Her night was solid sleep. No distractions, no worries; maybe she was to the point of complete exhaustion.

As day broke, with an ombre sunrise, she sat sipping her coffee. It was perfect, warm, just enough sugar, and a hint of peanut butter chocolate. She felt her buoyant spirit greeting her.

A few short hours later, the aura of the day changed. A single text, a single sentence, dropped anxiety and weight upon her heart. In a second, deeper than the core of this earth, the message affected her through and through.

Feeling everything so deeply is such a blessing…. And equally such a curse. Some of us don’t know how to “let it roll of your back” and go on with the day. For some of us, an empty message can shaken our spirits, far longer than we’d be able to control.

She now must go through the day with no appetite and a sense of unease.

Fuck ~

Written for the Word of the Day Challenge.

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