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“It is not the the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.” ― Aisha Mirza


Thank you all for your Encouragement and Support!

You’re awesome guys!!!!


To The Strong Ones

Strong ones, this is for you. I know your struggle; I’ve lived it for years. Know you’re not alone, not ever. I’m so proud of how brave and resilient you are. I’m also so proud of when you accept your mortality and admit you’re not ok. You’re amazing, always have been and always will be. Don’t forget that 🌻🌻🌼🌼

A few of my favorite writers 🌸

r.m. drake

Maya Angelou

C.S. Lewis

Mark Twain


Karen Kingsbury

Shel Silverstein

My Mental Health Journey 7×2

It’s been hours since I’ve heard the news, and I don’t feel any better. I actually feel worse.

He’s unconscious because of a concussion. The thought of him like that breaks my heart.

My chest has physically hurt, all day. That could be because I’ve been alone, in my apartment, all day.

I’ve struggled with feeling a sense of belonging in his life, because he doesn’t remember me before last November. I question if I do have a right to know how he’s doing, or if I’m right where I should be. Not because I don’t love him, but because he doesn’t remember much of me. It’s all terribly painful. I feel I’ve invested so much into him that I deserve and should get updates, that these recent feelings are insecurities… But I also want what’s best for him… And I want to be a good impact, a healthy choice for him.

Then my car, guys, yesterday morning, I nearly lost control of it twice. My breaks started grinding when I went in reverse recently, so I knew I needed to make an appointment to have an alignment done. I didn’t have enough money so I was going to barrow some from my bf.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the funds to transfer, I’m going down the highway, and my wheels wanted to take my car to the right… Rather than straight. I don’t know if the rain made it lose traction or what, but I haven’t moved it since.

All of this has happened at once… And me in my head is making my chest hurt more by the second. Sure I’m positive I’ll have enough to get my car fixed, I’m almost positive my boyfriend will be released with minimal issues…

But, right now, I just need people to tell me, you’re not alone. Breathe, hey listen to my day, just distract me with conversation or reassurance that everything WILL be ok.

I need that right now…. Not likes. Thank you all. 🌸💖

My Mental Health Journey 7

Some days I’m not going to feel like myself. When half of my soul is not doing well, and hospitalized, how can I possibly feel completely myself.

Being HSP and an Empath, I’m physically capable of ” sensing” what others do. With him, it’s a STRONG pull… And it’s exhausting!

Soulmate is the word our society uses ever so lightly. Marriage vows often define the cost of the wedding, designer of the dress, and signatures on paper… It’s not a sanctified union anymore.

But when you’re someone like me, and you love someone beyond anything understandable to human life, because such is everything most couldn’t ever feel… Then, you sit, and pray like you’ve never prayed before.

I’m not ok today. I’m exhausted. For some time, my life has been chaos… Sickness, hospital visits, puke, bitchy school staff, inconsiderate neighbors, pain in the ass car…

It’s just me dealing with all this. I’m paralyzed to do much, because my anxiety nearly has me consumed to my oversized chair. I may try and sleep.

It’s not what I’d prefer to be doing right now, but the temporary comfort of warmth and coziness would be nice. It’s just me here at home, right now. Though I have many thing I COULD be doing, I don’t want to.

Please continue to pray for my boyfriend. I’m hoping there was little to no damage done and that he is released soon. Thank you.

It’s OK to not be okay, sometimes. Today, I’m not ok.

My Mental Health Journey 6

When I think about mental health, I can’t help but to believe it’s the most vulnerable and susceptible to negative influences. It’s not like physical health, where a diet and exercise keeps away the illness. It’s more delicate and easily influenced by outside elements.

This morning, I was feeling REALLY good… And right now, I’m super sad. My resilience holds up for so long, before I need support 🙂 I truly believe we’re all like that though.

Mental Health is something that can change a million times a day; and we never know what is going to change to. It sucks when the aura changes from super happy to fatigued and sad, but it’s life… And we feeling it and facing it, helps us to get through it.

If you’re down and out tonight, if you’re frustrated because you were good, just this morning. I get it. I hear you. Our mental health can change any second, and it’s a real struggle sometimes. Hugs!!

Said Song Share

Sara Bareilles- Brave

“ You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love
Or you can start speaking up
Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
And they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins
But I wonder what would happen if you
Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave”

Bryan Adams-Summer of ‘69

“ I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it ’til my fingers bled
Was the summer of sixty-nine
Me and some guys from school
Had a band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit, Jody got married
I should’ve known we’d never get far“

Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline

“ Look at the night and it don’t seem so lonely
We filled it up with only two
And when I hurt
Hurting runs off my shoulders
How can I hurt when I’m holding you
One, touching one
Reaching out, touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good
I’d be inclined
To believe they never would
Oh no, no“

The Foundations- Build Me Up Buttercup

“ Why do you build me up (build me up) buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around?
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) buttercup, don’t break my heart
“I’ll be over at ten, ” you told me time and again
But you’re late, I wait around and then (bah dah dah)
I went to the door, I can’t take any more
It’s not you, you let me down again“

18-Year-Old Starts Having A Seizure On The Train, Receives Help From Total Stranger That Later Shares The Whole Story On Twitter ‹ AmaNews Info ‹ Reader —

The smallest act of kindness can make such a big difference!

18-Year-Old Starts Having A Seizure On The Train, Receives Help From Total Stranger That Later Shares The Whole Story On Twitter ‹ AmaNews Info ‹ Reader —
— Read on

A2Z Challenge: N

Today’s challenge is the flowers of states that begin with N.

Nebraska State Flower: Goldenrod

Photo Credit Attached

Nevada State Flower: Sagebrush

Photo Credit Attached

New Hampshire State Flower: Purple Lilac

Photo Credit Attached

New Jersey State Flower: Violet

Photo Credit Attached

New Mexico State Flower: Yucca

Photo Credit Attached

New York State Flower: Rose

Photo Credit Attached

North Carolina State Flower: Flowering Dogwood

Photo Credit Attached

North Dakota State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose

Photo Credit Attached

My Mental Health Journey 5

“You seem happier!”

Someone just texted me that.

It’s crazy how fast words hit my eyes, then my heart, head, and soul at the same time.

Inspiration is so refreshing.

Anyway, what these three words said to me is

” You’re validated.”

” You’re hard work is paying off.”

” You are improving, what you’re doing is working.”

It’s encouraging to hear from another that they see what I’ve been working so hard to achieve.

It’s not about acceptance from anyone else, but that my efforts are evident and I can proudly smile in self validation.


I am happier. It’s true.

In my writing, I’m able to expose my ugliness and feel heard.

That, alone, is freeing.

You’re my therapy sessions lol, except I’m not paying a fortune, and limited to two hours.


I’m happier because of this job opportunity.

There’s more to that than what’s on the surface.

Ten years ago, I was a married closeted Bisexual, living in low income and ghetto housing, miserable, lost, and unhappy.

I had little confidence & very little pride in myself.

That year, I graduated with a 4.0 and a teaching license.

It was the being of my self discovery.

This job opportunity is the first one that I’m excited to start.

This is the first one that I feel confident to do, and to do well.

This is the most motivated and eager I’ve felt about a job ” EVER”!

MAYBE it’s because this job is career material, incredible in so many ways.


I’m happier because I’m working on my emotions.

Being INFJ & HSP, AND EMPATH is exhausting.

There’s only a few of you who can possibly understand what I’m saying.

But, what I’m doing, and I just went through this process this morning, is being mindful and intentional about what I feel.

I was feeling so down this morning. I felt a certain way about an individual, and I didn’t like it.

Instead of sorting through why I felt as I did, I slipped insecurity through my fingers via text.

Then, I remembered I didn’t have to feel yucky. I realized I could identify what I do feel, remove the foggy lense, and feel ok.


I’m happier because I feel some sense of purpose.

Making time to care for these free little libraries has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’m able to demonstrate kindness to my daughter’s.

I’m able to use my time for a greater good.

I able to get outside, and invest into the future of generations to come.

This allows me to give to the community and not have to deal with coworkers and deadlines lol.

This also provides a place where I can place necessities for those who may need it.


It feels good to feel this sense of self acceptance and identity.

It really does!

Weekend Writing Prompt #101

The charlatan bowed his head in the prayer. For months, he has traveled from city to city, appearing as a homeless veteran. His deception fills his pockets; his lies more filthy than his appearance.

Six months ago, he was laying in Egyptian cotton sheets, of a bedroom 24 ft x 36 ft. His mistake, the mistress was laying next to him.

Who am I?

More than the words I write and the pictures you see. Here’s a glimpse into my depth, my layers.

1. If you had to sum up the internet in one word, what would it be?

– Artificial

2. If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to see any famous world monument, which monument would you choose?

I would have to say the “monument” would be Lady Diana’s final resting place. She’s a piece of my roots, and I felt such a huge loss when she died.

3. If you could go on a cross country road trip with famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Hands down, Melissa McCarthy! She’s hysterical and would be a riot on a road trip!

4. What is an activity that never looks cool?

Potato sack race 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just, why? Lol

5. What job doesn’t exist now but will in the future?

Professional battery changer! This world is slowly but surely being over run by self operated devices. Someone has to charge the dang things.

6. You’re locked in the mall overnight, what do you do first?

– Raid the food court, particularly the chocolate /ice cream shop lol.

7. Where is your favorite place to escape to?

– Anywhere there’s water! My soul refreshes so easily when I’m sitting by the wide and vastness of an endless body of water. I feel like I could sit on a pier and let my troubles drift away with the tide.

8. What’s something you do the non-fashioned, non -tech way?

– I paint!! I’m not an expert by any means, but I really enjoy it!

9. If you could give your children one talent, what would it be?

– I would give my daughters the talent of empathy. It walks hand in hand with kindness and compassion.

10. What’s one thing that makes my current relationship better than other relationships?

– The one I am in now is the last one I want. From the first time I met him, he was the one I wanted forever.. Where we’d fight but wouldn’t give up… Where we would piss each other off but we wouldn’t give up. What we have now is two people who refuse to walk away… So our option is to grow.

11. What’s the one skill I wish more people took the time to learn?

– This isn’t so much what people took time to learn, as it is to perfect: active listening! There’s far too many distractions in this world. We all need to get back to simplicity and actually listen to understand when every person is talking to us. We never know what the next moment holds, or who.

12. What one thing in life should always be free?

– Water should always be free. It’s the essential element that we humans need. To cook, clean, keep hydrated to work, to grow crop, to cool down in heat, to boil for coffee. Yup, it’s the one that should always be readily available and financially least restricting.

What’s your thoughts on any of these questions??

Many Thanks 4 Awards

I’ve unintentionally gotten distracted from posting responses to awards 😦

Please accept my apology and truly sincerest thank you to those of you who’ve nominated me!!!

I know I have been nominated for three, possibly 4, in the last couple of months!!

I’m grateful and dearly humbled by each one! I’m so appreciative that you, my followers, feel Im deserving of such recognition!

When I started blogging, I didn’t know what to expect… But, I know I didn’t think this expierence would have been as positive, encouraging, refreshing, challenging, exciting, and humbling as it had been!!

You all add your own unique taste to this mixing pot of talent, and I’m so blessed to belong here 🌸🌸

With Love, Nova Namaste

Mistakes Don’t Define

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We are our own worst critics.

I wonder,…. if we were to stand in front of the 4 year old version of ourselves, would we be so harsh? Would we talk so down about ourselves, what we look like, or what we’ve done? Would we be so unforgiving of the mistakes and so solid on criticizing our character.

I’m guessing doubtfully so…

Why, then, do we do it to our reflections? Because we should know better? Because we expect more of ourselves? Because adults shouldn’t have excuses for mistakes, but rather, there shouldn’t be a many mistakes.

The lessons we’ve learned this far haven’t been because someone said ” Don’t touch that, it’s hot!” And then we listened. Oh no, humans do the exact opposite of what’s good for them, usually within minutes of being told not to. It’s how we learn though, by doing… And by doing so, the expierence becomes relevant to our lives.

What children learn though, or what they should learn, is that they’re not defined by their mistakes. They’re defined by how they handle life… How they handle every situation they get into… And that by being given the opportunity to choose for him/herself, he/she can grow confident in his/her decision making.

Those who feel their mistakes are branded on their skin may have expierenced shame as a child. They may believe that they’re incapable of doing something right. They may lack confidence and self esteem. This type of person might be you.

I just want to say you are wonderful just as you are. Each of you is a gift to this world, and your mistakes have made you the better person you are today. We NEED mistakes, so we can learn and grow. There’s nothing of which will go down in vein of you ALLOW yourself to be uncomfortable and change. It’s taken me many years to erase the embarrassment from my skin.

A2Z Challenge: M

Photo Credit Attached

The 12th letter of our alphabet is the letter M!

In the United States, the states are

Maine State Flower:White pinecone and tassel

Photo Credit Attached

Maryland State Flower: Black-eyed Susan

Photo Credit Attached

Massachusetts State Flower: Mayflower

Photo Credit Attached

Michigan State Flower: Apple Blossom

Photo Credit Attached

Minnesota State Flower: Pink & White Lady Sipper

Photo Credit Attached

Mississippi State Flower: Magnolia

Photo Credit Attached

Missouri State Flower: White Hawthorn Blossom

Photo Credit Attached

Montana State Flower: Bitterroot

Photo Credit Attached

Friday Vibes 💖🕉

Happy Friday 💕 You’ve made it to the weekend! I’m sure there were moments this week that challenged you; some that may have tempted you to give up…

But, you didn’t! Here you are, seeing another fabulous Friday! I’m so proud of you for putting one foot in front of the other, and kept going.

Please take time to celebrate you today, with some self care. You deserve it 🙂





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Remember, there’s a coloring contest tempting you to grab some wine and relax 😀

Coloring Contest

So, who enjoys coloring? ALLLL of you? Yay!!

From 04/21/19 through 05/05/19 {2 weeks}, I’m going to hold a coloring contest.


Don’t forget to include your name and blog link so I know who you are:)

The pictures to choose from are below. You can color them by hand or digitally. You can paint it if you’d like. You can color one, multiple, or all the images. Please just submit one though.

I’ll judge 1, 2, 3rd place at the end of the two weeks. The main idea is to relax and have fun. Let this be free therapy for you on a stressful day.

Brew & Spew Cafe- Word of the Week

The Word of the Week is: pretend.  

The two girls would pretend for hours. Each bottle of paint would become a student or teacher. They, collectively, became a class. If course, this was the class parallel to that of my daughter’s, which Mrs. Brown-Taylor lead.

The girls had the students talking, lining up, and visiting Mr Harris’ room. Mr Harris is the music teacher. He had the class singing, practicing drums, and using rain sticks.

Meanwhile, I was nearby, painting rocks into chocolate chip cookies and cheeseburgers.

Yes these are painted rocks=)

Life of a Single Mom

My kids aren’t into the cool shows, or movies… Like the ones from the late ’80s to mid’90s… you know, like Strawberry Shortcake and The Little Mermaid LOL

Oh no, we’re adventurous kids like Paw Patrol and PJ Masks lol.

Here’s my little silly turkeys tonight:

No matter how frustrated I get, they know how to make me laugh!


Lessons We Learn From Bees

Photo Credit Attached
  1. Bee Kind
  2. Bee Humble
  3. Bee Yourself
  4. Bee Honest
  5. Bee Trustworthy
  6. Bee Genuine
  7. Bee Giving
  8. Bee Grateful
  9. Bee Responsible
  10. Bee Happy
  11. Bee Present
  12. Bee True to yourself

Bee Facts (all taken from HERE)

    Honey bees don’t sleep. Instead, they spend their nights motionless, conserving energy for the next day’s activities.
    Honey bees are not born knowing how to make honey. Instead, they are taught in the hive by older bees.
    Ancient peoples used to believe that bees were created from the carcasses of dead animals.

Don’t Worry 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

It’s frustrating to face ignorance. Anyone of us can appreciate this image. It’s not just in our heads, it’s in our thoughts. It’s in our chest, and our dreams. It’s in our commutes and our moments alone. It’s in our silence, and it’s in our smiles. Our mental illness is invisible, but it’s very real to us. #invisiblescars #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #bipolardisorder #ptsd #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalillnessdoesntdefineme

My Mental Health Journey 4

The conversation became about his surgery. I realized that there’s things that were unsaid, that I needed to say. I realized that he never asked me about my thoughts regarding the surgery, not before it happened, and not since.

I realized, in my definition of a relationship, that that wasn’t ok. I realized that choices are made by everyone, but in a relationship, some need to be made together. In a relationship, couples communicate about their lives. They share and involve one another.

He made the decision to have this surgery without me even knowing about it. He didn’t talk to me about it. He didn’t ask me what my thoughts were. He just made this decision… And it resulted in him forgetting who I am.

So yes, I feel angry. I feel lots of anger, because it’s me he forgot. I feel angry because it’s me he left out when the option was presented to him. It’s me who has suffered the biggest loss.

It’s my emotions and thoughts he still hasn’t asked about. It’s my life that’s had the biggest impact as a result of HIS choice… And he gets mad when I explain all this to him. He gets mad when I explain that my relationship with him is different than any other he has, that I deserve consideration when it comes to such decisions, that being with someone means respecting their views… Even if you don’t go with their suggestion.

No, he made this choice to have surgery, without me knowing, hurt me, more like devastate me, then disrespect my thoughts when I finally speak up… He says ” My body, my choice!”

Sometimes people don’t realize what they have until it becomes a memory.

I sure never asked for this. I’m most defiantly not happy. I no longer have the desire to try with him.

I want to work and better life for my girls.

My Mental Health Journey 2

Shared this via @MightyApp and I haven’t recieved the support I needed.

Again, I’m sharing my bits of Mental Health Journey. As much as I advocate for Healthy & Self -Care, I’m human. I’ll have low days, and days when I struggle to feel positive and at peace. Believe it or not, today was one of those days.

Here’s what I posted on the app:

Today’s Sunday, the day most spend with family. My boyfriend had ” brunch” with his. Sounds lovely, right?! It is…
But here’s more of the back story…
I’m not all that included in his family. Part of it is he’s super cautious whom he brings around his children. The other part is he only knows about 5 months of me, from the 2 1/4 years we’ve been together.
He began having seizures last fall. He had a quick surgery, in his temporal lobe… Where the memory bank is located. It seemed once he came out of surgery and back to his life, I’m the one he forgot… Of those who mattered most, anyway.
I’ve struggled BEYOND COMPREHENTION with trying to ” start over and relearn” him.
Anyway, Sundays are suppose to be wonderful days of family, I am trying my hardest to be patient and believe he’ll naturally begin to include me, but today I’m just struggling. I never want him to feel guilty or obligated. I never want sympathy for my life… I just want to belong.. And to belong with him and his family. I want all of us, me and my two, him and his kids.. All of us. It’s what I hope for.
#CheckInWithMe  #heartbreak  #Depression  #Epilepsy#Anxiety  #MightyTogether  #CheckInWithMe  #Grief#Sadness  #sad  #hurting  #tears  #mighty  #Prayer#struggling

Thank you for simply listening!

Sunday Funday~

Today’s priorities have been that of Self-Care:

1. Fill the free little libraries.

2. Take Zivah to the playground.

3. Paint rocks{ if you haven’t done this before, you really should try it!!}

4. Relax

5. Take a hot bubble bath with fresh lavender

She’s coloring me a picture
We have some projects from November we’re just finishing 🤣🤣

“Now where did it go?”

“Now where did it go?” Chasity whispered to herself.

” Where did what go?” Ben asked her.

She jumped, startled from his emergence. She didn’t realize he had heard her, or that anyone had, actually.

” My chakra beads bracelet. It was just here two days ago, and now it’s gone!” She added.

” Hhhmmmm. That’s odd. Have you worn it out in the last few days?” He continued.

” No!” She replied, ” I sat it on the dresser so I knew, for certain, it was here for this evening. That’s the bracelet mom gave me for my 18th birthday. I need to find it!!”

Chasity had worked herself into hyper ventilation!!

She’s had this mental illness since she was a child. She and her family had visited the fair, while it was in town. The night they went, her family was in line to ride the Merry-go-round. It took less than 5 minutes of a distraction, and her family wasn’t in sight. She saw a young girl playing the darts game, and she thought the girl would certainly win a prize.

Chasity looked around, and her family wasn’t near.

” Mommy!” She cried softly.

” Mommy! Mommy!” She cried again, feeling the tightness of her chest escalate.

” Mooommmyyyyy! Where are you?” Chasity screamed in a full blown outpour of hysteria and tears.

A nearby woman witnessed the child and approached her to help.

” Hello! My name is Nova. What’s your name?” She asked?

” My mommy doesn’t want me talking to strangers.” Chasity explained.

” That’s safe! Your mommy loves you to keep you safe. I saw you looking sad because you can’t find your mommy, and I want to help you find her.” Nova added.

” Is that OK?” She continued.

” Yes!” The five year old responded.

Less than twenty minutes later, the fair grounds police had located her parents and everyone was reunited.

Chasity was never the same, though.

She grew up with nightmares; and she’s struggled with bad anxiety attacks.

She’s super conscientious of where she places things, and where her family is.

“Here it is!!” Ben exclaimed in delight!!

” It must have slipped behind the dresser when I sat my book down, last night!” Chasity explained.

In the greatest feeling of relief, Chasity slipped on her good luck charm, and off they went.

Formulated for The Haunted Wordsmith’s April 7th, Story Starter Challenge

Word of the Day Challenge: Gaze

Subtle and quietly, she maneuvered through the

Market, searching for the perfect melon and freshest

Bundle of basil leaves.

Her father would scold her till hell froze over if he

knew; but she lived for the wrong doing adrenaline.

It gave her a sense of urgency to explore this great

Big world; all that’s beyond those stuffy castle walls.

As she weaved through the townspeople, she kept her

Eyes on the market stand she frequently visited.

His was by far the best of choices, for everything from

Fruit to herbs, flower seeds, to organic pastries. He

Was a dark and handsome man, roughly late 20s to

Mid 30s.

Though, she had a gaze that stopped em in their

Tracks, she has yet to accomplish the challenge

Of catching his attention. She’d gracefully step up to

The stand, and flash a warm and friendly smile.

As he did with every lady, he’d tip his hat with respect

And a returned welcome. She always anticipated the

butterflies that followed.

” How could this man have no idea? ” She thought

To herself.

She put down a melon that obviously wasn’t ready for

Purchasing and picked up another. Honeysuckle

Syrup poured over crepes, with a side of cantaloupe

Was her favorite breakfast. Her mother would

sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg over the entire plate. It

Was the perfect touch, but moms do that, add what’s

Needed to made everything just right.

She returned to the market scene when she felt a

warm touch upon her arm. She smiled sheepishly, that

Sweet and innocent smile men can’t resist. He stood so

Close, she could feel his body heat radiate from his

well defined figure.

” Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.” She sympathized

He simply took the fruit from her hand and replaced it

With one from his crop. Politely, he tip his hat again as

If to say, It’s on me. Bidding you a great day.

She accepted with a returned wink and headed back


Formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: Gaze

Awesome Article Alert 📰

73 Ways To Improve Your Health

There’s some really simple and super easy suggestions in this list! Apart of self love is taking take off your over all health. You’ll feel better when you start making the choice to place yourself on that priority list. 💙 And I’ll be here cheering you on!!

Good Morning Message ☕️

This morning, my menu consists of the following:

☕️: Coffee (Starbucks Dark Roast)

🍓🍌🍐🍎🍊🍑🥭: strawberries, bananas, pears, apples, oranges, peaches, and mangos

🥯🥐🥞: bagel with blueberry cream cheese, crassont, and a fluffy stack of pancakes.

🥓🍳🧀: bacon, fried eggs over easy, with cheese.

🥛🍵: milk or tea

Please eat as much as you’d like, there’s plenty 🙂 Thank you for accepting my invitation to have breakfast with me! I always enjoy our time together 🙂

How was your week? Did you enjoy your weekend? My daughter and I hung out the rest of Saturday and will today. Sometimes, that rest is really needed.

How’s your food? Do you need another cup of tea? Or coffee refill? Is be glad to get that for you! No? OK dear, please let me know if you change your mind.

So this week coming up, I’ll be starting work as a property consultant. I’ll visit different properties for sale, take several pictures of the home and property, then send them off to my boss and wait for instruction. I’m very excited.

On top of that, my girls and I are feeling better, so I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy walking. It’s been a long winter. I’m ready for flowers to bloom! I sure do love taking photos in the Spring!!

Well, I’ll let you finish eating! I’m sending my biggest hugs to you and best wishes for a wonderful Sunday!!

A2Z Challenge: G

Photo Credit linked

Today’s letter is the 7th of our alphabet! It’s the grand letter G:D In my series for the A 2 Z April Challenge, I’m posting flowers, particularly the ones Home to North America.

Georgia would be our next state flower to marvel at lol.

This is the Cherokee Rose. You can read more about the state HERE.

Image by yamada* via Flickr Creative Commons

Accustomed to the Darkness

Eyes close with the touch of our lips,

Lights dim as the music begins,

The evening sets in with warming color,

And my fingertips stroke your perfect skin.

The trace of your neck, the frame of your jaw,

Memorizing every inch of you,

engraving this moment into my heart.

The stars fall into your eyes,

Your body free of any coverage,

More lovely in the light of the moon,

It rests upon your shape like a match made in heaven.

The blackness sets the intimacy on fire,

As we grow accustomed to the darkness 🔥

Written for Reenas Exploration Challenge #81. You can read all about her challenge by clicking the highlighted section.