.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Some situations aren’t on my list to


My morning glories are flourishing;

I can’t wait to see their color.

My life is so complex… There’s so much

That pulls my emotions.

I’m so grateful that I made it through

Another day.

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    Email Check

    I’ve not received any emails from anyone. I’m reposting this because I really could use the encouragement and support



    Also, any other submissions for the coloring contest I’m holding can be sent to this email address 😀

    My loves

    I didn’t know I could love an animal ( non-typical pet) as much as I love these guys. When they were first given to me, I remember thinking

    “Dear Lord, I don’t know how to take care of turtles. I don’t think I even have a home for them.”

    Well here we are, months and months later 🙂 They’re very much members of my little family.

    I just cleaned their home so they can climb to dry land.

    April 17th Holidays

    Carol, over at Therapy Bits, posted the holidays for today. You can read all the interesting ones HERE 😀

    My favorite are International Haiku Poetry Day & Blah, Blah, Blah Day.

    Here’s my special contribution in honor of this holiday 🙂

    Clothed in his blackest,

    He waited for the right time,

    To harpoon his spear! 

    person wearing black zip hoodie sitting in front of gray wooden plank wall during nighttime

    Photo by Pixabay on

    In honor of Blah, Blah, Blah Day


    Only One Choice

    Photo Credit Pinterest

    Indeed ~ Our biggest- life changing moments are those that we aren’t given a choice. This situation I’m in, waiting is all I can do. I’m feeling a sense of normality… Like his spirit visiting me, trying to tell me he’s going to be waking up soon. Do I sound crazy? It’s my truth so I believe it.

    Word of the Day: Lingering

    The lingering stench of bad decisions suffocated Carl, as he clumsily tried standing. His head throbbed; and the faint light shining through the curtains felt like a jack hammer to the skull.

    ” Where does she keep the aspirin?” He grumbled in irritability. Hangover is not a good look for him.

    He took the glass, from the strainer, and filed it half full with water. Carefully, he turned around and made his way to the bathroom.

    James, his lifelong friend, made it as far as the hallway. He looked ROUGH… His collard shirt was half His from his hands. He was missing a shoe and sock from one foot. To top off the look, he smelled like regret. Puke was all down the front of him, that Carl could see anyway.

    “Wow dude, you must have partied hard!” He said to his friend, while passing by.

    Stepping over him, Carl made it to the bathroom. He hoped there would be aspiran in the medicine cabinet.

    “Shit!” He whispered. With no relief, he made his way back out of the bathroom.

    ” Maybe there’s some in her nightstand!” He thought, heading in that direction.

    Tracey, Carl’s female best friend, was sleeping next to the sliding closet doors. She was still wearing the cute Al Chazier fleek black evening dress from the night before. He had a crush on her all the while they were growing up. In middle school, during one of the yearly dances, they missed. It was awkward. They bumped heads. They never did anything like it since.

    Carefully squirming past her, Carl made it to the night stand. In luck, there was a bottle of medication inside.

    ” Whew! Thank God!” He murmured, as he popped the lid of and tapped two whole white pills into his palm.

    Throwing his head, he gulped the water, washing down the medication as fast as possible. He’d been hungover plenty of times, but this felt different. His body felt extra heavy, and he felt extra warm. It was only May, so the outside temps weren’t the New York hot yet.

    ” Damn! I’m still not feeling it!” He thought, as he stumbled past Tracy, on his way out of the room. As he approached the James, still passed out in the hallway, his throat began to tighten.

    ” WTF!” He panicked. Shortly thereafter, his vision began to blur, and he desperately needed to get back to the sink.

    Practically plummeting facedown into the carpet, he desperately tried to regain control of himself. He had no idea what was happening, and no one else was comprehensive to help.

    Slowly, griping the nearby furniture to stay up, he made it to the kitchen. His breathing now was gasping. His chest heavy, as of cement blocks were loading for transporting. He felt himself slipping.

    “Forget the water, where’s the damn phone?!” He mustered out. He collapsed to the floor and laid on his back. With one hand over his heart, he felt a trail of tears stream down his cheek. Ten minutes later, he gasped for the last time.

    Sonya emerged from the walk in pantry. This was her birthday; it was her party the night before. She wasn’t going to allow someone to ruin it for her. Carl had just met her; however, when he started drinking he became obnoxiously frustrating.

    He made the mistake of getting in front of the mic and giving a less than pleasant birthday toast.

    Sonya tip toed over to where Carl laid motionless.

    ” I tried to warn you, fool! ” She whispered with this evil look to her eyes.

    Written for The Word of the Day Challenge; found here🙂

    Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

    0C331210-F6EC-4801-9B74-64714B29C5B3This is being created for Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

    The sounds of Mr Gregor’s old cottage spooked children for generations. He was born on the 27th of June, 1837. His mother and father were highschool sweethearts. Mr Gregor was the 2nd born, an older brother before him. The sibling rivalry was constant, brutal, and bloody. Their parents tried to keep the peace, but as the boys grew, the jealousy and competition only escalated.

    One cold October night, the rain was pouring and the flooding sirens resonated. Holland Grove was mostly flat, with surrounding hills. At least once a year, Hollanders felt with the forces of heavy rain. There’s bunkers scattered about, to store extra food and sand bags.

    John Gregor quickly snatched his hat & rain coast from the coat tree, right inside the front door. To the left of the tree, was a solid shoe bench. It was extra large, clear coated, and a gorgeous cherry wood finish. He plumped down and wickedly slipped on his rain boots.

    Taylor was right behind him. The boys are only 2 years apart. He snagged his heavy coat and slipped on his boots.

    Neither of the boys knew how deep the waters had gotten. They heaved forward, pulling themselves along with their walking sticks. They were checking on the elderly neighbors.

    Before that night was over, in the late hours, Taylor returned home. John didn’t make it back.

    All these years later, when it rains, the older kids from the Grove said you could hear a man’s growling. They’ve said to have seen a dark haired young man, about 30.. Roughly 6′ 4″, standing by the window.

    Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays

    When all is said and done, and you’re alone, standing before a reflection, if you can’t verbalize a thought, don’t say it elsewhere. Only you have to live with it’s birth; & words can’t be unspoken.

    My Mental Health Journey 9

    And yet, as if my burden isn’t heavy enough, the ONLY person who can update me says,

    ” I know him better than you ever will.”

    Sure there’s some truth in that, but was it necessary to say? Did it need to be said? Was it said to help me feel some comfort?…

    No.. Not much about this entire situation is bareable. I’m sure some of you want to tell me to brush it off or don’t listen to him. I’m sure you want to say his opinion doesn’t matter right now or try and forget about it. As a highly sensitive INFJ, that’s like telling someone who’s without brain activity to breathe on his/her own. Highly Sensitive and INFJs operate based on emotions and the senses. HSP is like living with every sense operating at its max capability, all at once! Emotions run DEEP… Every single one.

    That’s just the facts of my situation. It’s not the dynamics of my relationship with his father.

    No change…. Every moment feels like an eternity. I’m so tired.

    My lungs still struggle to fill sufficiently.

    The upside about today, the homeschool teacher brought me some coffee and my girls made these really cute Easter wreaths 🙂 She ( the teacher) and I both talked about our loved ones we lost to suicide. Right now, for us, it seems like the reminders are everywhere, like right in our faces! That’s another situation that’s so incredibly difficult, and it leaves so many with to many questions.


    Morning Coffee ☕️

    Photo taken by Sogard on Pixabay

    *Waving* Hello WP Family 😀

    How is everyone doing this morning? Did you have a smooth start to your day? Coffee? Watched the sun rise with your furbabies and nature friends? Those of you who religiously read the paper, any news worth sharing? Please share with me, what’s your typical morning routine.

    When I got up, I checked my phone for boyfriend update. There hasn’t been anything yet. Then I checked my email, and I received an email from someone who emoji flipped finger at me… Like five times, guys! That’s some offensive crap eh? I mean email and emoji… And she’s 11 years older than myself. The reality is some individuals won’t ever change because denial has stunt their growth. She’s my past. There’s a reason why she’s there. She’s taught me about truth; though, but that’s a topic for another post. 


    Next, I went to my Keurig and formulated a delicious cup of coffee, while my little one heard me and greeted me with her PJMask toys 🙂 Right now, they’re both relaxing on my bed, watching Sofia the First. Breakfast is Captive Crunch, peanut butter crunch. I’m sitting here, thinking about the day. The weather is suppose to be really nice. Sunshine is always welcomed. It boosts my mood every time.

    Oh this is a good idea to include in this post.

    Let’s see the three things I’m grateful for are:

    1. My friend Tracy. She’s been in contact with me consistently for the last few days.

    2. The Morning Glory seeds I bought are sprouting really well. I can’t wait to see their color.

    3. My daughter’s In-home preschool teacher agreed to pick up a few items from the store for me since I’m without a vehicle. It’s really those little gestures of kindness that make the difference! 

    Bonus: There’s little quarrel between my girls this morning! That always feels wonderful. I question if I fight every battle that arise or if I’m not consistent enough with parenting them. Does a mother’s mind ever stop 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️💛?!

    Ok, I’m going to do some blog commenting and daily challenges. I sure hope you’re doing well and feel a sense of peace and joy this morning. 


    Until Next Time ~ 


    My Mental Health Journey 8

    I’ve endure child abuse. I’ve been urged to kill myself. I’ve lived with severe depression and major panic attacks. I’ve been married and divorced, and married again… I’ve endured my second husband’s suicide… And the whole community dubbing me ” psycho murderer”… I’ve had two girls, both over 9lbs, and HPV during my second pregnancy. I’ve been wrongfully robbed of 95% of my possessions, and traveled across the country with a full blown narsassist. I’ve endured roadside stranded, vehicle towed, and so much more…

    And I’ve been strong through it. I’ve felt capable in my solitude to handle the situation…

    With this recent event, I’m struggling. These emotions of fear and deep sadness might be apart of what he’s feeling… I don’t know. I just know I can’t seem to feel comfort… As badly as I want to. My boyfriend’s son is at the hospital with him. He’s the closest to my bf I can be right now… And he’s not sentimental… He probably doesn’t give much care about what I’m feeling right now… And to an extent, I can understand that.

    I just wish I had someone who’d come see me and have coffee. Someone who could give me an in person hug, and reassure me he’s going to wake up. I’ve watched entirely toooooo many medical shows where my brain is trying to say “He could sleep for weeks, even months.”! Someone please tell my irrational fears to quiet.

    Guh, I’m exhausted. In the meantime, my vehicle sits unmoved… Till this weekend, when I could pay to do anything with it. My girls are constantly tatling on one another. Everything is ” that’s mineeeeee!!!!!”… Or my toddler throwing it over the side of our porch.

    Life is going to get easier, but im ready for that time to be now. I saw another trilogy of 4s tonight. It’s odd how virtually normal they are to me. It made me smile.

    Anyway, I’m tired. Today’s day one of this craziness. Day 3 for the bf unconscious from brain swelling.

    I’m never struggled with faith… But, we’re not meant to do life alone… So, I’m going to need you guys.

    If you’d like to send me anything that’s funny or a quick hello or funny meme…. Whatever the case, my email is

    Good night 🌺 Good Morning to you East of the US and Good Afternoon to you on the West Coast!

    Free to Fly

    Free in every and in all ways!

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    Save the Honey Bees

    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Bee Facts 🐝

    1. Bees memory is manipulated by caffeine. (Read more about that buzzzz here!)
    1. The venom of a bee sting is used for treating things such as arthritis and blood pressure. ( Read more about bee facts here!)
    1. Male bees are nearly useless. ( Read more about that here!)
    1. Honeybees will change their brain chemistry before performing a new task. ( Check it out!)
    1. One bee has to fly about 90,000 miles – three times around the globe – to make one pound of honey. ( Read more about it here!)

    Urgent Request: Update

    I’m asking for continued prayer please.

    His condition hasn’t changed, although we do know minimal swelling and no neuro damage.

    I’m needing prayer to keep the irrationality of my anxiety at bay. I need to be hopeful and strong in my faith.

    Thank you so much everyone 🦋🌺

    So You Know

    This So You Know Challenge is hosted by Revenge Of Eve
    1. Do you take responsibilty for other peoples problems and/or emotions, unknowingly? If so, move on to question 2, if not…head on to #3.
    2. When did you noticed this behavior was burdening you and stunting your growth? Was it a particular incident or did someone verbally tell you that it isn’t your responsibility?
    3. Were you raised by giving parents or by parents who gave only to throw it in your face later?
    4. Lastly, what are your opinions concerning parents being held responsible for their children’s action? As in – what age is the child when they are held responsible for their own actions? Is this opinion reflective of how your parents raised you or opposite?

    My Answers

    1. I don’t feel I take on responsibility for others problems/emotions other than my two girls. They’re under age, so I feel I’m partially responsible for them.
    2. Skipped
    3. I was raised by two adults that did a great job providing the necessities. When it came to privilege, my mother felt it her role to constantly remind us that we should be grateful… Whether or not the situation, actually, needed such a reminder.
    4. I partially answered this in #1. I feel as they gain an understanding of right and wrong, they begin to take accountability for their behavior. They learn how their behavior impacts others, by discussing how it makes the person feel… And they can decide what needs done to correct it. By the teenage years, young adults should be taking responsibility for most of their behavior ; but, rebellion is another story.

    To The Strong Ones

    Strong ones, this is for you. I know your struggle; I’ve lived it for years. Know you’re not alone, not ever. I’m so proud of how brave and resilient you are. I’m also so proud of when you accept your mortality and admit you’re not ok. You’re amazing, always have been and always will be. Don’t forget that 🌻🌻🌼🌼

    A few of my favorite writers 🌸

    r.m. drake

    Maya Angelou

    C.S. Lewis

    Mark Twain


    Karen Kingsbury

    Shel Silverstein