The Overlooked Detail

Do you see it?


In all that happens in this world, there’s nothing more distracting… nothing more capable of dividing our attention than our phones.

THIS has to stop!!! Exactly this is the WHOLE problem. .
It’s not just the police officer actin like a “beep beep beep asshat”… It’s ALSO the very pathetic “routine” of humanity whipping out their phones to record!

8 minutes and 46 seconds!

I can’t help but to feel those surrounding this incident failed George Floyd too!

IN THIS INSTANCE, Mr Floyd needed someone to get off social media and his neck and get help!!!













Our phones remove us from “now”, and it’s terrible what can result when that happens! Remember that!


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13 Replies to “The Overlooked Detail”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. CARAMEL says:

    It’s such a baffling event. I understand why there has been so much outrage.

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