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Many Many Thanks:D

I just wanted to take a minute and thank these bloggers for their generous nominating me for awards🐿💚🍂🍃!

Just Bacon nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award 🐿🍂💚🙏🏼 Thank you for thinking of me!

Beckie’s Mental Mess nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award! Thank you lovely; I can’t begin to express how much I admire you!

Thank you also to my dear friend and truly talented (NEWLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!) Darnell for his sweet shoutout to me:) Found here:D!!

Thank you, again! I’m humbly honored to receive such numerous awards! You all are so special to me!!


Inspiration Award✨

I wanted to take a minute and thank Kristian over at Life Lessons Around The Dinner Table!

Not only has she blessed me with another award (y’all are making me blush!! 😉) but she’s blessed me with her friendship! The greatest gift of true friendships is that they can happen at ANY time & feel like it’s been meant to be before it started. I’ve laughed with and loved this lady for a lifetime, and didn’t know how much till I met her.

Cherish those kinds of friendships, everyone! They’re everything life is about! Thank You Lovely for this Inspiration Award!!

A few others that have inspired me to continue writing, open up about my personal story (my life), and dust myself off when I felt defeated are the following:

  • Light Motifs: She’s a strong and independent woman & writer. She’s isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and transparent. I admire her real and rawness!
  • Blog of the Wolf Boy: Mathew is an indescribable character. He’s bold and brave, ready to take on nearly every challenge that I tend to unintentionally send him. LOL He’s super supportive and values feedback. He’s such an inspirational writer.
  • J.H.Ward Blog: James is another writer that has inspired me to remain here and keep being “me” . He’s right to the point with his writing and rarely hesitates to state what’s on his mind. He’s brave and unapologetic.

New Awards

As much as I appreciate the times I’ve been nominated, usually, I didn’t fully understand what exactly the award was about… And they’re the same ones over and over and over.

I can’t handle that. Variety is the spice of life. In my case, the spice to my coffee. I’ve created two new awards, and I’ll be creating a few more in the following days ahead.

The 1st is the Leadership Blogger Award: this was created to nominate 1-2 individuals who have exemplified noticeable and noteworthy leadership. That could be in any way.


1. The first nominee to EVER recieve such an award is, Ashleyleia, @ Mental Health at Home!!

2. My second nominee for this award is, Beckie @ BeckiesMentalMess💫

🌸🌼🌸🌼Congratulations Ladies 🌸🌼🌸🌼

There’s no questions or need to thank me. I also don’t require you to nominate others, although I think it would be a kind gesture. 🙂

Award #2 is the Out -of -this -World Blogger Award: this award is to recognize the bloggers that you feel go above and beyond in writing, as a person, with their niche, in whatever way. This individual is usually a regular poster, and assists others.


1. The very first recipient of this award is Sadje, @ Keep It Alive. She’s been one of my ultimate supporters since my early early days. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever realize lady.

2. The second incredible blogger deserving of this award is John, @ The Eclectic Contrarian. He’s consistently coated my posts with love, support, and laughs. He’s checked in on me and has been wonderful.

💖💚💖💚Congratulations Bloggers 💚💖💚💖

There’s no questions or need to thank me. I also don’t require you to nominate others, although I think it would be a kind gesture. 🙂

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out, few more are coming!! Thanks for being awesome y’all!

Special Blogger Award:)

I have to thank my new dear friend, Mathew, Blog of the Wolf Boy, for nominating me for this Special Blogger Award!!


1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you

2.) Answer the questions you are asked (if you’re comfortable doing so!)

3.) Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated

4.) Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award

5.) Comment on your nominees most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated them

6.) Have fun!

10 Questions he provided are:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Italy! Lake Como Specifically 🙂

2. Why would you want to live there?

The weather is just as beautiful as the scenery. There’s lots of Italian food (my favorite!)

3. Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up in a rural area called Bellaire. It’s an industrial part of Ohio, along the river.

4. What’s the most embarrassing fact about your hometown?

Gosh, I’m not sure!

5. What’s your favorite food?

Chocolate!!! 🙂 yummy!!

6. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogging?

My biggest pet peeve is run on sentences!

7. Have you ever read a book that changed your world? What was it?

Yes, it’s called He’s Just Not That Into You! It opened my eyes to a whole new perspective about dating.

8. List another skill you have outside of the blogging world.

Another skill I enjoy, aside from blogging, is photography:)!

9. Who’s one person that you’re truly thankful for in your life?

I’m truly thankful for my daughter Zivah because she saved my life and introduced me to motherhood.

10. Who’s a celebrity or famous person that you admire?

Princess Diana is, not only, in my heritage, but also, one I truly admire!

Here are my questions:D

#1. Do you say care-a-mel or car-mel?

#2. What color’s your vehicle?

#3. How would you were define the term success?

#4. If you were to create a new invention, what would it do?

#5. Do you have a family heirloom? What is it, and what it’s story?

#6. What’s one thing you admire most about yourself?

#7. If the British Guards could talk, what secret would they tell us?

#8. What song identifies your childhood?

#9. What’s your favorite book and why?

#10. What 3 bloggers helped you get to where you are now?

My Nominees Are :

Morning Greetings

I just wanted to remind you 🦋🔅

🦋🌸Happy Monday🌸🦋

Lyndsey still needs loads of love y’all! If you could send her some, I know she’d really embrace all of it.

Special Shout out to my newest followers<3

Welcome to Nova’s Namaste 365 Online!!

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  2. The Mysterious Blogger
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  21. America DeFleur
  22. Pragati
  23. The B Word Blog

Award Acceptance

I don’t do all the steps within the reward because of its length; however, I absolutely need to shout out some love to the following.

Beckie’s Mental Mess for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award

Two pieces of advice I’d give other bloggers is this:

  1. Don’t force yourself to write. If you feel a dry spell is happening, surround yourself with that which most inspires you.
  2. Support other bloggers with reading, likes, but mostly comments. By doing so, you gain a support system and accountability team. You also have valuable resources at your fingertips.

I also need to thank Carol at Therapy Bits for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award

Two additional pieces of advice I’d give new bloggers is the following:

  1. Blogging will take you through seasons, as does everything else in life, but don’t give up. The seasons will change, again.
  2. Finding your niche is the most important part about blogging. Pick a topic on your fiercely passionate list.

Namasté 🙏🏼

Mystery Blogger Award

I’m honored to accept this award from one of the sweetest and most versatile writers I’ve met, Ms Beckie @Beckiesmentalmess! 🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼 Recognition and thanks needs to go to, Okoto Enigma, as well, for creating such a great award. Her intent was to bring the spotlight to the bloggers, tucked away in the corners, unseen or unrecognized.


Rules for the following are:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
  • Share a link to your best posts.


3 Things About Me

  1. I am a member of the National Honor Society for two year colleges.
  2. I can understand spoken Spanish much better than can speak Spanish.
  3. I’ve been married twice, and I’m not sure I’d want to be again.


There’s so many who’ve had this award, and many more who’ve declared ” award free zone”, so I’ll nominate 5.

Josie @ Josie’s Voice 

New Mental Health Blogger 

Romani @ Sanchez Proofreading

Catherine @ A Life Given to Me

Julie @ Enhanced Perspective


My questions to answer 

  1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
  2. What is your favorite hobby?
  3. Junk Food Junkie or Health Nut?
  4. What’s the funkiest food you ever ate?
  5. Do you favor writing during the day or the evening?


  1. I check my phone, use the restroom, and make coffee. 
  2. My favorite hobby is photography; but, I haven’t done it in a while.
  3. I’m most defiantly a junk food junkie. It’s my one true weakness. I try to incorporate healthy food listen though.
  4. The funkiest food I’ve ever eaten has been oyster.
  5.  I  favor writing in the early morning, with the sun through my window and a cuppa coffee. 


Questions to my Nominees

  • Which day of the week is your favorite and why?
  • How long have you been blogging?
  • Who’s you favorite author?
  • Do you prefer Mayo or Miracle Whip?
  • Which countries have you previously visited?



📃Have Fun🌅



Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! (collaboration poetry)

Roy, over at A Guy Named Bloke, created this super cool challenge!

It’s called Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!

Rory’s Instructions:
I will choose a topic, write four lines of Rhyming Verse then l will tag one of my readers who will in turn add four lines of Rhyming Verse to my mine and Tag one of their own readers, and then it is a case of wash rinse repeat and let’s see how far our topic goes in so far as a Rhyme?




The Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

Rory Starts us off:
So, so much to do, and with so little time, I want to do everything, nothing to be missed, But how do l plan it all, how do l define, The perfectly crazy bucket list?

Paula’s adds:
First up is a lush tropical jungle, Jaguars and waterfalls… all quite insane; I do hope my parachute isn’t all bungled, When I jump from the doorway of this airplane!

Fandango Continues:
I want to take a rocket into space, Or maybe a submarine ride deep in the sea. I sure hope they will save me a place, Because that’s where I really want to be!

Cheryl Contributes:
A trip to the mountains is what l’d choose, I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes, Rocks are high and edges slippery, Wouldn’t want to fall off the perifery,

Kristian Contribution:
I’d like see the world, visit the sands of Abu Dhabi take a cruise down the Golden Gate Bridge in my Maserati,
head to New England and catch a game at old Fenway Park,
then board a ship to Costa Rica where I can swim with a shark.


My Contribution:

I’d travel to the desert in Egypt

And photograph the pyramids,

Photo Credit Attached

Then board the Ciaro railway,

To the Chocolateria in Madrid.

Photo Credit Attached

I’d like to tag Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway:)

Modern Day Jesus on Good Friday

Photo Credit Attached

I think Jesus would give a speech, more like the Holy Ghost would give a speech on Good Friday. I am certain Jesus didn’t want His followers, and disciples to grieve his loss of life. Though few believed His declaration of return, He told them. He also said to not be burdened by this world.

Kind of ironic for me; but, this modern day poem conveys the same beautiful message. This is hypothetically speaking, well maybe not. Spiritually speaking is better said. In all instances, the individual is not at the grave… But rather in every and all ways, that entails the Spirit world.

Happy Good Friday 💙🕊

Follow Blogger Friday 💖

All of you are wonderful and talented bloggers 😀 I would honestly list each of you, if it wouldn’t take me all day.

Here’s a list of bloggers I highly recommend 🌟🍀

Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays

When all is said and done, and you’re alone, standing before a reflection, if you can’t verbalize a thought, don’t say it elsewhere. Only you have to live with it’s birth; & words can’t be unspoken.

Many Thanks 4 Awards

I’ve unintentionally gotten distracted from posting responses to awards 😦

Please accept my apology and truly sincerest thank you to those of you who’ve nominated me!!!

I know I have been nominated for three, possibly 4, in the last couple of months!!

I’m grateful and dearly humbled by each one! I’m so appreciative that you, my followers, feel Im deserving of such recognition!

When I started blogging, I didn’t know what to expect… But, I know I didn’t think this expierence would have been as positive, encouraging, refreshing, challenging, exciting, and humbling as it had been!!

You all add your own unique taste to this mixing pot of talent, and I’m so blessed to belong here 🌸🌸

With Love, Nova Namaste

I Dedicate…

This is being formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: dedicate! Photos have been taken from Pinterest.

🌼 I dedicate this post to every warrior who’s survived abuse: whether you’re a man, woman, gender fluent, survived emotional abuse, sexual, or physical. An individual who lives to tell their story of every, any, and all situations where he/she endured forced harm is beyond surviving. You are amazing, and you need to believe this about you. 🌸

My Liebster Award Acceptance Post

Shout out to the amazingly beautiful and talented Huguetta! 🌸Thank you so much for considering me worthy of this award!🌼

Definition & Rules: {copied from Huguetta’s blog post}

The Liebster Prize is an award that exists only on the Internet and is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers. The first case of the award goes back to 2011. Liebster in German means sweet, kind, dear, charming, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It really is an excellent way to meet other bloggers and gain more visibility in the community. 

There are some simple rules to follow:
Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog post

the Global aussie:

Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.

Do a post to show your award. Answer the questions given to you.

Nominate 5 bloggers or more.

Create more questions for your nominees to answer.

Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and

give a link to your post

My Questions:

1. Can you recall a moment that took your breath away? Describe it.

The two moments that took my breath away were when my daughters were handed to me for the first time at the hospital. There’s nothing like it.

2. Would you marry a person from a different religion?

I wouldn’t marry again unless it was too this man I’m seeing. His religion is more relaxed than most. He’s a spiritual and holistic being.

3. What makes you smile instantly?

Baby animals make me smile instantly. There’s almost no baby animal that I don’t find cute and adorable.

4. You have a gun and murder is not a crime at all, whom would you kill?

I couldn’t and wouldn’t kill anyone. I don’t want that responsibility or accountability to and for taking a life.

5. You woke up and you’re 5 years old again but you remember your entire life you already lived, how would you act? What would you change?

There’s nothing of my past that I would change. That last is how I got to where I am; however, what I could do is better communicate with those in my life.. Because then, I’d have a better understanding of who I am.

6. What’s your best quality and worst trait?
My best quality is remaining hopeful in all situations, but equally being able to move forward with a positive attitude from all situations. That’s taken time, and lots of thought.

My worst trait is that unintentionally, I’ll fall out of contact with people, who I dearly care about. My life is a series of stops and starts. I don’t have many people in my life who’ve been in my life since I was a child. New friendships are so important to me but yet most of those fade away. I don’t forget them, I guess it’s just what I expect.

Questions 4 My Nominees

1. If you could master one skill, knowing you will succeed, what would it be and why?

2. If you could be in any book, which would it be and what role would you have?

3. What’s one secret you’ve never told anyone?

4. What is your definition of living?

5. Has life turned out as you though it would when you younger? Close? How is it different?

6. What’s your opinion on who you are as a person?

My Nominees

1. Kristian- Life Lessons Around the Dinner Table

2. Laura

3. Vanessa- The Well-being Blogger

4. Baffled Mum

5. Charliecountryboy’s Blog

6. Archangel White Wolf

Congratulations 🎊🍾 Nominatees! I hope you’re willing to participate; however, you’re not mandated to do so!

Blogging Goals ☺️

Thank you all, for being incredible!! I wouldn’t have any success with blogging if it weren’t for you followers. I want to give a special shout to you who comment on the regular. It’s always so great to see feedback and converse with other bloggers!

Thank you, Thank you 🤗 ❤️

Nova from “My Namaste’ 365 Online” Stops by and Talks Mental Health: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 42

Have a listen if you’d like :)!! Thank you BottomlessCoffee007 for having me ~

Nova from “My Namaste’ 365 Online” Stops by and Talks Mental Health: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 42

Nova from “My Namaste’ 365 Online” Stops by and Talks Mental Health: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 42

— Read on

Solidarity Award Acceptance Post 🌺

Thank you Ms Mel, the author of Crushed Caramel, for nominating me for this amazing award. It warms my heart that you feel my content deserving. I’m not going to have time to answer questions or nominate; however, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart 💛💙💛💙

The purpose of my blog is to provide valuable resources to the public regarding mental health. In addition, I hope to provide thought-provoking content that challenges my readers, and posts that restore hope. I love writing, and I passionately believe mental health is of most importance.

My goal was to simply start a blog, with this one specialized area. I hadn’t any idea what I was doing, when I started ; but, this community wrapped me in it’s arms as if I belonged here anyway. I feel I’ve grown as a writer, and with each additional follower, I’m so humbled. I never dreamed I’d have this many followers.

My advice for new bloggers would be don’t force yourself to write. The synchronization of vibrations and God’s timing has inspiration waiting just for you. You will KNOW when it’s time to write, for the ideas will flow like a cool spring stream. The story will glide across the keyboard and imprint into your heart. Trust me, it’s how the most tender stories are born. You will surprise yourself with what you create; I guarantee it.

Solidarity, to me, represents a unity of two or more individuals who support the same cause. This award symbolizes our community and the mutual respect and appreciation we have for one another. Against all odds, despite all difference, apart from every other area of our lives, we are a member of one totally badass community. Truly, for this, I am deeply honored.


Will You Join Me?

★·.·´¯·.·★ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏʀɴɪɴɢ ☕️ ʙʟᴏɢɢᴇʀs ★·.·´¯·.·★

𝒲𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓅𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝑒 𝒿𝑜𝒾𝓃 𝓂𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝒸𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝑒?

🍩 My daughters were up about 4 this morning, so the keurig has been busy this morning. As you can see, I’ve many cups ready, all the more reason for you to join me. I have Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal if you’re hungry.

Zivah and Calandra are currently here, on my bed, watching StoryBots. This episode is about the importance of brushing teeth. I don’t allow them to have much junk, and they’re still really good about brushing teeth. The music to this show is catchy. Haha- or I really need more sleep.

Anyway, please come sit down. More coffee will be brewed in a minute. Starbucks K-cups are so expensive. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve tried to shop around and find the best price for the quantity. Green Mountain is decent and tastes good. I’m a medium to dark roast drinker; however, the light roast is perfect for that evening cup.

I just noticed there’s 16 cups ready. If any of you are morning people, it’s best you keep a safe distance away from me and don’t make eye contact. My face doesn’t have an inside voice. I can’t be held responsible for what it does without me in my functional caffeine level. You’ve been ever so lovingly warned.

So, enough of my endless chatter, what’s new with you? How’s your year been this far? Do you have major plans for this week? How is your family doing? Everyone healthy? Anyone need prayer?

Thanks for joining me

Nova ©️2019

Love is Love, no matter which way you say it💚

How we recognize love influences our relationships. There’s five different love languages, and each one is ok. The common denominator is that they all say the same: I love you in ways other than using those words.

Taken from Thought Catalog, here are fifty alternatives for I love you. May these help you recognize love in all it’s forms.

1. “Do you want to wear my coat?”

2. “How was your exam?”

3. Checking in when they have the flu.

4.”Would you like anything from the store?”

5. “How did you sleep last night?”

6. Surprising them with their favorite candy.

7. “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella—it’s supposed to rain.”

8. “I saw this and thought of you.”

9. “Your hair looks great like that.”

10. Reminding them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

11. Sharing your favorite food.

12. Letting them have the front seat.

13. Putting two sugars in their coffee even when they say they want one because you know they like it better that way.

14. “I’m proud of you.”

15. “Listen to this song I heard—it reminded me of you.”

16. Sending a funny picture you saw online.

17. Washing their dishes even when they don’t ask you

18. “How is your family?”

19. Having Gatorade ready the morning after a rough night out.

20. “There’s traffic on the highway; take the back road.”

21. “Tell your mom I say hi.”

22. Listening to their music even when you don’t like it.

23. Bringing breakfast in bed.

24. Putting on the kettle before they even ask for tea.

25. Sharing relevant news articles with them because you know they’d be interested.

26. Helping them study for a test.

27. Going to their big game.

28. Bringing an extra water bottle when you know they’ll be in the sun.

29. “Do you need any help with that?”

30. Waiting up for them to get home.

31. “How was your day?”

32. “You should take a break—you work too hard.”

33. Taking the long way home so you both can keep talking.

34. “Good luck on your interview.”

35. Greeting them at the airport.

36. Stopping by just because.

37. Giving up your seat on the bus so they can sit.

38. Letting them go in front of you in line.

39. “You look like you could use a hug.”

40. Bringing them lunch at work.

41. “I really want your opinion on something.”

42. “You were right.”

43. “You can pick the movie tonight.”

44. Sharing your bed.

45. Holding their hair or rubbing their back if they are sick.

46. Helping them write a paper.

47. Standing up for them if someone says something mean.

48. Letting them have the window seat on the train.

49. “You can have the last slice.”

50. “Call me when you get home.” 

Couple more;) Both photos taken from Pinterest.

Blog Spotlight 💚 Saturday

What caught my eye about this particular blog is the post about Self – Care when we’re not sure how we feel. I find myself in this case often, and I try to be graceful with myself.

The blog title is Sarah Steckler’s Mindful Productivity Blog.

Her Self -Care suggestions when we don’t know what we feel are the following:

  1. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel
  2. Let go of trying to analyze it and just be with it
  3. Get physically comfy – put on something that makes your body feel at ease
  4. Learn to build self-compassion by speaking to yourself as you would a friend
  5. Close your eyes and think of your favorite place
  6. Ask a friend to remind you of something ridiculously funny
  7. Make some tea
  8. Drink extra water and visualize yourself flushing out negative feelings and energy you don’t need – the water will help give you extra energy, too!
  9. Put on your headphones and listen to music that makes you feel good
  10. Go for a walk in nature without your phone and soak in the atmosphere
  11. Revel in the joys of escapism. Give yourself permission to dive into your favorite shows on Netflix that make you smile
  12. Settle in with a good book
  13. Ask for family or friends to help you out. If you have roommates or a partner, ask them if they can make you dinner or take care of something for you.
  14. Tell your coworkers you’re feeling off and allow yourself to be vulnerable, chances are if you have a bomb work crew, that they will do something to make you feel better, even if it’s just listening
  15. Make a list of any of the following things to give yourself a healthy distraction:: Things that make you smile :: Movies you want to watch again :: Places you’d love to drive to if you had an entire day on the open road :: What you’re grateful for :: Nice things that people have said to you :: Memories that warm your heart
  16. Wrap yourself in a giant blanket and curl up under the covers in a dark room. Don’t worry if it sounds melodramatic if it makes you feel comforted and safe, it’s worth it!
  17. Spend some time coloring!
  18. Jump on Pinterest and create a board of things that make you feel comforted and at peace
  19. Watch cute animal videos
  20. If you have pent up energy, take yourself to the gym, pool, or walk it out
  21. Take some time for self-care. Paint your nails, take a long bath, do what makes you feel pampered.
  22. Light candles and cuddle up with a pet
  23. Invite your friends over for a board game night
  24. Bake something or make yourself dinner. If you’re not someone who’s into cooking, order your favorite take-out and watch an awesome movie.
  25. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself today. It’s okay to put things aside. Taking time to invest in you is important

Looking Ahead

Taken from Pinterest

Here’s my pledge, to spend 2019 in a better, a healthier place than this year. I pledge to laugh more, smile more, consider what’s insecurities and refrain from saying it, among many other little changes. In 2019, I will love me better.

In doing so, I’ll be your number one fan, should you choose to do the same. I will spend all of the 525,600 minutes standing on your sidelines with pomp pomps. I hope to encourage you to take my hand, and the next person to take your hand… And together we make the very best of each day. Every second is ” another ” opportunity to realize the miracle we have, life.

You deserve the best of yourself. You deserve the best that you can give yourself. There, in those moments, you will find contentment and feel loved.

We only have but one life. You have one chance, one person walking your story. This chapter is almost finished.

Next year, let’s do it together. Let’s pledge to try and trust, to rely on others. Let’s encourage and confide in one another. We all will face challenges; we can face them with greater confidence of support.

Please consider joining me in my 2019, I’d love to have you.

Personal Recognition Award ✨

I wanted to take a minute and recognize my Top 3 Comment Count Bloggers !!

This award is just personal use. There’s no tagging or questions. I just wanted to

Express my thanks and appreciation.

Thank you so much ladies! You rock!



Mystery Blogger Award

Created by Molly Marcelle

What it is:  ” Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma



  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Things About Me

  • I have Vertigo.
  • I have a PreK teaching license.
  • I strongly believe we as a society could be more self -sufficient.

Link to my best & favorite posts

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🕊Blog Spotlight 💚 Saturday

This week’s spotlight is pulled from a bit of a selfish angle: my love of birds. I really sat in my memories of my grandpa after I read, Baldy’s post, Sing Me Something Well!

This week’s blog spotlight is Backyard Bird Nerd!!

The images are amazing, both of birds and nature♥‿♥!! What’s not to love, right??!!

Please so





Thanksgiving Tag

November and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite things:D Everything from the gorgeous colored leafs to the crisp cool air, and football games and oh so delicious food! Laughter and family, hot chocolate, and amazing hot baths… there’s a million things of which to be thankful, so I’m starting a tag, so we all can share.


1. List your thankful ABC.

2. Add one theme clip art to your post.

3. Tag 3 people who’d you hope would participate.

Thankful ABC:

  • Animals
  • Blankets
  • Calculators
  • Daughters
  • Eye shadow
  • Fridays
  • Gloss
  • Help
  • Intelligence
  • Justice
  • Knitted socks
  • Looks of desire
  • Mistakes
  • New Apps
  • Opened curtains
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Questions
  • Rain
  • Sunshine
  • Toast
  • Upsized French Fries
  • Velazquez
  • Water
  • Xoxoxo
  • Yays
  • Zippers

Those I’d hope would play

  1. Mom Life With Chiari
  1. Simply Chronically ILL
  1. McWritestuff

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you Keep It Alive, for such an honorable nomination. I have worked so hard on my blog, so that it’s a place of useful resource as well as restful reassurance. It feels wonderful to feel recognized and appreciated!! 😘

Here are the rules for this award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

11 questions from Sadje:

1. How long have you been blogging?

  • I have been blogging for about 7-8 months now. Time has flown by!

2. Do your friends and family support you in this?

  • Absolutely! It was actually the encouraging feedback from friends and loved ones that pushed me to begin blogging in the first place.

3. Which is your favorite time of the day?

  • My favorite time of day is 7pm. As soon as that hour hits, I feel so much relaxation and peace.

4. What would be your dream vacation?

  • Oh wow, hhhmmmm. I think my dream vacation would be a trip to Italy! There’s so much of that country I’d love to see!!

5. What genre of movies you like best?

    I absolutely LOVE comedies!! I love to laugh, and truth be told, I love hearing others laugh, too!
  • 6. What do you wake up to?
    • The smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

    7. Are you a morning person?

    • I actually enjoy mornings, if I can manage to get up before my girls do and get my self care time in.

    8. What motivates you?

    • My biggest motivation are my girls. They have taught me more than I could ever teach them. Next would be my boyfriend. He’s amazing and very supportive of most things I do. Finally, my friends and you all here really motivate me to write better and grow as a writer.

    9. How do you think your friends see you?

    • I think my friends would use the adjectives sensitive, kind, complex, introverted, resilient, motherly, strong, smart, emotional

    10. What would be your idea for saving the environment from pollution ?

    • I haven’t thought about a way to prevent further pollution, that hasn’t been thought of yet. If I were to come up with a new system, I would say try using more natural resources to operate factories and vehicles.
  • 11. Happy or peaceful, what is more important to you?
    • Most defiantly peaceful is more important to me. If I’m at peace, I know happiness will soon follow.

    Here are my 11 questions:

    1. What’s your biggest accomplishment of 2018 thus far?
    2. Have you recently made a choice you regret? If so, what was it?
    3. When you have free time, what is your favorite thing to do?
    4. Who is one of your role models and why.
    5. Do you know your personality type?
    6. When did you realize you really enjoyed writing?
    7. Has anything you’ve written been published in a book or newspaper?
    8. Tell us three other talents you have.
    9. What’s your biggest inspiration?
    10. If you could give one piece of advice to the teenage population, what would it be?
    11. Do you prefer strawberry, grape, apricots, or raspberry jelly?

    My Nominations:

    1. The awesome Racquel Writes
    2. The humbling Inmate Blogger
    3. The sweet simplywendi
    4. The lovely Introverted Christian
    5. The amazing The Good The Human
    6. The talented Inside the Mind of Isadora
    7. The encouraging A Kinder Way
    8. The amazing Ally’s Notebook
    9. The heartwarming Crucial Notes
    10. The fun Why To Stop
    11. The aspiring Caribguhl- Village Talk

    🌟Blog Spotlight 🌟 Saturday

    Hi ya’ll:D

    I find some pages that are gold mines.

    They have a wealth of information/suggestions that literally makes me feel like it’s a true gift.

    That being said, I’m starting a section of my blog to share such treasures with you 🙂

    I love every single blog I read, so please don’t feel I dislike yours if I don’t share it.

    With time, you may end up being the weekly ” #blogspotlight ”

    Week 1: 10/20-10/27

    This week’s spotlight goes to a super exciting blog called Promptuarium!!!!

    I was searching through Pinterest, hoping to find some writing inspiration. Now, I had literally looked for three minutes before coming across this blog. I’m super excited to use the prompts. I hope that you find inspiration as well.

    The Awesome Impact Award 2018

    I am humbly honored to accept this Awesome Impact Award from the sweetest Ana💕! I wasn’t aware of such an award, and I never dreamed, after just a few months, I’d be nominated. Ana, I’m incredibly grateful. Please know it’s just as much of a blessing as it is to simply hear someone enjoys my work. My goal isn’t specific to a certain set of statistics or an exact number of posts, but rather this place is of substance, quality, and good things.

    Rad Gamer gave birth to this award, so that we may share how any particular situation influenced our lives in a positive way. What I LOVE about this award is that, from my perspective, everyone is qualified. How So? At any moment, something of which we have no control can be negative or positive. Many life experiences carry a capability of both. It’s a choice, our individual choice, as to how the circumstances will impact us. For me, the decision has been to make the most of it, learn and grow, be thankful for change, and ask God for His help while keeping faith.

    🌺The Rules:

    1. Tag the person who nominated you.
    2. Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.
    3. Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
    4. Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award.

    Picking one incident, in particular, that’s positively influenced my life is challenging. To say the least, I’ve had a lifetime of situations that breaded my insecurities and flaws.

    When I was three, my twin & I stayed in six foster care homes in six months. The constant change of faces is what I knew life to be. My three other siblings were with another family, and even that was a poor living situation.

    You’d think, one man and woman, willing to open their hearts and home to adopt five would result in the happiest ever after. This story unraveled an ugly and bitter woman, who wanted “her own” children, despite its five.

    The chaos continued in 1990, when she gave birth to a set of twin boys. In no way am I saying I wish she hadn’t. Fact is, those two came from her womb, they were treated and raised differently… In 1993, our family of 9 became a family of 10. Early on, at a very young age, the oldest of us could sense the disadvantages we had compared to the others.

    In 2005, when I was tired of trying, doing nearly everything these two individuals wanted, while unfortunately lacking so many essential life skills, I decided to physically walk to work, rather than commit suicide.

    I decided the night before that I could no longer live under such strict, unhealthy, and uncontrollable conditions. If I could survive that, knowing so very little about the real world, clueless as to who I really was or wanted to be, and incapable of basic survival skills, I could handle anything life threw at me.

    Life has since, placed me homeless twice, one of which I was pregnant, driving unfamiliar North Carolina roads at night, to someone I hadn’t ever met, while my boyfriend was arrested for driving without a license. Him committing suicide, while I was 100000% dependent on him for everything, including raising our 18th old daughter, moving to Cleveland in the middle of Winter, to restart and reestablish a life for us, attending to my medical condition that fear used to hold me hostage from driving, coping with verbally abusive people, and a second (accidental pregnancy) on my own.

    I’m an independent woman. I’m a mother of two sweet happy girls. I have my own apartment, with most bills caught up. I’m not receiving assistance besides medical. I pull through trials, knowing everything will work out if I keep faith and hope. I have an incredible boyfriend, strong resilience, tons of self discovered identification, and no fear to drive highways.

    Sometimes, I fear life is going to stare me in the face and say, ” I got you, you failure. You’re now my bitch.”, and then I’ll recieve a nomination such as this and a message of light I had been to someone…. And I’ll realize I’m doing pretty ok.

    My 10 Nominations :

    1. Renard Moreau
    2. The Lonely Author
    3. Ally’s Notebook
    4. DM: Pointless Overthinking
    5. CrucialNotes
    6. The Good The Human
    7. Domingo’s Day
    8. Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha
    9. Matt W Watson- Future Failed Writer
    10. Linda’s Bible Study

    🧡Thank You

    Accomplishments should be celebrated, every single one. I am so proud and humbled, to have reached these milestones. Thank you followers and readers! I wouldn’t have this success if it weren’t for you. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this experience. I’ve learned so much, and I am excited to see where this journey goes! Thank you so much for stopping by here😁