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welcome-desi-glitters-7Nova’s Namastè 365 Online is a big comfy, extra fluffy, forever fresh clean couch. There’s plenty of room, for one, one hundred, or one thousand individuals who may need a listening ear. I’m so happy you’re here, even if just passing through.

Recently, Brandi, @Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe, and I were conversing about “why”! Why what?… Everything and anything of our behavior. We were talking about the value of understanding, especially ourselves and our intentions. The purpose, or the reason why, we do anything is of tremendous value because it makes a difference in our lives… And those around us. It’s not always life altering & drastic, but none the less, the ripple always begin.

Almost a year ago, I published my first post. I had doubts. I felt insecure and lacked confidence. I didn’t really understand why I was embarking on this journey. As I’ve gained expierence, followers, feedback, and knowledge, I’ve developed a strong sense of need to share.

My ” why ” is, not only, because I need to release my thoughts and ideas, but also, because I need to advocate for those with a silenced voice. I need to give of my genuine heart and support, because mental health IS important and is better handled with someone. I also need to be here, providing resources and information and being available to listen. I sure don’t claim to be a professional on any level, but I still have something to give.

I’m not a published author. I’m not perfect. I’m not judgemental or any kind of expert on Mental Health. I’m a Mom, who’s lived through super highs and tremendous lows in 33 years. I’ve been coping with depression and anxiety for several years now. I’m all emotions. My passion and compassion are nurturing. My pain feels like the lowest of blows. My joy is ecstasy, anger like hell’s fire. My happiness comes from deep places. I’m curious, layered with caution and diversion tactics. I enjoy writing, and I gain my greatest inspiration from nature and my family. I love to laugh. I enjoy learning about other people; and I hope you’re going to return again.

Thank you for visiting me 🕉🕊
Be blessed, take time for some self-care, and pay kindness forward.Speak life into your days and live those precious moments. Be where you are, intentionally, undistracted by all that meaninglessness in life.