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Friday Vibes

You deserve a wonderful weekend. Take time to relax and be good to yourself. Much love 💕



Working on Us~ Beckie’s Mental Health Prompts: Week #1

What I LOVE about this idea is it’s our chance to express ourselves and our truths in a safe and supportive group. We are able to share without fear of judgements and condemnation. Thank you Beckie, for creating this safe haven. If you’d like to participate in the weekly Mental Health Prompt, you can find all the details with Ms. Beckie, here.

This image is her Prompt #2. I was intensely drawn to it.

The colors are bleak, overcasts of lingering dull clouds, with fruitless trees. The crows are swirling close by, reiterating the darkness and death like feel to the image. The trees are bare, cold, and naked, exposed. There’s prints in the snow, an aimless wonderer, with no sense of direction.

When I was experiencing the darkest of my mental illness, life felt everything like this image. I cared not for anything around me. I was alone, cold, and suffering, as if the world could see my labels. My ambition died. My excitement for life died. Crows swarmed my mind, waiting on the next kill… I wondered through days, with zero sense of purpose or intention. The overhead clouds were gravely thick, promising to stick around and make me miserable.

I felt trapped, lost, forbidden, forgotten, and alone.


Award Acceptance

I don’t do all the steps within the reward because of its length; however, I absolutely need to shout out some love to the following.

Beckie’s Mental Mess for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award

Two pieces of advice I’d give other bloggers is this:

  1. Don’t force yourself to write. If you feel a dry spell is happening, surround yourself with that which most inspires you.
  2. Support other bloggers with reading, likes, but mostly comments. By doing so, you gain a support system and accountability team. You also have valuable resources at your fingertips.

I also need to thank Carol at Therapy Bits for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award

Two additional pieces of advice I’d give new bloggers is the following:

  1. Blogging will take you through seasons, as does everything else in life, but don’t give up. The seasons will change, again.
  2. Finding your niche is the most important part about blogging. Pick a topic on your fiercely passionate list.

Namasté 🙏🏼

10 Positive Things

This is a challenge by Bipolar Whispers. She’s asked us to list ten things we love about ourselves that’s not related to mental health.

Once the list has been completed, she’s asked us to link the post back to her original post.

I’m adding an addition piece by tagging 3 bloggers that I don’t know well, to participate if so desires.

10 Things I Love About Me

1. I accept individuals where they are in life.

2. I laugh at dry humor.

3. I love to learn.

4. I’m not attached to “possessions”.

5. I can grow of plants from seeds.

6. My cooking isn’t too bad.

7. I understand children well.

8. I teach my girls to be strong and independent.

9. My heart is so giving.

10. I am proud of my photography.

I would love to learn more about

Ellie @searchingforme7

Elly @theselfhelpful

Life with the breeze @lifewthebreeze

One Word Sunday: Simplicity

Evelyn’s job required her to travel. In the hustle and chaos of packing, unpacking, checking in and out, the airport times and airplane tight seating, her anxiety was a frequent companion. She’s gotten better with managing it all, thanks to Dr Hopkin’s prescription.

Occasionally, though, she’d be due to land in an area such as Pabneukirchen, Austria. Such a place was wonderfully welcoming, with it’s townspeople kind and friendly. The rolling hills and slow placed living helped Evelyn calm her spirit. She always yearned for the reminder of life’s simplicity. Her breathing returned to normal; and, she felt such relief.

Photo Credit Attached

This was formulated for Debbie Symth’s One Word Sunday.

Julia’s Story Part 1: Truth of the Matter


” The sun will always shine and the moon will always glow, she said while staring into the distance. He smiled as he put his hand on her shoulder. As she turns around, he says

” Julia, dear, I have something I need to tell you.” His face went flushed, as if he was just hit with the flu.

“Roger, what is it? You look as if you’ve just seen a ghost.” Julia t responded.

“Come, sit next to me.”

“Roger, what on earth is the matter?” Julia said in utmost concern.

” I don’t know how to tell you this; I really didn’t know how to accept it myself. ” He added.

” Well, whatever it is, I’m certain we can get through it together!” She reassred Roger.

” But you see,” He began,” it won’t be us being through this?”

” Whatever do you mean? You’re not making any sense Roger. We have been through so much, and…”

” Julia, I realize I’m gay!!” He interjected.

She just stared at him, not sure what to say. Blinking in complete shock, she turned around to watch the moon.

Her mind started with questions, how did she not know? How did she miss the signs, after 25 years? Was he seeing someone else? How did he realize he was gay?

” I’m so speech… ROGER!!!” She screamed.

While wrapped up in her thoughts about this latest discovery, Roger suffered a sever heart attack.

” ROGER! ROGER, WAKE UP!!” She wailed

By this point, closer bys had called the ambulance. The ems were now there, attempting CPR.

With no avail, they apologized to Julia for her loss.

” I can’t believe this,” Julia settled onto the cement wall, ” I would rather have had him alive and with a partner, than to not have him at all.”

As the moon continued to rise, she continued to cry…

Laura’s Weekly Song Challenge: Week #16

Here’s the fun weekly song challenge Laura put’s together. You don’t want to miss out, check it out:D

Song with Blue in the title or lyrics

Eiffel 65- Blue

Song that has the word color in the title or lyrics

True Colors- Cyndi Lauper

A song with a color included in the title of the song or band name

Men in Black- Will Smith

Kristina, what songs would you choose?

Word of the Day Challenge: Substitute

Standing in front of the mirror,

She decided it’s time for change,

Toxic will be removed,

Thoughts rearranged.

She said with full confidence,

As she reviewed her reflection,

The labels are coming off,

No more self rejection.

No more body shaming,

No more self sabotage

No unnecessary blaming.

She made a declaration,

To substitute the hurt with good.

To live a more honest life.

As she always knew she should.

Photo Credit Pinterest

This is formulated for The Word of the Day Challenge. You can read more about it here.

3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge: Happiness

Fandango, over at This, That, and the Other, tagged me to participate in this round of 3-2-1 Quote Me, about Happiness.

“Stop comparing yourself to other people, just choose to be happy and live your own life.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Happiness. It was the place where passion, with all its dazzle and drumbeat, met something softer: homecoming and safety and pure sunbeam comfort. It was all those things, intertwined with the heat and the thrill, and it was as bright within her as a swallowed star.” 
― Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Word of the Day Challenge: Delicious

This is created for The Word of the Day Challenge.

I’m not one to try exotic new foods, more in fear of how my body will react to it. When I have something that I LOVE, however; such as fresh fruit, or a Duncan Donuts Strawberry Banana Smoothie, I savor every last morsal! Haha, isn’t that how we all should do every bit to life, though? The delicious taste of life is such sweetness. It should be lived in all it’s luscious, colorful, and delightful glory. That’s my opinion.

“Freedom of Expression” Challenge: photograph

This is being created to fulfill the Freedom of Expression Challenge, weekly chosen prompt “photograph”. You can read more about this unique challenge here 🙂

My first form of interpretation is my all-time favorite form of expression: music!

Photograph- Ed Sheeran
Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Photograph – Nickelback
Photographs- Rhianna

My next form of expression is through laughter! Here’s a few photographs that’ll leave you in stitches:


I mean N.E.V.E.R…

My Life is NEVER boring~

Many years ago, [Lordie, did I just say that🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂] { 5.5 to be exact}] I decided that, that, was the headline of my life. At the time, I was #firsttimemom with a six month old! I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I had no clue what I was doing married again, completely dependent on my husband, with a new baby, and unemployed. I knew I wanted my mom, more than ever; and, she couldn’t be with me.

As time passed, and my decisions took me down an unpaved, dark, and scary path… I kept going. I had to. Little by little, small victory after small victory, the darkness lifted. Zivah grew older, and I’ve magically retained nature hair color.

In 2016, our quaint superpower duo team became a trio! This biracial beauty queen came into our lives; and, I’ve never been sane sense.

She’s got crazy advanced sense ability. I promise she was speaking full phrases at a year old; and, she’s as strong as an ox. She and her sister converse with their own kiddo language. I referee the arguments, mock the tantrums (this is a very effective technique. It feels great and the kids laugh eventually?!), and pray for enough money to buy pizza for an easy dinner.

Now that years have since passed, my older daughter is taking life by the horns and attending school. It was an expierence, to say the least. The numbed one piece of (unsolicited) advice I’d give EVERY parent, is if you’re not satisfied with the school of which your child attends, speak up and do something about it. Our schools are to prepare our future generations for success. If they’re not meeting our standards, what are we saying to our children, by being passive.

My younger daughter is home with me, four of the five school days. We enjoy time together; and, her cuddles are the absolute best.

I’m now a WAHM (a whammy lol) (work at home mom)! Logically speaking, it’s the best position for me! Here’s the catch, I hate NEW & UNCOMFORTABLE! I literally worked down anxiousness for two days, about these 12 calls I made this morning. It’s typical for an INFJ to be like this. I call, after hours, to make appointments, just so I could leave messages. LOL🌼

Anyway, I hope you new followers know I greatly appreciate you joining me in this crazy blogging journey. I hope all of you remember the awesome person looking back at you in the mirror deserves love.

Hope to see you in my notifications 🌻🙏🏼💖

Easter 2019🌸

happy easter

Easter graphics @

I hope that you feel the renewed hope, joy, and freedom that comes from a selfless sacrifice. Whether you believe in God or not, a sacrifice is the possibility. The old has laid to rest, and the new is right around the corner. Walk with faith in the possibilities and belief in yourself.

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! (collaboration poetry)

Roy, over at A Guy Named Bloke, created this super cool challenge!

It’s called Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!

Rory’s Instructions:
I will choose a topic, write four lines of Rhyming Verse then l will tag one of my readers who will in turn add four lines of Rhyming Verse to my mine and Tag one of their own readers, and then it is a case of wash rinse repeat and let’s see how far our topic goes in so far as a Rhyme?




The Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

Rory Starts us off:
So, so much to do, and with so little time, I want to do everything, nothing to be missed, But how do l plan it all, how do l define, The perfectly crazy bucket list?

Paula’s adds:
First up is a lush tropical jungle, Jaguars and waterfalls… all quite insane; I do hope my parachute isn’t all bungled, When I jump from the doorway of this airplane!

Fandango Continues:
I want to take a rocket into space, Or maybe a submarine ride deep in the sea. I sure hope they will save me a place, Because that’s where I really want to be!

Cheryl Contributes:
A trip to the mountains is what l’d choose, I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes, Rocks are high and edges slippery, Wouldn’t want to fall off the perifery,

Kristian Contribution:
I’d like see the world, visit the sands of Abu Dhabi take a cruise down the Golden Gate Bridge in my Maserati,
head to New England and catch a game at old Fenway Park,
then board a ship to Costa Rica where I can swim with a shark.


My Contribution:

I’d travel to the desert in Egypt

And photograph the pyramids,

Photo Credit Attached

Then board the Ciaro railway,

To the Chocolateria in Madrid.

Photo Credit Attached

I’d like to tag Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway:)

Word of the Day: Lingering

The lingering stench of bad decisions suffocated Carl, as he clumsily tried standing. His head throbbed; and the faint light shining through the curtains felt like a jack hammer to the skull.

” Where does she keep the aspirin?” He grumbled in irritability. Hangover is not a good look for him.

He took the glass, from the strainer, and filed it half full with water. Carefully, he turned around and made his way to the bathroom.

James, his lifelong friend, made it as far as the hallway. He looked ROUGH… His collard shirt was half His from his hands. He was missing a shoe and sock from one foot. To top off the look, he smelled like regret. Puke was all down the front of him, that Carl could see anyway.

“Wow dude, you must have partied hard!” He said to his friend, while passing by.

Stepping over him, Carl made it to the bathroom. He hoped there would be aspiran in the medicine cabinet.

“Shit!” He whispered. With no relief, he made his way back out of the bathroom.

” Maybe there’s some in her nightstand!” He thought, heading in that direction.

Tracey, Carl’s female best friend, was sleeping next to the sliding closet doors. She was still wearing the cute Al Chazier fleek black evening dress from the night before. He had a crush on her all the while they were growing up. In middle school, during one of the yearly dances, they missed. It was awkward. They bumped heads. They never did anything like it since.

Carefully squirming past her, Carl made it to the night stand. In luck, there was a bottle of medication inside.

” Whew! Thank God!” He murmured, as he popped the lid of and tapped two whole white pills into his palm.

Throwing his head, he gulped the water, washing down the medication as fast as possible. He’d been hungover plenty of times, but this felt different. His body felt extra heavy, and he felt extra warm. It was only May, so the outside temps weren’t the New York hot yet.

” Damn! I’m still not feeling it!” He thought, as he stumbled past Tracy, on his way out of the room. As he approached the James, still passed out in the hallway, his throat began to tighten.

” WTF!” He panicked. Shortly thereafter, his vision began to blur, and he desperately needed to get back to the sink.

Practically plummeting facedown into the carpet, he desperately tried to regain control of himself. He had no idea what was happening, and no one else was comprehensive to help.

Slowly, griping the nearby furniture to stay up, he made it to the kitchen. His breathing now was gasping. His chest heavy, as of cement blocks were loading for transporting. He felt himself slipping.

“Forget the water, where’s the damn phone?!” He mustered out. He collapsed to the floor and laid on his back. With one hand over his heart, he felt a trail of tears stream down his cheek. Ten minutes later, he gasped for the last time.

Sonya emerged from the walk in pantry. This was her birthday; it was her party the night before. She wasn’t going to allow someone to ruin it for her. Carl had just met her; however, when he started drinking he became obnoxiously frustrating.

He made the mistake of getting in front of the mic and giving a less than pleasant birthday toast.

Sonya tip toed over to where Carl laid motionless.

” I tried to warn you, fool! ” She whispered with this evil look to her eyes.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge; found here🙂

3-2-1 Quote Me: Attitude

Hiya!! 🤚🏼🥰 I wasn’t fortunate enough to be tagged by some lovely blogger, to participate in this challenge; but, I’m playing along anyway ❤️

Quotes about Attitude:

This has been one of my favorites since I’ve first heard it ~

Photo Credit Pinterest
Photo Credit Pinterest
Photo Credit Pinterest

So You Know

This So You Know Challenge is hosted by Revenge Of Eve
  1. Do you take responsibilty for other peoples problems and/or emotions, unknowingly? If so, move on to question 2, if not…head on to #3.
  2. When did you noticed this behavior was burdening you and stunting your growth? Was it a particular incident or did someone verbally tell you that it isn’t your responsibility?
  3. Were you raised by giving parents or by parents who gave only to throw it in your face later?
  4. Lastly, what are your opinions concerning parents being held responsible for their children’s action? As in – what age is the child when they are held responsible for their own actions? Is this opinion reflective of how your parents raised you or opposite?

My Answers

  1. I don’t feel I take on responsibility for others problems/emotions other than my two girls. They’re under age, so I feel I’m partially responsible for them.
  2. Skipped
  3. I was raised by two adults that did a great job providing the necessities. When it came to privilege, my mother felt it her role to constantly remind us that we should be grateful… Whether or not the situation, actually, needed such a reminder.
  4. I partially answered this in #1. I feel as they gain an understanding of right and wrong, they begin to take accountability for their behavior. They learn how their behavior impacts others, by discussing how it makes the person feel… And they can decide what needs done to correct it. By the teenage years, young adults should be taking responsibility for most of their behavior ; but, rebellion is another story.

A2Z Challenge: N

Today’s challenge is the flowers of states that begin with N.

Nebraska State Flower: Goldenrod

Photo Credit Attached

Nevada State Flower: Sagebrush

Photo Credit Attached

New Hampshire State Flower: Purple Lilac

Photo Credit Attached

New Jersey State Flower: Violet

Photo Credit Attached

New Mexico State Flower: Yucca

Photo Credit Attached

New York State Flower: Rose

Photo Credit Attached

North Carolina State Flower: Flowering Dogwood

Photo Credit Attached

North Dakota State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose

Photo Credit Attached

Weekend Writing Prompt #101

The charlatan bowed his head in the prayer. For months, he has traveled from city to city, appearing as a homeless veteran. His deception fills his pockets; his lies more filthy than his appearance.

Six months ago, he was laying in Egyptian cotton sheets, of a bedroom 24 ft x 36 ft. His mistake, the mistress was laying next to him.

A2Z Challenge: M

Photo Credit Attached

The 12th letter of our alphabet is the letter M!

In the United States, the states are

Maine State Flower:White pinecone and tassel

Photo Credit Attached

Maryland State Flower: Black-eyed Susan

Photo Credit Attached

Massachusetts State Flower: Mayflower

Photo Credit Attached

Michigan State Flower: Apple Blossom

Photo Credit Attached

Minnesota State Flower: Pink & White Lady Sipper

Photo Credit Attached

Mississippi State Flower: Magnolia

Photo Credit Attached

Missouri State Flower: White Hawthorn Blossom

Photo Credit Attached

Montana State Flower: Bitterroot

Photo Credit Attached

Coloring Contest

So, who enjoys coloring? ALLLL of you? Yay!!

From 04/21/19 through 05/05/19 {2 weeks}, I’m going to hold a coloring contest.


Don’t forget to include your name and blog link so I know who you are:)

The pictures to choose from are below. You can color them by hand or digitally. You can paint it if you’d like. You can color one, multiple, or all the images. Please just submit one though.

I’ll judge 1, 2, 3rd place at the end of the two weeks. The main idea is to relax and have fun. Let this be free therapy for you on a stressful day.

Brew & Spew Cafe- Word of the Week

The Word of the Week is: pretend.  

The two girls would pretend for hours. Each bottle of paint would become a student or teacher. They, collectively, became a class. If course, this was the class parallel to that of my daughter’s, which Mrs. Brown-Taylor lead.

The girls had the students talking, lining up, and visiting Mr Harris’ room. Mr Harris is the music teacher. He had the class singing, practicing drums, and using rain sticks.

Meanwhile, I was nearby, painting rocks into chocolate chip cookies and cheeseburgers.

Yes these are painted rocks=)

“Now where did it go?”

“Now where did it go?” Chasity whispered to herself.

” Where did what go?” Ben asked her.

She jumped, startled from his emergence. She didn’t realize he had heard her, or that anyone had, actually.

” My chakra beads bracelet. It was just here two days ago, and now it’s gone!” She added.

” Hhhmmmm. That’s odd. Have you worn it out in the last few days?” He continued.

” No!” She replied, ” I sat it on the dresser so I knew, for certain, it was here for this evening. That’s the bracelet mom gave me for my 18th birthday. I need to find it!!”

Chasity had worked herself into hyper ventilation!!

She’s had this mental illness since she was a child. She and her family had visited the fair, while it was in town. The night they went, her family was in line to ride the Merry-go-round. It took less than 5 minutes of a distraction, and her family wasn’t in sight. She saw a young girl playing the darts game, and she thought the girl would certainly win a prize.

Chasity looked around, and her family wasn’t near.

” Mommy!” She cried softly.

” Mommy! Mommy!” She cried again, feeling the tightness of her chest escalate.

” Mooommmyyyyy! Where are you?” Chasity screamed in a full blown outpour of hysteria and tears.

A nearby woman witnessed the child and approached her to help.

” Hello! My name is Nova. What’s your name?” She asked?

” My mommy doesn’t want me talking to strangers.” Chasity explained.

” That’s safe! Your mommy loves you to keep you safe. I saw you looking sad because you can’t find your mommy, and I want to help you find her.” Nova added.

” Is that OK?” She continued.

” Yes!” The five year old responded.

Less than twenty minutes later, the fair grounds police had located her parents and everyone was reunited.

Chasity was never the same, though.

She grew up with nightmares; and she’s struggled with bad anxiety attacks.

She’s super conscientious of where she places things, and where her family is.

“Here it is!!” Ben exclaimed in delight!!

” It must have slipped behind the dresser when I sat my book down, last night!” Chasity explained.

In the greatest feeling of relief, Chasity slipped on her good luck charm, and off they went.

Formulated for The Haunted Wordsmith’s April 7th, Story Starter Challenge

Word of the Day Challenge: Gaze

Subtle and quietly, she maneuvered through the

Market, searching for the perfect melon and freshest

Bundle of basil leaves.

Her father would scold her till hell froze over if he

knew; but she lived for the wrong doing adrenaline.

It gave her a sense of urgency to explore this great

Big world; all that’s beyond those stuffy castle walls.

As she weaved through the townspeople, she kept her

Eyes on the market stand she frequently visited.

His was by far the best of choices, for everything from

Fruit to herbs, flower seeds, to organic pastries. He

Was a dark and handsome man, roughly late 20s to

Mid 30s.

Though, she had a gaze that stopped em in their

Tracks, she has yet to accomplish the challenge

Of catching his attention. She’d gracefully step up to

The stand, and flash a warm and friendly smile.

As he did with every lady, he’d tip his hat with respect

And a returned welcome. She always anticipated the

butterflies that followed.

” How could this man have no idea? ” She thought

To herself.

She put down a melon that obviously wasn’t ready for

Purchasing and picked up another. Honeysuckle

Syrup poured over crepes, with a side of cantaloupe

Was her favorite breakfast. Her mother would

sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg over the entire plate. It

Was the perfect touch, but moms do that, add what’s

Needed to made everything just right.

She returned to the market scene when she felt a

warm touch upon her arm. She smiled sheepishly, that

Sweet and innocent smile men can’t resist. He stood so

Close, she could feel his body heat radiate from his

well defined figure.

” Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.” She sympathized

He simply took the fruit from her hand and replaced it

With one from his crop. Politely, he tip his hat again as

If to say, It’s on me. Bidding you a great day.

She accepted with a returned wink and headed back


Formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: Gaze

A2Z Challenge: G

Photo Credit linked

Today’s letter is the 7th of our alphabet! It’s the grand letter G:D In my series for the A 2 Z April Challenge, I’m posting flowers, particularly the ones Home to North America.

Georgia would be our next state flower to marvel at lol.

This is the Cherokee Rose. You can read more about the state HERE.

Image by yamada* via Flickr Creative Commons

Personal Self-Reflection Questions

Questions Taken from Jeanine Nicole’s page:

Self-Discovery Journalling Prompts

1. What three words describe me best?

2. What are the important things in my life?

3. What values are important to me?

4. What does my ideal life look like?

5. What is my biggest regret?

6. What are my favourite memories?

7. What makes those memories so good?

8. What is holding me back I life right now?

9. What is my biggest strength?

10. What allowed me to reach this far in life?

11. What makes a life good?

12. Am I happy with my life?

13. What do I admire about myself?

14. When am I most happy?

15. Do I like the person that I am today?

16. What is my best quality?

17. What is my biggest weakness? How do I make up for it?

18. What is my love language?

19. What is my communication style?

20. What is my passion in life?

21. How happy am I?

22. What is my purpose on this earth?

23. What am I most grateful for?

24. What do I want to improve about myself?

25. What are the most impactful events that have happened to me thus far?

26. What are the three most valuable life lessons that you’ve learned?

27. Where will I be in 10 years?

28. What am I most looking forward to in the next 5 years?

29. What could I give a presentation in with no preparation?

30. What do I lack confidence in?

31. What do I judge myself about?

32. What is my personal definition of success?

33. How successful am I in life?

34. What is on my bucket list?

35. When do I feel most comfortable?

36. What makes me uncomfortable?

37. What stresses me out the most?

38. How do I deal with stress?

39. What drains my energy?

40. What gives me life?

41. Where do I feel most at home?

42. What are 4 fundamental beliefs that I have about life?

43. What are 3 limiting beliefs that I have about myself?

44. What are 5 empowering beliefs about myself?

I Have Plenty

Imagine a world where we said

“I have plenty, let me share some with you.”

There’s plenty of room,

Sure, sit by me on the bus.

I have plenty to wear,

Let me give you my coat.

There’s plenty to drink,

Please accept this bottle of water.

I have plenty of essentials,

That I should be helping others.

Having plenty is a gift.

At some point in time,

We all needed help, and

Someone else HAD plenty

Enough. Imagine a

World where we all pay

The Kindness Forward.

When we all HAVE plenty🌸

Your Daily Word Prompt: Plenty