July 1st Challenges

Word of the Day Challenge: Behavior

Her behavior was a bit different. Other’s snarled and stared; she’s grown numb to it. Those who knew her, understood the challenges she faced. In a world that was quick to judge, she was oddly unusually. In a world that valued her, she was the leader of great compassion and empathy, courage and strength. Both worlds needed to exist, so she could be present in either.

CitySonnet July Color and Letters Challenge: 07/01/20 My Favorite Color

I used to have one favorite color. As a child, I adored everything Pink. While in High School, and many years following, I loved Blue. Today, it’s impossible for me to choose one particular color. I have this belief that life should be lived in all colors. I have a spirituality that exists with each color representing something essential to my overall balance. This is why I chose a rainbow of colors, as my favorite.

Citysonnet July Photo a Day Challenge: 07/01/20 Welcome July


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