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Little Oasis

Really love spending time in such places. It’s so good for my soul!


Timeless Discovery

This post is being created for Mindlovemisery’s Sunday Writing Prompt.

Donavon has always been the quiet and stand off(ish) kid in the neighborhood. When he was a few months into his fourth year, his parents took him to a specialized doctor, in hopes of ” finding a cure.” Don’t misunderstand, they’ve always dearly loved and accepted their precious boy, though predisposed to a lifetime of teasing, mockery, and bullying. They just decided to try harder; to help Donny feel a bit more ” normal”.

He had selective mutism. There’s situations when he simply can not speak, though (without awareness of his condition) it could bring serious consequences.

Now, aged five years, Donny has adapted to his new normal. He has a few buddies, goes fishing and hiking, creates art from Arizona’s famous red dirt. His most favorite pastime is exploring. There’s many overgrown areas of the west that history left behind. Covina, his best friend, would read to him, the old books and newspapers they’d find in the dilapidated saloon.

On a particular windy and overcast Thursday, the boys were trucking down the dusty path, as they did every day. They were discussing the idea of dissecting a frog, without omitting any possible disgusting detail. In the middle of a sentence, Covina heard a sudden, yet brief, shuffle in the brushes. It was to obvious to have been a small creature. On the other hand, there aren’t other humans around this part of the path either.

Curiosity won that brief moment; and the two boys changed course. Initially, the shuffle sounded as if in arms length. Had it been a creature, such could have effortlessly reached out and bit one of them. With no such luck; however, they searched and searched for what it is they heard. Nothing!

Suddenly, roughly forty yards to the west, they heard it again. The boys wasted no time scurrying to the left of their searched path and continued for three miles.

The stone path seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. It didn’t look familiar to either of the two; but, that didn’t matter. The path lead right up to an odd, unground, and shabby hobbit house.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Neither of the boys knew this place was here. They’ve never heard any adults talking about it either. Slowly and cautiously, Donny inched closer to the door. He had picked up the thickest stick nearby, and prepared himself for war. There, six inches from the stone wall laid something deep brown and medium in size. He couldn’t tell what it was, so he reached down to pick it up.

Photo Credit Here

Covina slowly made his way over to Donny and stared.

“ How peculiar!” He voiced, starling Donny.

Donny’s facial expression was in agreement.

They walked over to the stone wall and sat. Opening the front cover, they saw a ticket. Train Ticket $7, Destination Unknown it read.

Covina turned the page,

” The train pulled into the station promptly at 7:07 pm…”

He clumped a small section of pages together and flipped to page 24.

” The train pulled into the station promptly at 7:07 pm…”

Again on page 36, 49, 73, and 104. The stories began the same but always ended differently from the journey before. The rest of the night, the two boys sat deep in the seclusion, reliving the tales recorded in this book.

“Maybe we should find this train station????” Covina asked Donavon.

Donny had that look in his eye and said, ” Vamos!”

#NDRW – #51

Today’s word is variable.

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 

Namastè ☀🌌

New Awards

As much as I appreciate the times I’ve been nominated, usually, I didn’t fully understand what exactly the award was about… And they’re the same ones over and over and over.

I can’t handle that. Variety is the spice of life. In my case, the spice to my coffee. I’ve created two new awards, and I’ll be creating a few more in the following days ahead.

The 1st is the Leadership Blogger Award: this was created to nominate 1-2 individuals who have exemplified noticeable and noteworthy leadership. That could be in any way.


1. The first nominee to EVER recieve such an award is, Ashleyleia, @ Mental Health at Home!!

2. My second nominee for this award is, Beckie @ BeckiesMentalMess💫

🌸🌼🌸🌼Congratulations Ladies 🌸🌼🌸🌼

There’s no questions or need to thank me. I also don’t require you to nominate others, although I think it would be a kind gesture. 🙂

Award #2 is the Out -of -this -World Blogger Award: this award is to recognize the bloggers that you feel go above and beyond in writing, as a person, with their niche, in whatever way. This individual is usually a regular poster, and assists others.


1. The very first recipient of this award is Sadje, @ Keep It Alive. She’s been one of my ultimate supporters since my early early days. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever realize lady.

2. The second incredible blogger deserving of this award is John, @ The Eclectic Contrarian. He’s consistently coated my posts with love, support, and laughs. He’s checked in on me and has been wonderful.

💖💚💖💚Congratulations Bloggers 💚💖💚💖

There’s no questions or need to thank me. I also don’t require you to nominate others, although I think it would be a kind gesture. 🙂

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out, few more are coming!! Thanks for being awesome y’all!

Life’s Beautiful Mess

Zivah’s on the left.
Calandra’s on the right.

We go through this thing called life,

Leaving our fingerprints on all that we do,

Sometimes, it’s helping someone up.

Sometimes, it’s prayer.

In everything, we leave a piece of ourselves.

We go through wonderful moments, and

Awful ones.

Everything blending together, molding and

Creating us into our best selves.

It’s not always clearly defined.

It’s not always pretty.

Sometimes it’s down right messy!!

But, rains fall and wash away what fogs

Our vision.

And the sun spotlights life’s beauty,

Once again.

Special Blogger Award:)

I have to thank my new dear friend, Mathew, Blog of the Wolf Boy, for nominating me for this Special Blogger Award!!


1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you

2.) Answer the questions you are asked (if you’re comfortable doing so!)

3.) Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated

4.) Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award

5.) Comment on your nominees most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated them

6.) Have fun!

10 Questions he provided are:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Italy! Lake Como Specifically 🙂

2. Why would you want to live there?

The weather is just as beautiful as the scenery. There’s lots of Italian food (my favorite!)

3. Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up in a rural area called Bellaire. It’s an industrial part of Ohio, along the river.

4. What’s the most embarrassing fact about your hometown?

Gosh, I’m not sure!

5. What’s your favorite food?

Chocolate!!! 🙂 yummy!!

6. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogging?

My biggest pet peeve is run on sentences!

7. Have you ever read a book that changed your world? What was it?

Yes, it’s called He’s Just Not That Into You! It opened my eyes to a whole new perspective about dating.

8. List another skill you have outside of the blogging world.

Another skill I enjoy, aside from blogging, is photography:)!

9. Who’s one person that you’re truly thankful for in your life?

I’m truly thankful for my daughter Zivah because she saved my life and introduced me to motherhood.

10. Who’s a celebrity or famous person that you admire?

Princess Diana is, not only, in my heritage, but also, one I truly admire!

Here are my questions:D

#1. Do you say care-a-mel or car-mel?

#2. What color’s your vehicle?

#3. How would you were define the term success?

#4. If you were to create a new invention, what would it do?

#5. Do you have a family heirloom? What is it, and what it’s story?

#6. What’s one thing you admire most about yourself?

#7. If the British Guards could talk, what secret would they tell us?

#8. What song identifies your childhood?

#9. What’s your favorite book and why?

#10. What 3 bloggers helped you get to where you are now?

My Nominees Are :

Morning Greetings

I just wanted to remind you 🦋🔅

🦋🌸Happy Monday🌸🦋

Lyndsey still needs loads of love y’all! If you could send her some, I know she’d really embrace all of it.

Special Shout out to my newest followers<3

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I Got You

I see you

When you’re smile like there’s nothing wrong.

I hear you

When you’re laughing, and saying ” I’m alright”.

I see you

When you’re out with friends and the talk of the table.

I hear you

When you close your eyes; and your dreams speak.

Between the lines that others read,

Is a story all of it’s own.

It’s not hidden, it’s just unrecognizable to most.

But I see it; and I hear it.

It’s not comfortable, it’s distributing to say the least.

But I’ve seen it, and I’ve heard it before…

Because I’ve been there.

I was you.

Destination: Cleveland, Ohio

Not long ago, I started what’s called a Traveling Blog Journal. You can read my original post about it here. Thus far, our journal had travel to Maryland to visit Kristian. Next, it traveled to Minnesota to visit Joy. From there, the journal ended up in Massachusetts with Heather! You can read about each destination on the page widget I’ve placed in my profile.

” Each person who is tagged, please tag someone to do the next post, and create a pingback to the original post ” (link in the “here” above)

I decided I’m going to go next, since there was a stop in the route.

I’m a BORN – N – RAISED Ohioian:) The hospital where I was born no longer has a NICU unit. The small town of which I was raised is called Bellaire ( just like Fresh Prince). It’s a super small industrial town, lining the Ohio River.

I now live in Cleveland, OH.

Photo Credit Attached

I never thought I’d live here… Or have ANY reason to stay here… Time most certainly changed that.

Some of my favorite things about home:

It’s richness of culture! {photo credit linked}

Restaurants of all kinds, from mom and pop stops to a variety of cuisine!

Garfield Mausoleum @ Lake View Cemetary{photo credit linked}

Cleveland is full of amazingly designed interior and exterior buildings.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio {photo credit attached}

There’s pleasantly just as wildlife as there is city life to enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by! I’m sending this traveling Blog Journal to its next lucky visitor, Julie!!

This Journey

Taken from Pexel

Sing to my soul,‬
‪The songs of your dreams ‬
‪Take my hand, and let me ‬
‪Fill your heart with my love,‬
‪Lead us to the sweet taste ‬
‪Of yesterday memories ‬
‪And sit with me as the ‬
‪Sunsets paint the sky,‬
‪My love… Let’s do ‬
‪Life Together


In dedication to the man I love ❣️

Mental Health Journey 15

Where to begin?

The order of events of my life never cease to astound me. I realize what I never do in storms, is this:

“Why me?! I’ve been through enough. Why is this happening to me.”

I also rarely stay in this mindset:

“God, here I am again. When something goes wrong, the chain of events in the same follow. Why can’t something go right.”

I know there’s an intended purpose for every occurrence I face. I know the occurrence is either teaching me a lesson of my past, or preparing me for my future. Nothing occurs for us to remain complacent and comfortable.

I’m thankful I realize I don’t need to be or remain idle.

I found this and it seems to be the significant message that Repeating itself on social media lately.

I love the letter T

This is me, jumping in on the May Train Challenge…

Train Station is located on Citysonnet‘s blog page 🙂


Today’s May 12th. The next train is schedule to depart promptly at ten. Please be sure you have your ticket ready upon boarding.  
The menu for today is the following:
  • Turkey breast on spinach 
  • Twice baked potato 
  • Toasted Brussel sprouts 
  • Tossed Salad 
  • Tea/Coffee/Water 
The Destination Stops for the Day: 
  1. Tallmadge
  2. Taylor Creek
  3. Thornville
  4. Tippecaneo
  5. Tremont City
  6. Twinsburg


“ Hello! I’m Tulip, the train attendant. I’ll be happy to take your orders, supply tasty snacks, assist you to your seats, and answer any questions you may have. Thank You for choosing Twotville Charter and enjoy your ride.” 


Special Post About Moms, By Moms

Feel free to add your scenarios in the comments🤣☺️ The funnier the better 😁😁

Here’s my list of ” You know you’re a mom when…”

    You hear any person yell for mom in the store, and you look for the mom.
    You know when it’s 5pm, because that’s wine time.
    You get six hours of sleep and feel solid.
    Bedtime goes from 2am to 8:30 pm, the night before.

Two Words 🦋

So yesterday,

He said, “Hello Beautiful”…

And this followed:

Photo Credit Attached

” I’ve waited weeks. I’ve endured so much. The butterflies were ever more beautiful than before. Life’s so precious. Count your blessings, beautiful souls. You never know what silent battles others are facing 🦋


🌸🌼💐💖Happy 1st Day of May🌸🌼💐💖

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! (collaboration poetry)

Roy, over at A Guy Named Bloke, created this super cool challenge!

It’s called Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!

Rory’s Instructions:
I will choose a topic, write four lines of Rhyming Verse then l will tag one of my readers who will in turn add four lines of Rhyming Verse to my mine and Tag one of their own readers, and then it is a case of wash rinse repeat and let’s see how far our topic goes in so far as a Rhyme?




The Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

Rory Starts us off:
So, so much to do, and with so little time, I want to do everything, nothing to be missed, But how do l plan it all, how do l define, The perfectly crazy bucket list?

Paula’s adds:
First up is a lush tropical jungle, Jaguars and waterfalls… all quite insane; I do hope my parachute isn’t all bungled, When I jump from the doorway of this airplane!

Fandango Continues:
I want to take a rocket into space, Or maybe a submarine ride deep in the sea. I sure hope they will save me a place, Because that’s where I really want to be!

Cheryl Contributes:
A trip to the mountains is what l’d choose, I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes, Rocks are high and edges slippery, Wouldn’t want to fall off the perifery,

Kristian Contribution:
I’d like see the world, visit the sands of Abu Dhabi take a cruise down the Golden Gate Bridge in my Maserati,
head to New England and catch a game at old Fenway Park,
then board a ship to Costa Rica where I can swim with a shark.


My Contribution:

I’d travel to the desert in Egypt

And photograph the pyramids,

Photo Credit Attached

Then board the Ciaro railway,

To the Chocolateria in Madrid.

Photo Credit Attached

I’d like to tag Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway:)

A2Z Challenge: N

Today’s challenge is the flowers of states that begin with N.

Nebraska State Flower: Goldenrod

Photo Credit Attached

Nevada State Flower: Sagebrush

Photo Credit Attached

New Hampshire State Flower: Purple Lilac

Photo Credit Attached

New Jersey State Flower: Violet

Photo Credit Attached

New Mexico State Flower: Yucca

Photo Credit Attached

New York State Flower: Rose

Photo Credit Attached

North Carolina State Flower: Flowering Dogwood

Photo Credit Attached

North Dakota State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose

Photo Credit Attached

Sunday Funday~

Today’s priorities have been that of Self-Care:

1. Fill the free little libraries.

2. Take Zivah to the playground.

3. Paint rocks{ if you haven’t done this before, you really should try it!!}

4. Relax

5. Take a hot bubble bath with fresh lavender

She’s coloring me a picture
We have some projects from November we’re just finishing 🤣🤣

Accustomed to the Darkness

Eyes close with the touch of our lips,

Lights dim as the music begins,

The evening sets in with warming color,

And my fingertips stroke your perfect skin.

The trace of your neck, the frame of your jaw,

Memorizing every inch of you,

engraving this moment into my heart.

The stars fall into your eyes,

Your body free of any coverage,

More lovely in the light of the moon,

It rests upon your shape like a match made in heaven.

The blackness sets the intimacy on fire,

As we grow accustomed to the darkness 🔥

Written for Reenas Exploration Challenge #81. You can read all about her challenge by clicking the highlighted section.

Venturesome Spirit

Photo Credit Unsplash

Whon Chin had a venturesome spirit!

He lived in the fields; bathed in the streams of gold.

He walked the paths of adventure,

Fearing not what he may face.

A baby grizzly bear perhaps,

Or a chimpanzee with her young,,

A pack of hefty grey wolves,

Or maybe a Tiger who enjoys

Rice, fried with greens and chicken.

This was formulated for the Word of the Day- venturesome.

Oh Sweet Child

Photo Credit: Pixel

Write your own story, sweet child!

The world is yours, in the palm of your hand.

You can dance on raindrops, and

Sing with birds, fly on eagle’s wings,

Or swing with friends.

You can walk the roads of sweet dreams

and see what success tastes like.

The future holds the opportunities

you’re willing to take.

Write your story, sweet child,

One of golden streams and evergreens,

Laughter that resonates from the highest mountains

And warms your heart, when you are home.

This world is yours for the making,

The pen’s in your hand.

Dedicated to my babies, Zivah & Calandra 🌼🌸🌺

My Mental Health Journey 1

When I was a little girl, I thought like a little girl. I acted like a little girl. I was treated as A. Little. Girl…. I was being raised by a single mom, who had 4 other children and no help. She did what she could, but understandably, it was too much. She moved to Virginia. We kids were placed in the system.

My siblings and I were taken in by this couple, who couldn’t have children. At that time, I didn’t know the underlying secrets of that fact. Soon after we were rerooted to this new life, still unsettled mind you, they got pregnant. Not once but twice. In two years, this couple went from no children to eight.

None of us felt our lives made sense. I did what was expected of me, and yet us “older kids” were raised differently than the younger ones. I noticed it, early on..I was in elementary school when I “knew” the insanity of our departure from that house was going to be dramatic and ugly. The saddest part was my inability to do anything to prevent it.

As we grew, I was reprimanded and disciplined. Much like a dictatorship, there was no other way. I had no voice. I had no options, opinions, or alternatives. That’s exactly how things were operated. I had zero opportunity to express what I felt. There wasn’t even a system to teach me what any of it was or how to regulate it. They didn’t allow such individuality.

As I got older, my numerical number increased, but my maturity didn’t. I didn’t experience that part of life which establishes and nourishes maturity! Why wasn’t I close to my parents? Why weren’t they introducing me to new concepts? Why weren’t they encouraging me to try?? Why didn’t they understand that criticism wasn’t a successful way to develop confidence while learning a skill. I was condemned for not cooking, as if I had no initiative.

I didn’t feel comfortable with trying to learn to cook. I didn’t feel comfortable being around my mother. I had absolutely no self confidence or desire to be alone with her, in the kitchen. The essential skills that we learn in the preteen years, I didn’t know. The life skills I needed by 21, I didn’t have until 5 years ago.

During my young adolescent years, I was emotionally abused because she resented me. I was abused because of the issues she carried. I was abused by a woman who didn’t love me… nor did she want me. She didn’t even like me. She didn’t like any of us 4 older kids… because we weren’t her own. She never said as much… but, actions speak so loud… and hers were a hell of a ton louder than the bullshit that escaped her mouth.

I saw this resentment so clearly, when everyone in the family worked so hard to keep hidden. It angered me. It hurt me. Year after year, the same lie continued. It just took on more of a recognizable shape. When I was in middle school, eighth grade, this darkness became verbal/emotional abuse. I suffered because two adults made a choice to adopt. I suffered because a grown woman chose not to face her own demons. She spent years lying to me about who she was. She spent years lying to herself.

Fall Out’s & Meant 2 Be’s

Photo taken from Pixel

We have a set plan, an order in place… This is how we get from Point A to Point B… and eventually, ending up at the big goal.. Point Z.

How often does our life go according to that plan? More often than not, we amuse the universe as it throws in some wrench and creates a hurdle for us.

Our plan was created based on past success… This is how it worked before; therefore, we duplicate the process and succeed. The Universe… or Allah, or God.. whichever you believe, has a plan for us, created from what we can’t see, for a future we don’t know, and all working for our best interest.

We just need to keep a little faith. Those wrenches will slow your roll of things. Those road blocks will force you to change course. It’s going to be frustrating and it’s going to upset you. Keep Faith.

What’s meant for you WILL find you, at exactly the moment you are meant to have it. What’s meant for you will be your life, despite how your plan looked.

Sometimes, what we don’t gain, those unanswered prayers, are exactly what we’ve gained.. and exactly the right answer to our life in the present. We may not see it, at the time, but hindsight will show us.

The master plan is set before you, and you’re not in charge of getting there. Obtaining it, you follow that which is meant for you, and understand that a failed attempt, or a plan falling through, means something better is to come.

You’ve just got to keep going, diligently in work, and faith.. and you will end up right where you’ve been going, all along. You just couldn’t see it.

I was there

Every shirt, towel, PJ set, and matched pair of socks

Every clean dish, cooked meal, grocery run, bathroom cleaning….

Every puke clean up, diaper change, spill clean up, bed change…

Every brush teeth reminder and trip to the dentist,

Every small victory celebrated, homework completed

Every drink refill, cut up apple, push on the swing,

Every pair of shoes on then off to be put on again,

Every cry soothed, every tear hugged away, every goodnight kiss…

Every morning trip to school, every stern declaration

Every tea party, and sing the ABCs, every Birthday, Christmas, every lost tooth and Easter egg Hunt…

Every milestone, every laugh, every bruised bump and tummy ache,

Every bite of ice cream and piece of art work, every time you needed guidance

Every signed permission slip, every vaccine shot, WIC appointment, and PT Conversation

Every book you heard, every lesson you learned, every tickle and every smile

Every step down the stairs, and every bite of solid food

Every squirrel that you saw and every plane you saw,

Every bird you watched, and chipmunk you chased

Every leaf you collected and every flower you picked.

Every moment, I was there. It’s been me, and though I doubt I did enough…

I’ve done the very best I could.

Because I am your mommy

And I love you, with my whole being.

Sacrifice for Love

Photo Credit ©️Dale Rogerson

Create for Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge found here!

Eglantinã woke from a deep sleep, as lights flashed through the Mercedes window. Her eyes squinted, as she soaked in the beautiful scenery around her.

She’s visiting her fiancé in the United States; and her trip expired all her energy.

Wow, qu’est-ce ?” She questioned Thomas.

” It’s a farris wheel. They’re commonly found in amusement parks and carnivals. Sometimes, they are at fairs and accompanying circuses.” Thomas responded.

Beauté impressionnante ! J’aime la couleur de celui-ci ! Peut-on le monter ?”

” Whatever your heart desires, my love! I’ll just be sure to remember a puke bucket.” He concluded.

(103 words)

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In the Mess of Things

Photo taken from Pinterest

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to hold on,

Don’t lose hope in the best of society.

So many already have, and we need it.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to smile,

Too many faces have forgotten how,

Replaced by tears and anguish.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to keep being kind.

So much has been buried

Brokeness and bitterness now reside.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to love.

It’s the element that sustains life.

The light in the path of darkness.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to have Faith.

Not necessarily solid at all times,

But remains existing in a world of chaos.

Finally, In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to Self Reflect

All that ever is, was, or will be


To Be of Beauty

An opened mind will feel the beauty that exists beyond that which is physical. Not a person, a place, a tangible object, a song, a sunrise, even an amazing stary sky will compare to the beauty of acceptance, forgiveness, inspiration, and love. The mind can’t be limited if we provide it permission to be, no strings attached, without judgement, jadedness, and condition.

That’s powerfully life-changing in a single choice,

One, each of us possess.

Blogging Goals ☺️

Thank you all, for being incredible!! I wouldn’t have any success with blogging if it weren’t for you followers. I want to give a special shout to you who comment on the regular. It’s always so great to see feedback and converse with other bloggers!

Thank you, Thank you 🤗 ❤️


” How long have you been standing there?”

” Longer than you’d find comfortable!”

” What all did you hear?”

” Oh! More than you’d wish for me to know!”

” What are you going to do to me?”

” I’m not certain just yet.”

” What’s that for?”

” Your naughty pleasures.”

” Oh it is, is it?”

” Come here and kneel down.”

” If I don’t?”

” Oh but you will.”

New Direction

My heart never stops. Fighting the confusion, I try my best to find the roots of my problems. So often they’re buried deep in the darkness; I can’t get to them without pain. Thankfully, I resist the urge to ” just be ok ” and keep going. Change doesn’t happen in comfort zones. In order to prevent repetition, I must face that which has a grip on me, now. Recently, it’s been a dash of insecurity, a small change in conversation, and to many hormones.

I’m out of the ghostly wood, where the haunting lies stab my vulnerability. On to this road in front of me. The road, lit by hope and promise. The road that reflects the blessings in my life.

Where Your Soul Goes

This is the prompt for Go Dig Go Cafè’s 03/05/19 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge. I understand this is a super late submission; however, I felt the inspiration to write. I’m adding a bit more to this since the energy feels strongly active.

Continue reading “Where Your Soul Goes”

Buttercup’s Spaghetti

  • Rollie Laffitte married his wife in 2005, having just met her a year before. He knew immediately this was the woman for him. Their chemistry flowed so naturally, and she “got” him. For Rollie, that was a new experience.
  • “Whoopsidaisies!” He murmured, as he attempted to throw a paper ball into the trash. She laughed; his throw was the worst she’s ever seen. She, however, was conscientious to make sure he didn’t hear her. No man needs an ego blow.
  • They honeymooned for two weeks in the gorgeous Lake Como, Italy. His father’s side of the family was Italian. Rollie’s dad, Martino Saviano, was full blooded Italian. Martino grew up in the heart of Florence.

    Florence at night. Photo credit linked.

    While in Italy, Rollie bought her a wooden stake souvenir, for their garden at home. She grew up in a family who owned a flower business. Her mother and father could name every category and individual type of flower. Rollie quickly gained admiration of her deep passion.

    Six months post honeymoon. She was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. As a penniless writer, Rollie did the very best he could to provide for his dying wife. He had little help from his colleague, who owned the local newspaper. Once in a while, he’d receive a request for an article for a magazine. None of it scratched a dent in the bills that added up. The only thing Rollie could think about, however, was spending as much time as possible with his love.

    She withered away quickly, but not without prolonged tormented pain and suffering. Unfortunately, since, he’s struggled greatly: physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. Life for him has become dark and empty.

    Writing Prompt #9

    This is being written for Sarah Elizabeth Moore’s Prompt #9. You can find the details HERE :p

    Let me tell you how lucky I REALLY am that I’ve gone through the hardships I have.

    Say what?

    Yes! The hardships I’ve faced have shown me the value of happy, the true meaning of joy when I feel it, and the gift of laughter.

    The hardships have taught me to be present as often as possible. They’ve taught me to respond to situations, rather than react.. And to break down my thoughts until I see truth.

    I’m so really lucky to have faced the hardships of my childhood because they taught me what to prevent with my daughters.

    I’ve been lucky to expierence the hardships with my boyfriend because they’ve taught me love is WORK… And a choice.

    I’ve never had “it easy”. I’ve not had much just given to me in nearly 20 years. These storms in life have built my character, and I don’t think I’ve turned out so badly.

    Morning Vibes

    Good Morning,

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s Monday, new week full of new opportunities! I hope you feel inspired to reach out and grab them, especially when you know it’s meant for you. I hope your coffee or tea is perfect, and you feel happiness in your heart. If anything, right now, try and just be in this moment. Feel the temperature around you. Look around and search for something that makes you feel happy. Listen to music that’s your favorite, or simply take in huge deep breaths and exhale. Allow yourself to be ok, right here.. Right now. You deserve it!

    With much love :

    Letting Her Grow

    Formulated for The Sunday Photo Fiction 😀 You can read about it HERE.
    Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

    Robin was a single mom to three grown young ladies. When her youngest was just 18 months, the girls’ father ran off with some sleezy French chunky chic. He met her at one of the an doctors conventions in New Zealand.

    Though, without a doubt, the task of parenting these girls alone was tough, the priceless moments made everything worth while.

    Today, Jasmine, the 18 year old ambitious spring flower, was taking the train to upstate NY for school. She’s a beginning freshman, and she is beyond ready to begin this adventure.

    ” Ok, you ready?” Robin asked her precious babe.

    ” As ready as I’m going to be!” Jasmine declared.

    ” Please be careful. As soon as you step off the train, please call me.”

    ” Of course, I know how you worry. Try and relax mommy, everything is going to be fine. We’ll Facetime later this evening, ok? Jasmine continued.

    ” Alright. I love you Sweetheart!” Robin finally added.

    ” I love you most!” Jasmine replied, embracing her mom for a tight hug.

    They’ve always been close. Robin felt so grateful in that moment.

    (200 words)