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Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Free

In my 2019, I will be FREE… Resolutions: free from Guilt Clutter Some financial strains Emotional torture Negative friendships Poor food choices Unmotivated energy Anxiety attacks Old chains and baggage A different version of me Written for the Fandango’s One Word Challenge

Positive Affirmation 🌺 10

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We’re all imperfect individuals, who are constantly learning.

We’re going to make decisions based on what we know. Sometimes, our decision is made from a place of selfish desire. None the less, we deserve to be set free from all the guilt and shame. We deserve the gracious forgiveness from ourselves, as we grow in this life. Seek that for you, today.



20 Questions “with friends”

Facebook has games you can play “with friends”. I thought I’d write up some interesting questions and see if my friends would like to play? I’m hoping so anyway 😀  Tagging The Haunted Wordsmith  Bitchin’ in the Kitchen Shamly’s Diary Racquel Writes! Leslie Nichole Southern Writer Crushed Caramel A Guy Called Bloke  Fandango  Morpethroad  Finish the Thought* Those words I…


"If more people had hearts like yours the world would be a better place."

ms. fire

from fizzle to flop

Make Money Online Master

Make Money Online Master

Journey of life Continues

let's walk together in the journey of life to witness its colours

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Education & Awareness-Practice Compassionate Conservation-Do No Harm-Peaceful Coexistence -Individual Species Matter-Value All Wildlife

suziland too or obsolete childhood

aging, families, stupidities, the back-up plan!


Resilience Food System, Humanity, Nature and Cooperation