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A2Z Challenge: D

Photo taken from Pinterest

Delaware: Peach Blossom

Photo taken by Kai Yan, Joseph Wong via Flickr


Photo by Da Nina on Unsplash

Twenty-six letters, that’s it

The only 26 little details that:

Formulate thoughts to words,

Words to paper,

Dreams to plans, and

Blueprints to luscious Architecture.

Combinations of these letters create scrumptious recipes,

Potentially dangerous documents, and

Stomach deep laughter of manuscripts.

All that’s to know, all we’ve yet to learn

Comes from these simple twenty six letters.

Such an intriguing and inspiring concept.

(68 words)

Spin The Yarn – Baby Steps- Fishing

It was a glorious July morning, and my family was up hustling the last minute important items to the Suburban. We were heading out to our annual family fishing weekend at Senecaville, Lake!

This would be our fifth consecutive year, and I was determined to do well again this year. You see, the ” first place winner” of the previous year is awarded an extra twenty minutes head start on snagging a catch.

“Are we ready yet?” my Aunt Carol shouted from outside.

” Yep, let’s do this!” my brother, Bryan, continued.

As I leisurely strolled up next to him, he was reliving his victorious catch from two years ago.

” I caught a fish….” he was saying, with great anticipation, ” and it was THAT big!” with his hands measuring the length of 2.5 feet apart.

Our seven year old cousin, Ryan, had this look of utter disbelief across his face.

“There’s no way! You couldn’t have caught him with fake bait and reeled him in with your cheapo fishing pole?” he declared with much certainty!

” You callin me a liar boy; wanna see pictures? I remember the strength of the tug, as I regained focus not to lose my pole. I had just hooked a half of the meatest night crawler on the end, and tossed my line out 17 inches from the boat. ” Bryan concludes with confidence.

“Were you night fishing?” Ryan inquired, as everyone finished packing into the truck.

“Boy, you know that’s when you catch the best of the best. What kind of question is that, Knuckle head!”

I laughed so hard at my crazy family. There’s quirks that no one would believe and stories for days. I know men pride themselves in “size”… Of nearly anything. I alloted my twinner the spotlight; however, my victory catch outweighed his.

Participating in Roy’s Challenge, here’s my first whale of a tale! Please rate my talent of believability in this story from 1-10, with the 10 being the highest! Thank you all:) I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Weekly Song Challenge: Round 7

Ms Laura posts this exciting and fairly new challenge each week. You can check out and/or participate by reading through details HERE😀

Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.

#1. Song with bit, bitten, or bite in the title

Just A Lil Bit

#2. Song that helps me relax


#3. Song by a singer or band that begins with V


A2Z Challenge: B

If I might say, there’s not a single state, day of the week, or month of the year that begins with B. What is up with that????

~ Nova

I’ll just go with USA native flowers that begin with “B” then:

Photo credit linked

This is the Berlandiera Lyrata

It’s known for it’s chocolate fragrance!


Photo credit linked

This is Boltonia asteroides ‘Nana’ 

It’s also known as White Doll’s Daisy.


Show & Tell

Formulated for Rachel Poli’s Time to Write Picture Prompt 😀 You can read more by clicking the hyperlink 🙂

{ Younger Brandy presenting Linux to her Kindergarten friends}

This is Linux. Today, I brought him in for Show & Tell at school. Ms. Brandy said I could bring him. My mom wasn’t happy about it; but she finally said yes. Linux has been my friend for all my life. When I was born, he would listen to music with me in the nursery. I don’t remember that, but it’s what my mom told me. She bought him from the Pets Plus shop down the road from us. I love going there. I love seeing all the animals and the owners. It kinda makes me sad, too. I always want to bring all the animals home so they have a home. My mom always laughs and says,

” You can when you win the lottery; otherwise you’ll need a really good paying job. ”

I don’t even know what that is, but I know one day I’ll have lots of money to buy all the animals.

Ok, that’s it.

For the record, this is complete fiction 🙂

Attitude of Gratitude

Another blogger wrote a self reflection of the week post. I loved how this individual was able to grab the positive moments out of the week, and even recognized their more frequent occurrence than last week.

Science has proven to retain our brain if we list three things every day of which we’re grateful. I’m sure you’ve seen this done on social media, especially in November. It’s the first half of the year though, and anytime is a perfect beginning point for positivity, wouldn’t you say?

So, I’m going to post my list & tag a few bloggers. You can write your list in the comments or create your own blog post. Please just pingback to this post 😉

Here’s my 3:

1. The sunshine! I can’t get enough Vitamin C! The sun always lifts my spirit and encourages me to smile.

2. A great homework night with my older daughter. She had ton from missed days. Despite her and I feeling yuck, we knocked out all of!

3. This Spring break this week. I couldn’t imagine me trying to handle all the sickness that was in my house while my older daughter went to school. That would have been utter nonsense and insanity.

OK, I’m tagging




Carol Anne

#100WW: week 114

This lovely image is credited to the challenge originator Bikurgurl:D Click here to read more about this weekly challenge.

Charlie rode freely, wind brushing through his attractive golden locks. Two wheel therapy was exactly what he needed. The open air filled him with life and extracted the week’s negativity. The temperature was perfect: breezy and 75 degrees.

These country backroads were the paths of his childhood. He remembered one particular Summer early evening. His buddies, Eric and Jay, dared him to race.

The three lined at the starting point. Sarah made a countdown, and of they went. The race ended with Jay bumping a bee hive.

“Pain in the ass, Jay?” Charlie chuckled.

Jay gave him the middle finger.

3-2-1 Quote Me: Truth

Bouncing from Fandango’s 3-2-1 Quote Me about Truth! You can read his quotes HERE! I’m also going to pass by the rule of tagging bloggers. Sometimes, not following rules can be liberating 😂 If you feel drawn to participate, please do so and leave me a Pingback 😀

” Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, and tell it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth. “

Richard Nixon

Once you go inside and weed through the muck, you will find the real beauty, the truth about yourself.

Lindsay Wagner

Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.


Impish deception

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge: impish. You can read more about this word and many others by clicking HERE 🙂

She was born with royal blood,

A crown destined to sit upon her head.

Expectations to be above an average citizen,

And a lifestyle to mold such a future.

In the twilight hours, this Princess came to life,

Slipping out her window, while the common boy awaits

She wears her impish expression with a naughty smile,

A natural high in the deception and disobedience.

The night was hers, theirs…

Till the dawn brought her back to reality.

Footsteps of The Mind

@GoDogGoCafe’s Tuesday’s Writing Prompt Challenge.

Use the theme: “footsteps of the mind.”

The Footsteps of the mind
Are tracks of her mistakes.
The choices she was free to make,
All the roads that were dead ends.
They’re the turns that hid the
wrong turn signs, and every
Tear she ever cried.
She walks those steps,
Reminding herself,
How strong she is.
What brought her here,
Who she used to be…
Then she takes his hand,
And they ride off into the sunset.


Photo taken from Pexel.

Song Challenge

Laura’s Weekly Song Challenge-Round 6 🎶

Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!

1. Song by a solo artist in 1988:

Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle

2. Song that talks about the weather:

Butterflies and Hurricanes – Muse

3. Song that has a number in the title:

Particularly Lou Bega “Mambo No. 5”

#98 Weekend Writing Prompt: Impervious

This is being formulated for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt Challenge. You can read more about it HERE =]

The couple chattered merrily down a chilly London street. They’re newly weds, and the honeymoon phases was radiating from their smiles.

Two blocks from their favorite Cafè, they passed a small boy shivering under an old ragged tarp.

” Oh look John, that young man needs help. He’s at least needing an impervious shelter to keep dry.!” Natalia empathized.

” Hello! What’s your name?” She inquired before John could caution her.

” Toby, ma’am.” the frightened boy murmured.

” Well Toby, I’m Natalia. Would you like to come with us so we can get you some basic needs?”

He, thankfully, took her hand.

Sacrifice for Love

Photo Credit ©️Dale Rogerson

Create for Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge found here!

Eglantinã woke from a deep sleep, as lights flashed through the Mercedes window. Her eyes squinted, as she soaked in the beautiful scenery around her.

She’s visiting her fiancé in the United States; and her trip expired all her energy.

Wow, qu’est-ce ?” She questioned Thomas.

” It’s a farris wheel. They’re commonly found in amusement parks and carnivals. Sometimes, they are at fairs and accompanying circuses.” Thomas responded.

Beauté impressionnante ! J’aime la couleur de celui-ci ! Peut-on le monter ?”

” Whatever your heart desires, my love! I’ll just be sure to remember a puke bucket.” He concluded.

(103 words)

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This Daily Prompt: Armor

Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt can be found HERE .

Should the government, WTO, be allowed to decide what, when, and where of international trade goods? The rich continued to be rich; while, others in foreign countries starved.

In 1999, the people of Seattle challenged the WTO and it’s leaders. Many protectors were dressed in armor of gas masks, turtle costumes, and cement barrels linking their arms. The people aimed for a peaceful protest; however, the city was still in complete chaos.

You can read more about this historical event on the web at

Opposites Attract #11

The Haunted Wordsmith’s challenge, Opposites Attract, words are the follow:

Today’s word:


He had it all: a triple Master’s Degree, the latest model of five different sports cars, a yhatt that holds 500 people. He was an idle, one who fans glorify.

As he sat in the lawn chair, he thought back to his Senior year of High School.

“Wow! What a catch.” Coach Lasseter announced as Kelvin, and a few other players came from the locker room.

” Thanks Coach! It was pretty lit.” Kelvin added.

It was the third quarter, a minute and a half left. Jason Grim tossed Kel the ball. There was a guy to the front left of him. Kel caught it, whipped to the right, out of reach of the apponent. He ran 75 yards, to score the winning touch down.

This was the familiar scene of the last six years. Since seventh grade, Kelvin has worked and practiced to perfect his talent. Winning that game had made all his efforts pay off.

It was the third game in the playoffs. The Bears and the Hornets were tie. Both teams played an excellent game, and Jason had the ball.

Kelvin got up from the chair and walked to the kitchen. He’s gained a comfortable lifestyle, married a wonderful woman, and given three beautiful children. He’s always remained humble, though; his momma taught him better.

Friday Fictioneers: 03/15/19

This is the weekly photo for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers Challenge. Photo Credit is to Anshu Bhojnagarwala.

Evelyn’s family were immigrants to the US. It took the family six years, and their efforts to move mountains just to obtain passports.

Once they successfully made it, no thanks to the overlooked harassment at the border, they searched for funding to open a store.

Minority grants and immigrant funds were obtained, and the small town of Transford gained another business.

Less than two years post established, Evelyn caught meningitis. She hadn’t the immunizations and immune system to fight it off.

Her family couldn’t afford a plot, let alone a headstone. In her memory, they planted some of her favorite flowers in an old piano.

(103 words)

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Self Reflection Questions

I love thought provoking questions. They challenge me to consider what I truly believe, ask why, and consider alternative options.

Here’s a great list I found on Pinterest.

The first question caught my interest. I think ” good enough” and ” acceptable” will always be self defined. I believe that their definitions will always vary from one individual to the next. I, also, believe these definitions will change in the course of an individual’s life.

What do I mean by self-defined? I create my definition of what’s “good enough”. I decide what I can live with, a far as accepting who I am.

Varies from one person to the next? Though society has established “social norms”, everyone other than me will need to decide when or if they feel good enough. They’ll know when and/or if they accept themselves. No two people believe exactly the same.

Changing with time? As stimuli begins to challenge my thought process, hormones begin to influence my body and mind, and expierences provide insight, I will alter my definition of ” good enough”. I will change what I believe to be acceptable.

The best concept in this evolving idea, is to love yourself as you are, accept who you are currently, while becoming who you want to be. If you love yourself to understand your imperfections and mortality, you’ll accept yourself with greater confidence.

What are your thoughts regarding feeling ” good enough” and ” that which is acceptable” of yourself?

100 Word Wednesday

100Written for BikurGurl’s 100 Word Wednesday Challenge

Every year, on Memorial Day, Jimmy and his Uncle Frank went fishing. Frank was an Army Vet of 36 years, and fishing was always his chance for relaxation.

The men were carrying on, enjoying laughs, down old route 116, when they heard a sudden spine tingling scream. It was a woman’s voice, and she needed help!

Immediately, in the quick pull off, the two men hurdled out of the old station wagon. They practically fell on their faces trying to get to the area where she frightfully hung.

” Hello Ms, hold on!!” Jimmy shouted.” We’ll get you up here, safely.”

FOWC: Opening

She found the small beautifully decorated box sitting on her doorstep. There wasn’t any postage; therefore, someone must have hand delivered it.

” How strange!” She thought aloud. ” Charity, no. It’s not a cat toy, that I’m sure!”

Charity has been her sweet Himalayan princess for seven years, now. If it weren’t for her, Kim would have had some much longer and darker nights.

Kim looked around, but there wasn’t any indication of whom left this gift. She bent down, carefully, and retrieved the box.

Once she was comfortable on the porch swing, she slowly pulled the left wing of the ribbon. She was hesitated to proceed, for no one can be too careful with suspicious packages these days.

As Kim fought with herself, Charity peeped out the midsized opening, at the foot of the screen door.

“Mmmeeoowww!” She declared.

Kim didn’t acknowledge the request.

She announced her presence again.

” Mmmeeoowww!” This time a more perturbed.

Kim looked at her cat and responded,

” Oh yes your majesty. It’s time I served your breakfast, isn’t it?”

Charity jumped upon the cushiones seat, and rubbed her head up against Kim’s arm.

” I need another cup of coffee for this adventure anyway. Let’s go.”

With that, the ladies made their way inside, and back to the kitchen.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Opening

Rain Drops

Taken from The Pelky Sisters Blog, found HERE 😀

It all happened on a Sunday, and I wasn’t ready. The rain drops were heavy, soaking the lawns of the neighborhood. The meteorologist warned of such weather, and the residents took precautions. Around seven o’clock, as the street lights began to come on, something happened. Unexplainably, the drops of rain turned into skittles, and covered everything. The children squeeled with utter delight. Nothing about this made sense, but I love skittles. I didn’t care about logic.

This Daily Prompt: Apparition

This was created for Sheryl’s This Daily Prompt: Apparition. You can find the details to this, and the previous challenges, by clicking HERE 💛


Fawver, Vera

Bday: 03/36/1976

Died: 02/16/2079

Sweet Vera transended into heaven on Thursday, the 16th of February. She’s proceeded in death by her mother, Cecelia. Vera was a bright and bubbly little girl. She was always laughing and cooing at nature’s creatures, big and small. She had the most charming head of curls and endless compassion. Among her living relatives are her two brothers, Dusty and Paul, her father Marshall, and many Aunts and Uncles. Funeral arrangements will be made in the next few days. Flowers can be sent to the family home or to Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Hospital.

Continue reading “This Daily Prompt: Apparition”

Where Your Soul Goes

This is the prompt for Go Dig Go Cafè’s 03/05/19 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge. I understand this is a super late submission; however, I felt the inspiration to write. I’m adding a bit more to this since the energy feels strongly active.

Continue reading “Where Your Soul Goes”

Weekend Writing Prompt #96

Prompt for Sammie Cox’s Weekend Challenge. Click image to read more about it.

The darkness hid her agonistic rage, salty tide, and painful tears! Like the threatening storm around her, the internal agression grew strength by the minute. Normally, a visit to the pier was a meditative visit. Not today; today the whipping winds stirred her soul. The seaside was, ironically, the best and worst place for her, at the given moment.

The Basics

The elemental foundation is a necessity for all else to suceed. It’s the brick that all else depends; and it’s that which builds strength and endurance. Without it, the holes will weaken the sustenance of the goal, and it’ll crumble.

Why is it that so many major corporations don’t understand this concept? Every right hand should understand the basics. Every left hand should, too. Everyone should be working towards the same goal. Every employee should be trained in the process. Every individual should be aware of how their position affects the rest of the process.

You’d think this was rocket science.

This has been formulated for the Word of the Day Challenge 😀 You can read more about it HERE 😀

Her Sunroom

The sunroom was warm and cozy, despite the six inches of snow that blanketed the ground. It extended to the left of the living room, on the west side of the house. Three of the four walls were five inch thick panels of glass, that extended from ceiling to floor. An extra large hanging basket of flourishing pansies hung in the furthest center and right corner. These beauties have been growing for months, and add the perfect touch of color to the sunroom.

Collete sat in her oversized dark blue velvet chair, waiting for the filter to percolate her hot blueberry tea. The chair was a gift from her mother, and Collete’s favorite spot in the world. Sitting just to the left of the entrence, here, she watched sunsets, read, found inspiration for her writing, knitted, among other things.

This was written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge

Dialogue Prompt Challenge

I am devilishly curious🤪 What took you there in the first place? Why can’t you just behave? Are you human or a new life form? Creature perhaps? Is this reality? Some bizarre dream from eating to much chocolate before bed?

* Please keep your response under 250 words. I can’t wait to read them. *

Most importantly, Have Fun

* Anyone, who feels inspired, can participate. Please tag your post #NDPC

  (<u>⬆️ IMPORTANT, so I don't miss reading your</u>s)

Writing Prompt #9

This is being written for Sarah Elizabeth Moore’s Prompt #9. You can find the details HERE :p

Let me tell you how lucky I REALLY am that I’ve gone through the hardships I have.

Say what?

Yes! The hardships I’ve faced have shown me the value of happy, the true meaning of joy when I feel it, and the gift of laughter.

The hardships have taught me to be present as often as possible. They’ve taught me to respond to situations, rather than react.. And to break down my thoughts until I see truth.

I’m so really lucky to have faced the hardships of my childhood because they taught me what to prevent with my daughters.

I’ve been lucky to expierence the hardships with my boyfriend because they’ve taught me love is WORK… And a choice.

I’ve never had “it easy”. I’ve not had much just given to me in nearly 20 years. These storms in life have built my character, and I don’t think I’ve turned out so badly.

RonovanWrites #243

This is being formulated for Ronovan’s #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Prompt #Challenge. You can read more about it HERE. He has provided two words that must be used: swim and float

Swim, baby girl, swim.

Circular motion, that’s it.

Now, relax and float.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on

Letting Her Grow

Formulated for The Sunday Photo Fiction 😀 You can read about it HERE.
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Robin was a single mom to three grown young ladies. When her youngest was just 18 months, the girls’ father ran off with some sleezy French chunky chic. He met her at one of the an doctors conventions in New Zealand.

Though, without a doubt, the task of parenting these girls alone was tough, the priceless moments made everything worth while.

Today, Jasmine, the 18 year old ambitious spring flower, was taking the train to upstate NY for school. She’s a beginning freshman, and she is beyond ready to begin this adventure.

” Ok, you ready?” Robin asked her precious babe.

” As ready as I’m going to be!” Jasmine declared.

” Please be careful. As soon as you step off the train, please call me.”

” Of course, I know how you worry. Try and relax mommy, everything is going to be fine. We’ll Facetime later this evening, ok? Jasmine continued.

” Alright. I love you Sweetheart!” Robin finally added.

” I love you most!” Jasmine replied, embracing her mom for a tight hug.

They’ve always been close. Robin felt so grateful in that moment.

(200 words)

Story Starter Challenge

Formulated for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Prompt Follow the Birds 🦢

” Agnus, where are we? Somehow we’ve strayed from the group. Did I make a wrong turn? Why didn’t you tell me? What if they don’t recognize we’re gone? ”

” Oh John, breathe honey, before you have an anxiety attack. Look, there! The rest of the group is just on the otherside of that bend. Just follow the birds, John, just follow the birds.”

John chuckled, her sweetness mixed with a pinch of sarcastic humor is only one of a million reasons why he loved her so.

In Other Words Challenge

Patricia has challenged followers to ” write a story of poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word invisible.” You can read more about her “In Other Words” Challenge by clicking HERE.

Invisible wounds teach us to judge less.

War Heroes suffer with PTSD.

A lady is paranoid to walk alone.

New mothers’ feel incapable and overwelmed.

Kindness extends the grace that so many of us really need.

Writing Prompt #109: Vanished

Being written for Rachael Mark’s prompt seen here. Photo taken from Pinterest.

Anastasia paused at the moment she saw him. She would surely be thought rude for staring; but, she couldn’t do anything else. He was dark and handsome, standing at 6′ 5″. His top hat and peacoat created an illusion of him taller in height. From where Anastasia stood, she could see he had a thin but masculine physique. He stood facing her, with his feet shoulder length apart, and a cane resting in front of him.

She shivered, suddenly, as if an ice cube just fell the length of her spine. This usually happens to her when her spiritual life was trying to speak to her. For another moment, she remained there, at the bottom of the stairs. His whole aura was intriguing and mysterious. There was something about him that tempted Anna’s desire.

After what seemed like a lifetime, she took five steps forward, and began walking up the stairs. The centertown college was old England architecture. The market was a gorgeous structure of stone and masonry work. Anna has adored the brilliant sculptures and intrigue details artists put into their masterpieces.

While lost in her thoughts, and unfortunately by the time she reached the upper landing, her mysterious gentleman had vanished. She pressed up against the wall to overlook the town square. No, he wasn’t there. She delicately galloped through the narrow street, splashing through a puddle in the process. He was nowhere to be found. With much disgust, Anastasia surrendered her search.

The day had begun it’s transition to early evening, and the weather was quite cool. It was time to return home and prepare dinner. She hoped to see him again, if fate allotted.

10 Anti-resolutions for 2019

There’s are being written by the inspired prompt from the Today’s Author blog 🙂

  1. I will absolutely never mix two brands of cereal together.
  2. I vow to never become a bibliokept.
  3. I will not become lugubrious when I see spilt coffee.
  4. This year, I won’t step on many cracks so I don’t break grandmas’ backs.
  5. This year, I’ll never eat toast without the crust.
  6. I will not allow my words to offend the squirrels.
  7. This year, I won’t forget to befriend a fish.
  8. I will not walk a path without clearing the footbridge for the beavers.
  9. This year, I won’t go without learning CPR for a tree.
  10. I won’t forget to laugh at the rediculousness of my mind.

Photo Credit ©️ Pixel

Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit: Jean L Hays Photo Credit: Jean L Hays. Chosen for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge. You can read more about this by clicking on the image.

Those old dusty roads,

Birthed from years and years of travelers.

Passing through Thoreau, NM.

The Red Mountain Market and Deli sat on the main

road through town.

As Josh crept past the old store, he smiled from the bittersweet memories of him and his grandfather.

One particular weekend, Clint Eastwood made an appearance. He had heard they had the best organic cattle cuts in all of West United States.

He remembered another story; his grandfather met Bob Livingston. It was one of Josh’s favorite.

Time just got too expensive. Time aged his grandfather. Josh had to close the store.

{100 words}

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3-2-1 Quote Me: Courage

Thank you, Fandango, for tagging me in this challenge!

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the Selector — Thanks Fandango ☺️.
  • Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day — See below.
  • Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘321 Quote Me!’ — See below the quotes

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”

The strongest people find the courage and caring to help others, even if they are going through their own storm.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Three bloggers :


Your Daily Word Prompt: fascinate

You can find out more here.

The stars and moon,

Creations of rainbows,

Micro photography of raindrops

Musical compositions

Pottery sculping.

And birds ability to fly.

Harvesting, robotic creatures,

Mental healing,

Cultures and history.

Genetics and How-To

DIY and Reusing

Money management and

the Amish

Love and Loss

Food of most kind

True life stories,

The Wonders of the World

Fascinate her.

My 7 Favorite Things

Yay 😁😁



  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you. Stu over @ Something To Stu Over
  2. Link back and thank the blogger who started the tag. That was Beth.
  3. List and picture at least seven of your favorite things.
  4. Tag at least seven people.
  5. List the rules.

🌸My Favorite Things🌸

My Girls

Kindness {Kindness cards I made last night:)}

My Washer & Dryer. You don’t appreciate these till you have two girls and are a single mom.

Adult Coloring Apps

My boyfriend

My Readers

Makeup/Beauty Products

Let’s go with:


Mina R

Stuart France

My Inner MishMash

Happiness Buffet


A Touch of Gilead