I love the letter T

This is me, jumping in on the May Train Challenge…

Train Station is located on Citysonnet‘s blog page 🙂


Today’s May 12th. The next train is schedule to depart promptly at ten. Please be sure you have your ticket ready upon boarding.  
The menu for today is the following:
  • Turkey breast on spinach 
  • Twice baked potato 
  • Toasted Brussel sprouts 
  • Tossed Salad 
  • Tea/Coffee/Water 
The Destination Stops for the Day: 
  1. Tallmadge
  2. Taylor Creek
  3. Thornville
  4. Tippecaneo
  5. Tremont City
  6. Twinsburg


“ Hello! I’m Tulip, the train attendant. I’ll be happy to take your orders, supply tasty snacks, assist you to your seats, and answer any questions you may have. Thank You for choosing Twotville Charter and enjoy your ride.” 



Screenshot Memories

I don’t remember how I got here.

I don’t remember the chain of events.

Were others involved or just me?

Did anyone unfortunately died?

How do I not remember?


She was acting rather rashly,

Irresponsibility and hastily.

The date was a shit-show,

And he was obnoxiously full of himself.

How did she not see this?


Sipping on her wine, she laughed,

This online dating isn’t so bad.

Deciding to give this a chance.

He’s funny, too, she added

“ Oh, he’s attractive!” She murmured.

Swiping right, whoosh, she waits.

Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all moms. To be a mom means to face fears we didn’t know existed, to love beyond what we knew was real, to sacrifice for the good intentions and better well being of others, to give of our minds/bodies/hearts/time/love/talents/ unconditionally, to exemplify the much needed compassion of this world, to lead with encouragement and support, to assist in development and growth, to praise jobs well done, to raise future husbands’ to honor women, and young girls to shine equally as men. It means to give ourselves grace and forgive our mistakes, to take care of what we need, to remember we do the very best we can, and that’s enough.

This mothers day, I’m sending love to all the mommas in Heaven, biological mothers, mothers who have angel babies, mothers who have children up for adoption, mothers who adopted, Step Moms, Furbaby Moms, Moms who stepped up for kids who needed a mom… For Grandmas who raised grandkids, and Moms that are pregnant…. today’s for you!! You’re so precious and deserve time to do what you enjoy. Be good to yourself today 💕

Special Post About Moms, By Moms

Feel free to add your scenarios in the comments🤣☺️ The funnier the better 😁😁

Here’s my list of ” You know you’re a mom when…”

    You hear any person yell for mom in the store, and you look for the mom.
    You know when it’s 5pm, because that’s wine time.
    You get six hours of sleep and feel solid.
    Bedtime goes from 2am to 8:30 pm, the night before.

Saturday 💛 Vibes

Good Morning!

Today’s a new day.

What brings your heart joy right now?

To whom would you show gratitude?

This morning, my daughter and I fed the birds and squirrels. I was excited to see birds actually paying us a visit.

After we came back inside the warmth, we did a  step by step instructions of how to make toast. She’s easily flustered, and lots of information at once doesn’t work. She did well, and I’m thankful that we did it together.

I’m not sure whats in store for today; but I’m determined to feel good. Later, I’m thinking pancakes 😁


~💚~ Welcome to Mental Mingling ~💚~ Mental Health Awareness Month Meet & Greet! ~ Week #2 ~ May 10, 2019 💚

Please reblog this 💚💚 It’s important that we all have the mental health support when we need it!! These bloggers, myself included, are avenues to hope… Phone numbers, therapy strategies, positive affirmations, and people who will listen. If you’re a Mental Health Blogger, and would like to be added to the list, please post your Name, Blog Title, and link in a comment to this original post.

~💚~ Welcome to Mental Mingling ~💚~ Mental Health Awareness Month Meet & Greet! ~ Week #2 ~ May 10, 2019 💚

~💚~ Welcome to Mental Mingling ~💚~ Mental Health Awareness Month Meet & Greet! ~ Week #2 ~ May 10, 2019 💚
— Read on beckiesmentalmess.blog/2019/05/11/💚-welcome-to-mental-mingling-💚-mental-health-awareness-month-meet-greet-week-2-may-10-2019-💚/

Mystery Blogger Award

I’m honored to accept this award from one of the sweetest and most versatile writers I’ve met, Ms Beckie @Beckiesmentalmess! 🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼 Recognition and thanks needs to go to, Okoto Enigma, as well, for creating such a great award. Her intent was to bring the spotlight to the bloggers, tucked away in the corners, unseen or unrecognized.


Rules for the following are:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
  • Share a link to your best posts.


3 Things About Me

  1. I am a member of the National Honor Society for two year colleges.
  2. I can understand spoken Spanish much better than can speak Spanish.
  3. I’ve been married twice, and I’m not sure I’d want to be again.


There’s so many who’ve had this award, and many more who’ve declared ” award free zone”, so I’ll nominate 5.

Josie @ Josie’s Voice 

New Mental Health Blogger 

Romani @ Sanchez Proofreading

Catherine @ A Life Given to Me

Julie @ Enhanced Perspective


My questions to answer 

  1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
  2. What is your favorite hobby?
  3. Junk Food Junkie or Health Nut?
  4. What’s the funkiest food you ever ate?
  5. Do you favor writing during the day or the evening?


  1. I check my phone, use the restroom, and make coffee. 
  2. My favorite hobby is photography; but, I haven’t done it in a while.
  3. I’m most defiantly a junk food junkie. It’s my one true weakness. I try to incorporate healthy food listen though.
  4. The funkiest food I’ve ever eaten has been oyster.
  5.  I  favor writing in the early morning, with the sun through my window and a cuppa coffee. 


Questions to my Nominees

  • Which day of the week is your favorite and why?
  • How long have you been blogging?
  • Who’s you favorite author?
  • Do you prefer Mayo or Miracle Whip?
  • Which countries have you previously visited?



📃Have Fun🌅



Food For Thought Friday

We focus so much on our pain…. particularly, pain that others have caused us. We grow bitter and jaded. We build walls, shut people out, sulk in our misery. We want someone to blame, for destroying a valuable piece of ourselves. We get angry that someone mistreated us, took advantage of our good nature, and disrespected our beliefs and values. We torture ourselves with what ifs, should haves, and constant replay. We lose sleep. We quit eating. We drink until our livers are thrown up. Some people destroy everything that represents that time… Others punish the person of blame.

We keep the pain alive, through fear… And distance… Self harm, isolation, darkened rooms. The pain is an endless cycle of insanity…

Pain is an ugly thing. Underneath it… Is love that’s been hurt. I don’t care who says what, we ALL know how to love… And pain is what makes us human.

It’s truth to life… Pain caused by other people…

What about pain we cause ourselves?

Sayyy wwhhhaaaa????? 😱😱😱😱

Yes! What about the pain we cause to ourselves.

Pain in the tolerance? The intimidating silence? The submission due to fear. Pain in the denial. Pain in the illusion of what we want rather than what is. We create our own pain in replays and reminding, reminiscing, and rewinding. We create our pain in the excuses for their behavior, and the lack of worth we feel for ourselves.

It’s not a single person’s responsibility, nor should it be anyone else’s top priority to heal us… It’s that of the individual in the glass. It’s OUR responsibility to learn. It’s our power to grow and change. It’s our worth that’s being TLC… It’s our hearts that need the things we are expecting from others??? It’s our purpose to live the best versions of ourselves.

Stop being angry. Stop expecting the empty voids in your life to be filled with stuff and other people. Stop expecting people to fill those voids, when you are the only one who can mend the wounds. You deserve it.. You are so special… So wonderful. You deserve the world, and a lifetime of abundant blessings.

But, until you heal yourself… You will be the toxicity that you try to repel of others.

First Thing First

Mental Health must come first in our lives? Why? If it’s off track, there’s destined to be a catastrophic event in the future ( whether that’s sooner or later!).

Accepting our mortality and imperfections can help our mental health. Understanding the importance of mistakes and the inevitable meeting with them can also help. We live every day, with endless opportunities to choose to be better. It’s up to us to make that choice.

Sometimes, life’s going to knock is down hard. We’re going to fear, and worry… Doubt and second guess. We’ve all done it and we will do it again. Thankfully, in such moments of Mental weakness, we have one another to lean on. We have others to share with and of which we can confide. They’re our soundboard, the fokes that can see the writing on the wall… When we’re blind to it.

Today, I’m asking you all for some positive vibes and hugs. I have a long car ride ahead of me, and a long seminar to attend. I’m anxious and nervous. Thank you so much ❤️

Raw and Open: How Does It Feel To Be Adopted? | Mental Illness Community Canada

This hits straight to my front door step for me!! I was adopted, along with 4 siblings. The parents who adopted me favored their three biological a few short years later. I’ve honestly struggled with acceptance until recently, and abandonment all my life.
~ Nova

— Read on www.sicknotweak.com/2019/03/raw-and-open-how-does-it-feel-to-be-adopted/comment-page-1/


My life is saying this to me, right now. I hope it brings a sense of validation and direction to those of you who need it today. I know there’s individuals who need to read this.

Photo Credit Attached

Prayer Request

If you could ask God to bless me with this specifically, I’d appreciate it:
For a stronger heart, to provide what I can to him, that will best help in his healing and rediscovery, at the right and best time. That’s my desire as well.

Thank you so much ❤️

My Mental Health Journey 14

Good Morning,

It’s Monday, May 6th. I’m home, in my head. Right now, I have too much time on my hands. Hopefully, that soon changes.

While I’m thankful for the following:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Warmer temperatures
  3. Good friends
  4. Coffee
  5. Singing of birds

I’m still carrying the invisible things, such as grief and confusion. For the INFJ, it’s not possible for ” let it roll off your back”. For HSPs, our emotions are rooted in our lives on a much deeper level. They can’t be yanked and weeded out just because they feel awful.

I’m dealing with a familiar difficult situation. This time, the gap feels like a continental distance. It’s early yet, but none of it feels good.

It makes me hesitant. It makes me cautious of my mental health and heart. It’s challenging me to constantly battle feelings that I shouldn’t be feeling… Because this situation isn’t his normal.

It’s painful. It’s isolating. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

This season is similar but different from the one before.

I’m not sure if this will be the last.

I just need some sense of direction…

I need some peace in this storm.

Traveling Blog Journal

So here’s the idea :

I would love to pass a blog post, as if a journal, around. For the person tagged, I’d like you to just introduce yourself and tell us from what STATE/COUNTRY you reside. I’d like you to write something interesting about where you live once you’ve identified that. Then you can add a couple of your own details, if you’d like.

Each person who is tagged, please tag someone at the end of your post, and create a pingback to this post

Most of all,

Have Fun! 💖💚🌼

Thank you!!

The honor of being our first stop on the traveling journal is Mrs. Kristian W

Word of the Day Challenge: Delight

Photo Credit: Juliet Furst on Unsplash

On Saturday mornings, Sasha attends pottery classes at the local arts center. She moved to San Jantino six months ago; and, she wanted to meet new people. Her job, as an architect developer, brought her here, but most of the employees were men. She wasn’t interested in them or any of that gender.

May first came rather quickly. It was a warm 70 degrees already, at a quarter till 8. Sasha grabbed her clothes and headed for the shower. While she suddes up and washed away yesterday’s fret, she sang along with Cher’s Turn Back Time, coming from her ipod. Sasha had always enjoyed the classics of this fascinating and independently strong woman.

Twenty minutes later, Sash turned off the water and grabbed her oversize purple bath towel. She stepped out of the tub and dried off.

Walking free and exposed to allow her skin to breathe, she strolled over to her Bluetooth speaker and connected the iPod. As it connected, Half Breed filled the room. She laughed. This was the song that was playing the first time she had a girl stay over, in her own place, back in Anchorage.

She’s never felt ashamed of her nakedness. She’s worked through the self consciousness of her attraction to women. She’s accepted that she is a bit husky and that her face is a bit full… She’s accepted that her parents have distanced themselves from her, and many of her friends have quit talking to her. For 17 years, she’s pretended to be who she isn’t. Every moment of those years was torturous. She had to move.

Realizing the time, Sasha grabbed an apple, her coffee, and keys. She headed out the door, triple checking to make sure both the screen and front doors were locked in place. She grabbed her sunglasses and put them on, with utter delight that today was such a joyful and exciting day.

Written for the Word of the Day Challenge

Roy’s BucketList Post Completed

What a wonderful & wild journey!!

Thank you Roy, for allowing your creativity to float across WordPress, picking up bloggers along the way!!

This is an absolute must read everyone 💜💚💜💚

Excellent job everyone who participated 💐💐


Rate Your Mental Health: #CheckInWithMe Thursday

I saw this on Twitter, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. The #mentalhealthadvocate is Jennifer Down! She’s such a sweetheart 🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻

Mental Health Check In:

❣️Lovin Life

🧡 Doing pretty well


💛 bluh, but getting by

💜 struggling, really need someone to talk to

💔 dark place

🖤 Deep deeply down

Please place your answer in a comment.



Mornings with a grateful heart can set the tone for the entire day ~

  1. Laughter
  2. Coffee
  3. Heat
  4. Spring buds
  5. My girls
  6. My turtles
  7. Strawberries
  8. My blog community
  9. Friends
  10. Music

Thursday Quotes

”Some people call it Thursday, I like to call it Friday Eve.” – Unknown

” If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long.” – Hayley Williams

“Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful.” – Unknown

#CoffeeShare ☕️

Good Morning Beautiful People 😀

It’s little past six, May 2nd. The birds are up and chirping away. They seem to be most vocal before the dawn. Is that normal? Is it just me that thinks that? I don’t know.. There’s several different pitches and songs. I imagine the birds are preparing for babies. The last few years, the neighbors shutters held a nest of babies.

I’ve been up since five. I’m too excited to sleep. I have my love visiting this morning. I am beyond myself excited to see him. The last few days have been wonderful. I have learned he does remember bits and pieces, so he does remember me. Before him, things like concussions and PTSD were topics I heard. It wasn’t until now, that I’ve gained knowledge and some understanding of them.

Why do I say this? As humans, adaptation is apart of living… The more we know, the better we can work with new and unfamiliar. At no point in our lives do we know everything; and, we always have time to learn something new. On the daily, we’re reading blogs and Facebook, Twitter, watching GOT and the news. Our information intake doesn’t stop. What if we learned about useful topics, topics that already matter… What if we taught ourselves a second language. What if we chose to study the basics of the brain, or agriculture? I’m always hungry for new insight. I hope to have encouraged you to explore new information.

It’s now seven, and I’ve been trying to wake up and get this blog posted forever now. My girls are up, one sick (again!! Guh!), and the other one a bit still tired I think. They both look cute anyway. Zivah’s school year is almost over. That’s exciting.

OK, that’s the morning rundown. How you all enjoy your Thursday!

Two Words 🦋

So yesterday,

He said, “Hello Beautiful”…

And this followed:

Photo Credit Attached

” I’ve waited weeks. I’ve endured so much. The butterflies were ever more beautiful than before. Life’s so precious. Count your blessings, beautiful souls. You never know what silent battles others are facing 🦋


🌸🌼💐💖Happy 1st Day of May🌸🌼💐💖

My Apology

Guys & Gals,

For some reason, I feel compelled to apologize. I also feel a need to ask you to stick with me and please offer patience.

I’m trying to get this new endeavor started, unwind from the MAJOR anxiety from my boyfriend’s health condition, relax after being wound up tight because of my vehicle… And the everyday life stresses.

I’m sorry that I’ve not read and commented as often. I’m sorry that I’ve not finished challenges I’ve started or began participating in. I’m just so overwelmed. I’m sorry that my posts have been limited, and not of satisfactory quality. I’m trying to balance all of life…

Right now, I just don’t feel like I’m doing very well with all of it right now.

I mean N.E.V.E.R…

My Life is NEVER boring~

Many years ago, [Lordie, did I just say that🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂] { 5.5 to be exact}] I decided that, that, was the headline of my life. At the time, I was #firsttimemom with a six month old! I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I had no clue what I was doing married again, completely dependent on my husband, with a new baby, and unemployed. I knew I wanted my mom, more than ever; and, she couldn’t be with me.

As time passed, and my decisions took me down an unpaved, dark, and scary path… I kept going. I had to. Little by little, small victory after small victory, the darkness lifted. Zivah grew older, and I’ve magically retained nature hair color.

In 2016, our quaint superpower duo team became a trio! This biracial beauty queen came into our lives; and, I’ve never been sane sense.

She’s got crazy advanced sense ability. I promise she was speaking full phrases at a year old; and, she’s as strong as an ox. She and her sister converse with their own kiddo language. I referee the arguments, mock the tantrums (this is a very effective technique. It feels great and the kids laugh eventually?!), and pray for enough money to buy pizza for an easy dinner.

Now that years have since passed, my older daughter is taking life by the horns and attending school. It was an expierence, to say the least. The numbed one piece of (unsolicited) advice I’d give EVERY parent, is if you’re not satisfied with the school of which your child attends, speak up and do something about it. Our schools are to prepare our future generations for success. If they’re not meeting our standards, what are we saying to our children, by being passive.

My younger daughter is home with me, four of the five school days. We enjoy time together; and, her cuddles are the absolute best.

I’m now a WAHM (a whammy lol) (work at home mom)! Logically speaking, it’s the best position for me! Here’s the catch, I hate NEW & UNCOMFORTABLE! I literally worked down anxiousness for two days, about these 12 calls I made this morning. It’s typical for an INFJ to be like this. I call, after hours, to make appointments, just so I could leave messages. LOL🌼

Anyway, I hope you new followers know I greatly appreciate you joining me in this crazy blogging journey. I hope all of you remember the awesome person looking back at you in the mirror deserves love.

Hope to see you in my notifications 🌻🙏🏼💖

Young Love

Photo Credit Attached

As the evening kissed the daylight, and dusk set upon the town of Eugenia, townspeople strolled the narrow streets. It was a relatively safe area; and, major crime was highly unlikely.

Josh chose The University of South Eugenia to complete his International Business and Economics Degree. He was thrilled when he recieved his acceptance letter. A month and a half later, his plane landed in the Limelight Airport. He brought seven outfits, a light and heavy coat, and his camera. Everything else he planned to purchase here.

The evening was a bit chilly, though it didn’t bother him. He ran home, grabbed a shower, and out the door. He’s thankful dark jeans are a nice but casual look and that he grabbed his heavy black goose feather coat. He actually surprised himself ; tendency with dates is his absence of common sense. He’s been that way since his days of school dances and acne breakouts. His mom always chuckled.

It was a quarter till seven, and he was a half mile from the small café, where he and Esmera agreed to meet. He was entirely too nervous, to have remembered flowers.

Repost: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear…

I’m not sure how I missed this post; however, I’m thankful for Fandango’s proactive desire to make us aware! Please take a look at this!!

Repost: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear…

— Read on fivedotoh.com/2019/04/28/repost-dont-believe-everything-you-hear/


This is a wonderful post. I love how this simplicity can show effort, achievement, patterns, and goals. The little things, those goals that we feel insignificant, add up when we see them all together. Each one is an achievement;and, we should pride ourselves in them. That’s how self confidence begins. That’s how we build self esteem.

I hope you’d check out this awesome post & strive to be a better you!!


Don’t Wait

Oh how the years to by;

How days become weeks,

And those weeks into months.

With a single blink, the kids

Are grown, the house

Grew quiet, and life is

Fifty years plus.

Take this opportunity,

To listen to the world,

Dance to your favorite song,

Take that road trip, and

Try a new hobby.

Life’s too sort

For what if’s & could’ve been’s

Yucky Season

It’s a dry season

Alone & lonely season

Insecure and sad season

It’s a reflection season

Muted silence season

A sense of otherness season.

It’s an annoying season

Whatever, I don’t care season

Fine then, Unfollow me! Season

It’s a wine season

Cry and scream season.

It’s a retract season

Isolate and withdraw season

A “whatever” season.

My Mental Health Journey (Dear Brooke: ….)

I can go the distance until the journey is complete 🕊


Dear Sweet Brooke,

Oh sweet child, there’s so much I want you to know, so much you need to hear. First and foremost, you’re the most courageous little lady I know! At ten, and thirteen, and eighteen.. When your body was changing, and your hormones were transforming you into this beautiful princess… You had adults treat you like the house maid. I know you didn’t have the self confidence to believe this; and, that breaks my heart. You deserved to feel loved. You deserved to feel wanted. You deserved to feel a sense of belonging. I know all the while growing up, you felt abandoned; although, you didn’t realize it then. You’re a beautiful young lady; and you are a blessing to this earth. Your mommy loved you so much, you and your four siblings. I’m a mommy of two precious girls… And I love them beyond what words could say. They’re amazing kids, with unique talents, lots of laughter, and feel loved. I made sure they never feel what you did, as a child. Your mommy did the best she could; but, she was so overwelmed and had no help. Just because she left doesn’t mean she didn’t want you. Just because she left doesn’t mean she didn’t love you. I know that doesn’t make sense to you, right now, but, trust me, you’ll understand when you’re older. Secondly, I want you to know, I’m so very proud of you! Every child needs to hear that, and I know you rarely did. I know your brain defense mechanisms have strengthen since 2005, and your memories of “good times” are very limited. You made it through middle school (without becoming a teen mom, which is thanks to Brett and Nancy… Although the issue wasn’t sexuality, as much as it was the attention that “felt good” vs the shit at home!). You were a good kid!! Sure, you made mistakes, but every kid does!! I’m sorry that your mistakes brought you shame and doubt, rather than confidence and pride. You’re capable of so much!! You’re talented and you deserved the healthy opportunities for growth and decision making. I know this ” lack there of ” costed you to much in your later years. Next, you are an incredible individual!! Your compassion isn’t like this world. Though that will break your heart, it will heal it just as much! You’re quite the irritating contradiction my dear girl! You are so curious yes, but so easily bored. You are so deep, at the same time hard to ” open”. You are so loving, and yet fiercely passionate about injustice. You hate sudden decisions but love variety. You hate small talk, but you could listen to any stranger who cares to share. You’re so impatient but give chance after chance. You’re constantly changing your mind, yet when you are solid in a decision, there’s no changing it. You’re an emotional creature, who feels everything in its greatest capacity but when you want to be petty, you do it better than the best. You are perfectly combined with every element that God specifically designed you to be. And you know what, you’re perfect just the way you are. You have to learn to accept who you are, with all the strengths and weaknesses that make you, you! And, your heart is so big, that it loves an individual for he or she is, despite the gender. AND IT’S OK 💕 You absolutely should never feel ashamed for being you! There’s not enough love in this world. If you can give yours to a man or a woman, your twice as wonderful to be with. At your age, you don’t know you’re Bisexual. Your parents won’t allow you to explore it. There’s nothing wrong with you though. Over the years, you’ll lose friends because of your truth… But, true friends don’t judge like that. Your truths about love will shine strong in your later years. There’s so much, all of this and more, you should have heard from them… I’m saying it now, because being your own biggest fan is most important in this world. Your voice matters. Your talented and worthy of Love. There’s a difference between attention from any guy and attention from the ones who deserve you. Overtime, you’ll make mistakes and get hurt… But, you’ve always kept going… Because you’re a warrior, a champion. You stumble but you’re never removed from your platform of hope, faith, and love. I love who you’ve transpired to be; and I’m ready to see where your dreams lead us.

Always your biggest fan:

Brandy (2019)

Friday Feel Goods🌻


I’m thankful for

  1. Friends
  2. Decent health
  3. Running water (particularly hot water)
  4. Buds on trees
  5. Memories

People I’m thankful for

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian
  2. A Guy Called Bloke
  3. Andrew
    Stay Alive
    The Alchemists Studio

Songs I’m in love with

The Champion ~ Carrie Underwood Ft Ludacris

Masterpiece ~ Jessie J

Five O’clock Somewhere ~ Jimmy Buffet

Margaritaville~ Jimmy Buffet

Photograph ~ Ed Sheeran

Like I’m Gonna Lose You ~ Megan Trainor

Bleeding Love ~ Leona Lewis

Without You ~ Halsey

Flowers I am in love with





Morning Glories