Well Shyyyttt

I try my best to radiate positivity and divulge wisdom as much as possible. Tonight, though, I’m on the outs! I’m tired. I’m moody. I’m very uninterested in giving much of a fuck about hurting feelings. I’m annoyed with my kids. I don’t want to mom right now… And I feel like I’m screaming at the top of my lungs… To deaf ears. It’s a … Continue reading Well Shyyyttt


📌Dear Ladies: YOU are worth it!  📌Dear Trans Black Women: YOUR lives matter!  📌Dear Men( all that are nonwhite race) Mental Health means YOU’re taking care of your ENTIRE being… and that’s OK!  📌Dear Abuse Survivors: Your Journey got you here. It’s not your IDENTITY.  📌Dear Cancer Survivors: You CAN trust life is here.. and you CAN live it.  📌Dear Children: I don’t know you … Continue reading Letters