Over Yonder

Photo taken from Pinterest

What do you suppose she’s staring at, so intently?

A turtle, slowly edging it’s way into a rock, in a nearby pond?

A rabbit that just hopped from a lettuce patch?

Maybe she’s watching a squirrel on a nearby tree trunk, trying for the life of it, to decide which way to go.

Then again, I think a deer would be watching a grasshopper leap from one grass strand to another, eagerly anticipating the next jump.

What I utterly adore about babies… and the very thing that makes me fall in love with them, is their sense of wonder!

They are so small for such a short time. In those days, everything is so exciting! They learn many new skills. They see so many smiling faces. They get to touch lots of new objects and textures.

The world is so big and great!

They’re fearless and unbiased.

Nothing barricades them back, even when in uncertainty.

We forget that kind of world, the bigger we get…

We need the reminders.

To charge ahead, with faith bigger than ourselves.

To stop recognizing fear, and allowing it to cripple us.

There’s such an awesome adventure waiting for you.

Take the step forward.

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