Hey Everyone: Tonight, I got an intuitive feeling that I need to reach out. With all this crazy in our world, our mental health has challenged many of us! Right now, I want to reach out to the person who’s attempting to end life. I am speaking specifically to you who’s trying to “find the courage” to successfully slice your wrists. I HEAR you love! … Continue reading Premonition

Extra Time & Kiss

I have listened to Prince for years. I’ve listened to his music repeatedly! Today, I heard this song a bit differently. He talks about what’s enough for him. He talks about the importance of time, touch, and presence. I admire this song on a whole new level. U don’t have 2 be beautiful2 turn me onI just need your body babyFrom dusk till dawnU don’t … Continue reading Extra Time & Kiss

Little Update

Hey everyone: I don’t have a picture or wisdom, any creativity to share. I read on another blogger’s post, pictures creates a lack of interest from other readers. That was a bit discouraging. I also had another run-in with some young boys who couldn’t act their age. They thought setting a fire in a community park trash can was something acceptable. When I confronted them, … Continue reading Little Update