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Right or Happy?

Growing up, I remember my mother discovering a quote that she reiterated on to us.

You can be right ;or, you can be happy.

Strangely, she NEVER seemed to be happy.

I’ve carried this life lesson with me, ever since. Right now, I find it impeccably fitting to mention it.

Happiness can’t be found anywhere or in anything that is seen. It can’t be found in anything that is bought, or even sold. Happiness isn’t a place or a destination.

It’s a journey, a life of healthy and self evolutionary choices… it’s being mindful of oneself, and focusing on the energy we individually exert into our universe. It’s respecting, accepting, and embracing the natural order of events. It’s seeking that which is true, challenging, and worthy of you.

Being right in every argument that arises will never make you happy.

I hope that’s not the road you choose.


  1. Great quote from your mother. The desire to always be right is the egos way of protecting itself. It doesn’t want to know its wrong because that threatens it. The ego is only interested in self preservation not happiness. Acceptance is the answer as you say. Thank you for sharing 🙏

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  2. I am hardly ever truly happy… and now I know why. Always concentrating on the right and wrong of things, when I should accept the things I cannot change. (That sounds very familiar too!)

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  3. True.. Happiness is a journey and I feel that we can be happy all the time if we find out only the positive things in any bad situation.. Happy tuesday😀

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