Coloring Therapy

(Pre)-Self-Care Sunday♥‿♥💗💗💗!! You matter; you’re important; take care of you 🙂 . . . . #clevelandgram #arttherapy #selfcaresaturday #selfcare #selfcareisntselfish #loveyourselfquotes #loveyourselffirst #saturdaynight #saturdayvibes #peacelovepositivity #coloring #clegram #blogginglove #selfcareisimportant #arttherapy Free Printable Coloring Pages: 1. The Ultimate Guide to Free Coloring Pages About midway down the page, there’s a place to subscribe for additional notifications of pages. The list of sites with free pages follows. 2. Favoreads Club Free Coloring Pages There’s an option to sign up for this club on this website. There’s a great selection of free pages, as well. 3. Moms and Crafters Coffee Lovers Coloring Pages … Continue reading Coloring Therapy

Precious Hours

Not another spill to clean up or argument to settle, Not a pull-up to change or someone in need of a drink, Not a baby in cute faky tears, or my older being mouthy. Not a kid to dress, no more meals to fix, or shoes to put on. Not another room to clean, clothes to fold, or errand to run. When my babies sleep, I sleep. I stop what I’m doing (which is more than one person should be!) And I go to bed. To do nothing, while it’s quiet, and no one needing anything… Doesn’t happen very often, … Continue reading Precious Hours

Self-Care Sunday #3

  View on Instagram  #healing #healingcrystals #healingstones #healingenergy #healingjewelry #healingcrystal #healingjourney #Healingfoods #healingstone #healingart #healingpower #HealingHands #healinghearts #healingarts #healingfood #healingvibes #healingherbs #healingvaidya #HealingTools #healingprocess #healings #healingtime #healingwithfood #healingplants #healingoil #healinggemstones #HealingVibrations #healingspace #healingpowers #healingnaturally Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #3

Self (me) 💗

Happiness looks good on me. It’s a brand new makeup look. It’s a solid 3 hour nap. It’s the perfect lighting of a selfie, and a favorite song playing. It’s a Saturday night doing nothing, but refalling in love with your life. It’s feeling sexy and smiling at the unspoken secret behind a picture. It’s a natural high of incense burning, the one that reminds me of him. It’s feeling thankful that I’ve learned to be content with what I have… And it’s from the hardships that taught me such. It’s the satisfaction of satisfying hunger… It’s the vabrato of … Continue reading Self (me) 💗

External link to The Mirror Effect Of The Empath: Why Some People Dislike You Instantly – The Minds Journal

The Mirror Effect Of The Empath: Why Some People Dislike You Instantly – The Minds Journal

PWe have all experienced it, being around someone who has either taken an instant dislike to us, or a bizarre resentment suddenly appears in those we have known for some time. The Mirror Effect Of The Empath: Why Some People … Continue reading The Mirror Effect Of The Empath: Why Some People Dislike You Instantly – The Minds Journal

Self-Care Sunday #2

 10 items in my Self Care Kit:  Jiff’s Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut Spread 2. Escential Essences Incense 3. Lavender Bubble Bath 4. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Eucalyptus plus Spearmint or Lavender (I really like The relaxation of lavender incase you couldn’t tell.😂) 5. Village Natural Therapy Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak 6.Pan Flute Relaxation music 7. Fresh Strawberries 8. Cruz Garcia Real Sangria 9. Make up! Many brands ~ 10. Quiet time for blogging, sleep, refreshing and reflecting. *Some source of laughter * foot spa * Favorite DD smoothie * Visit to my favorite park/garden * Smuck TV Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #2

Self-Love Sunday #1

Heeyyy BEAUTIFUL😘😘 How You Doing HANDSOME??!! Choose to be good to you, (speaking especially to you men)! Mental Health is a personal responsibility for all of us. These are some of my FAVORITE ways to treat myself;) 8. Balance your chakras & energies 9. Develop a morning & evening cleansing routine 10. Take a nice bubble bath 11. Get enough sleep 12. Watch some live comedy or poetry 13. Write in a diary 14. Take a break, when you need to You can find the entire list here:D Continue reading Self-Love Sunday #1


List taken from this website:D National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Crisis text line Text HOME to 741741 US Trans lifeline (877) 330-6366 SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline 1‑877‑SAMHSA7 (1‑877‑726‑4727) Adolescent Suicide Hotline 800-621-4000 Adolescent Crisis Intervention & Counseling Nineline 1-800-999-9999 AIDS National Hotline 1-800-342-2437 CHADD-Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 1-800-233-4050 Child Abuse Hotline 800-4-A-CHILD Cocaine Help Line 1-800-COCAINE (1-800-262-2463) Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 Domestic Violence Hotline/Child Abuse 1-800-4-A-CHILD (800 422 4453) Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline 800-662-HELP Ecstasy Addiction 1-800-468-6933 Eating Disorders Center 1-888-236-1188 Family Violence Prevention Center 1-800-313-1310 Gay & Lesbian National Hotline 1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564) Gay … Continue reading Hotlines

ABC to Destination Excellence

Accept your whole self. Begin every morning with positive affirmatives. Create a self care kit. Draw open those curtains and windows. Export personal information into a journal for self reflection. Finish one unfavorable task today. Gift a stranger with a random act of kindness. Heal some pain with laughter. Inspire others by writing a personal blog or status. Journal daily, about anything. Kick the gloom with natural Vitamin D. Listen to uplifting podcasts or music. Make yourself a cup of hot coffee or tea. Never sit in regret. Offer to help at a food bank. Picture yourself in harmony and … Continue reading ABC to Destination Excellence

Self Care Kit💜

This is an AWESOME suggestion: A kit ready and packed with all kinds of goodies to rescue you from a meltdown, anxiety attack, bad mood, or crappy day. When the kids have used up your patience, the phone finally quits ringing, and you can sit for a few minutes, this kit will refocus your mind back to a balance. Kit contains all of your favorites of the five senses!! Make sure to pack as many as you can, because, after all, this is meant just for you: Touch: Blanket Lotions Teddy Bear or Stuffed Animal Fuzzy socks/slippers Fidget Toy Coloring … Continue reading Self Care Kit💜

Signs & Symptoms

Just as with other illness, prevention is key! To keep a cold away, doctors recommend individuals wash hands, keep hands away from the mouth, cover a sneeze or cough with an elbow or tissue. Occasionally, we miss something though. Before long, someone in the family is feverish, grumpy with no appetite. The symptoms were there, and actions are taken to stop the illness from progressing. Each mental illness has it’s own set of signs and symptoms. These are extremely important because a mental illness isn’t as obvious to the world around us.. it’s the invisible battle. The common warning signs … Continue reading Signs & Symptoms

Common Mental Disorders

The National Alliance on Mental Health defines a “mental illness” as: a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood []. Such illnesses include: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Anxiety Disorders Generalized Anxiety Disorder Social Anxiety Disorder Panic Disorder Phobias A.) Related conditions Depression Substance Use Eating Disorders Trouble sleeping 3. Autism 4. Bipolar Disorder 5. Borderline Personality Disorder 6. Depression 7. Dissociative Disorders 8. Early Psychosis and Psychosis 9. Eating Disorders 10. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 11. Schizoaffective Disorder 12. Schizophrenia Continue reading Common Mental Disorders

7 Survival Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

7 Survival Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms — Read on What’s Highly Sensitive? It’s a state of living in which all scenes are over stimulated. Lights appear as if they’re prepared for a Friday night football game. Sounds are as if projected through a surround sound… On it’s highest sound level. People who are sensitive make up roughly 10-20% of the population… And some of you MAY acknowledge yourself to be HSP. A few years ago, actually 8 to be exact, I discovered this about myself. It was life changing. I’ve grown in love for myself and prioritize my … Continue reading 7 Survival Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

Suicide Awareness Month #2

These are the 5 steps to get involved in someone’s life who may be suicidal. Now, you may say, “Brandy, my (whomever) was happy go lucky all the time. (Whomever) was always smiling and laughing. I had no idea there was even a problem.” Robin Williams is exactly this scenario. When people hurt the most, he/she will  use tactics to disguise the pain. Individuals, who hurt so deeply, don’t want to trouble others with their problems. Not only that, they believe no one hears them anyway. Is that incorrect? Were they talking to deaf ears? That’s a topic for another post. Here is how you can … Continue reading Suicide Awareness Month #2

Suicide Awareness Month #3

striking facts: ▪ Five million Americans have attempted suicide. Every seventeen minutes, one of them succeeds. ▪ Three and a half million Americans are survivors of a loved one’s suicide. Most of them have been left with a sense of guilt and deep grief. ▪ Between 1999 and 2010, the suicide rate in this country rose over 30%. ▪ Between 1952 and 1995, the suicide rate of young people (ages 15-24) tripled. ▪ Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. ▪ There are more deaths annually of young people by suicide than automobile fatalities. ▪ Fifteen percent of clinically depressed people commit … Continue reading Suicide Awareness Month #3

#BeThe1To Suicide Awareness

This is a tough subject… But, especially for those of us who’s lives have been impacted by it. That percentage is probably higher than we think. The why’s, what if’s, should’ve… The mind doesn’t stop. For days.. Endlessly in manic mode until anxiety is wrapped around the throat.. And you feel officially crazy. It sucks..but, what that individual felt before ending his/her life is even more so horrific… Because they felt their pain was more than any solution could fix. September is Suicide Awareness Month. Right now, we can make a difference. We can ask questions and actively listen. We … Continue reading #BeThe1To Suicide Awareness

How the Brain and Personality Provide Protection Against Emotional Distress – Neuroscience News

A new study reports personality traits can help protect an individual’s brain against symptoms of emotional distress, such as anxiety and depression. — Read on Such a good read=)!!!! Continue reading How the Brain and Personality Provide Protection Against Emotional Distress – Neuroscience News

10 of the best mental health apps for 2018

Life happens! When it does, these apps are here to assist us in regaining control of our thoughts, breathing, confidence, and self esteem. These handy apps are here if we’re looking for a peaceful little away scape, place to throw up some thoughts, and talk with a professional about a situation. At any moment, I hope any of these apps help you find your peace once again. Whether you’re going through a rough patch, experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress, or having relationship issues, there is an app to help. — Read on Continue reading 10 of the best mental health apps for 2018


Sending love to my fellow #INFJs in the blogging community. I hope you, especially, take time for yourself today. You’re a special light in a world captured by darkness. You shine through the cracks of brokeness, and you restore hope in humanity. You deserve the greatest love that you could potentially extend to anyone else. Be good to you; you deserve it💚🧡 Continue reading To The INFJ