Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: belligerent.  “Beligerent doesn’t even begin to describe this community!” the church  uneasily responded to the Preacher. “However are we to have a peaceful protest, with the majority of our community-based population enraged with this recent innocent Hollowood boy killed by a police officer. He was simply walking home and had a Snickers bar in his pocket. ” the congregation declared.  “We pray.” Preacher Johns calmly answered. “We pray for the families involved, the officials of our city, and for one another.” He continued. After growing silent for a few minutes, he finished … Continue reading Belligerent

Here’s another Case in the “Whoops” files

Ok, here’s my confession: I don’t read the entire set of instructions UNTIL after I’m upset with my failed attempt😂😂 I understand how counterproductive that is; however, it makes for a great future laugh. AnyHoo: here’s my version of the snowglobe craft🤦🏼‍♀️! I do think my excitement got the better of me. Suggestions IF you decide to do this craft (which are really cute and honestly not difficult): Read the instructions Sprinkle glitter on the white paint Wait for the paint to dry before doing anything else with it. Use pictures taken at a distance, that way you can use … Continue reading Here’s another Case in the “Whoops” files