Empowering Yourself

Much of what we struggle with is in our minds. Labels slap us with shame and doubt, though they say more about the individual trying to disgrace. To win, here’s what you can do. Take your power back. How do you do that? You sit with yourself and identify your weaknesses. From there, acknowledge that you accept them, while trying to improve. No one, who matters, expects you to be perfect. Those who do, aren’t anyone that holds opinions of who you are. As you continue to grow, you will build confidence and develop self love. This is your foundation. … Continue reading Empowering Yourself


Random thoughts I’ve had the last few days: Those single women who seek attention because they are able to survive without child support payment, annoy me. Everyone know no woman would voluntarily support a child without financial help. To post a meme that says “ Let’s see the women who…” is suggesting the lifestyle of their lives is voluntary… which is a lie. Secondly, well wishes should be just that. Wishes sent to individuals with good and honest intentions. Why on earth would someone treat an individual like crap, then send best wishes once they break up. That’s stupid as … Continue reading Thoughts

But the Greatest of these is L<3VE

Materialism can suffocate what’s left of the love in this world… If we let it. People try to buy their way into lives, while trying to excuse their ignorence of absence. I hate seeing it. When we really allow ourselves to live as if there’s no tomorrow, intentions change. Perspectives change. Priorities change. Actions change. Words change. Habits change. As we celebrate the calendar assigned day for love, let’s emerge the truth about love into everything we do. Not just today, but every day. Continue reading But the Greatest of these is L<3VE

8-year-old boy donates money to his school after selling key chains to pay off students’ lunch debts

8-year-old boy donates money to his school after selling key chains to pay off students’ lunch debts 8-year-old boy donates money to his school after selling key chains to pay off students’ lunch debts — Read on mypositiveoutlooks.com/8-year-old-boy-donates-money-to-his-school/ Continue reading 8-year-old boy donates money to his school after selling key chains to pay off students’ lunch debts

Music Go A ‘Round’ Challenge

These only some of the songs that took me by the hand and raised me to who I am today! That’s the Challenge! Songs that have deep meaning to you!! This is an extremely sensitive and special invitation into my intimate relationship with music. It’s a special invitation to my memories… so appreciate it!! 😉😉 @Paula @Beckie @Jay @Kristian @Laura Tagged are individuals I’d love to participate in this “Music Go A’Round” Ok, here we go: Surf City- Jan & Dean Little Old Lady From Pasadena- Jan & Dean I Get Around- Beach Boys Be True To Your School- Beach … Continue reading Music Go A ‘Round’ Challenge

Being with myself

Sometimes, it’s not easy. The hurts and ugliness of the past creep up, and it sinks. The reminder of the loss pulls us back to anger or dispair. Emotions are just that though. They’re temporary. I know that’s not much of a bandage, but at least it’s a mustard seed of hope. Tonight, after great celebration of my daughter’s 7th birthday, my heart sank at the loss I’ve recently experienced. No the individual hasn’t died, but he’s probably not going to be in my life. Logically speaking, there’s no reason why I should be in discouragement. I surely went through … Continue reading Being with myself

Eleven Days into 2020

And my life is UPSIDE DOWN! WTF😱 Can I say that? This situation really is total crap. For the next five minutes, I’m going to sulk in discouragement… OK DONE! I spent yesterday afternoon (guh, hours I can never get back in my life) dwelling on this. So here’s the thing, I’m fine. I REALLY am. Sure, the pain hurts and the absence will be uncomfortable but other elements hurt far more! Change means I can do what I need to, my way. It’s a challenge I can accomplish, and I WILL. Change means opportunities for new things, like a … Continue reading Eleven Days into 2020

Distraction Destination

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See Challenge #11. Reagan began chemo treatment immediately. Gamma and Pawpol sat nearby, comforting him, while fighting back tears. ” Please don’t be sad.” Reagan empathetically mumbled, as he rubbed his Gamma’s arm. ” I will survive too, Pawpol, like Tristan did in Unlisted Dawn” he expressed further. George quickly shifted his chair a bit closer to his grandson. ” You know.” He began,” The star light traveled a million miles…” ” And only one boy could see it.” his grandson continued. Though they all knew this tale backwards and forwards, it felt exceptionally … Continue reading Distraction Destination

Happy Heart

Her smile had a radiant glow. It’s luminescent light melted hearts in every crowd. She was warm, caring, and abundantly compassionate. Years upon years, she touched lives with genuine love and kindness. Her legacy will carry on always. Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt With Love & Light Nova Namastè Continue reading Happy Heart