Why I Write



My words are my past, present, & future.  

I write to encourage others with my own testimony. My past is full of broken roads, hardships, and confusion. I knew there was a reason for each, though. I long to help others. Through writing, I can do that.

I write because it’s who I am. I’ve discovered that a significant thread of my DNA. Sharing creativity, discussing knowledge, reading wounds, falling in love with words, discovering new places, traveling to the land of make believe… Everything I am and enjoy! Writing is one of my favorite pastimes.

Finally, I write because my life will make a difference. Years from now, an individual may read my words and find his or her needed peace. Even now, though someone here may never meet me, I’ll have helped him/her feel more hopeful and positive about life. 

By the very nature of words, I can be in the past, present, and future… Each at its own time or within each, simultaneously.

I write so that I may scintillate life back into our colorless world.