Day: May 16, 2020

A Piece of Wisdom

Sometimes, we morn an absence WELL after it’s been created… Because letting go and leaving can happen independently from one another. Nova Namastè

Telling Your Story in Steps: Pt 1

Because YOUR story MATTERS🌸🌺🌼


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When to say Yes

Originally posted on introvertime: almost never fails me. I decided to visit the site to find calmness amidst my bad morning and voilà, the first feature article I found was How to Stop Agreeing to Things That Aren’t Good for You by Hailey Magee which exactly responds to the…

Saturday 💖

Coffee? Tea? Anyone?… Good Morning WordPress community. I hope you slept well, and that today brings you abundant love, joy, and peace. I hope you choose happiness and kindness. Have a spectacular Saturday! 🌸 With Love and Light Nova

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