115-124th Days of 365 Thanks Giving

This is Pygmy Kingfisher. They’re from the woodland, thickets, and forests of Africa. Additionally, they are the smallest of their breed in the area.

Why do I mention this? You’ll find a list below.


💕 I’m thankful for the following

  1. Strength isn’t measured by size
  2. Quietness can lead to a positive outcome.
  3. Courtship is still a thing
  4. There is beauty in variety.
  5. Secretive doesn’t mean mischief.
  6. They wear pink and violet feathers.
  7. They eat insects rather than fish.
  8. Their species isn’t in threat, due to deforestation.
  9. They are sighted in an extensive list of parks and reserves.
  10. They make mornings with coffee more beautiful.

I’m so blessed to have come across this image. I love birds, especially ones that are multicolored.

I hope something captures your attention and curiosity today. I hope something reminds you how amazing life is.


Remember to stay safe, speak life, and spread kindness.

Nova Namastè

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