Men’s Mental Health Monday {#MMHM}

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Just talk fellas. What comes out, how you word it, no other detail matters. The important thing is that you open your mouth and get the thoughts out of your body. There’s freedom in it.

Nova Namastè

8 thoughts on “Men’s Mental Health Monday {#MMHM}

  1. Agree! One of the biggest problem in our current society reside in the fact that men have a very hard time talking about their feelings creating a whole lot of issues for themselves and the people around them. This statement seems overgeneralized, unfair, and a tad offensive; but it is actually backed up by a lot of studies. My eldest daughter Maya put her blogger’s hat on and wrote an article dealing with this important societal issue. I was very impressed with the way Maya tackled this sensitive issue: I am bias of course because she is my daughter after all, but judge for yourself. I guarantee you it will be time well spent

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