Men’s Mental Health Monday {#MMHM}

The mental well-being of our men is just as important as our women. In a society that shames those, who are emotionally vulnerable, who stray from certain adult social norms, and have difficulty obtaining the much needed therapy, I’m working to provide access to what is available to them.
Some methods include:

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Brochures
  • Support Groups
  • Fellow men who cope

#Movember: November, Men’s Mental Health Month

For those of you who struggle to find downtime, a podcast is an excellent way to tap into therapy. What I love about this method is the diversity of casts. Each individual will find one that he best relates.

Here’s a few to try

Photo Credit:

University Of Maryland: Healthy Men Michigan

Fellas, you matter. Your health matters. Please reach out if you’re struggling.

With Love & Light

9 thoughts on “Men’s Mental Health Monday {#MMHM}

  1. Thanks for sharing this. There’s often a “man up, toughen up” sort of attitude about a lot of men and mental health. Emotional vulnerability is discouraged.

    Also, I wrote a post on the subject of men and mental health; if you’re interested, I’m happy to leave a link to that post in the comments section (for the purposes of furthering the discussion on men and mental health)!

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