Day 2 of Lockdown


This morning, we raced cars in the hallway between two rooms; while mommy blogged. Then, we had mommy paint our nails a color that would have been “ too grown up” according to our great grandma (her grandma Merryman). Next, we began an art project with some painting (more photos later). After that, we cracked some eggs and mixed milk and cinnamon for lunch: French Toast with sausage.

Lunch time!!

This afternoon, we made flowers and identified the major parts:) Here’s beautiful Zivah with hers.

Here’s beautiful Calandra with her artwork:)

Here is our finished product. I really enjoyed this. I love how each one is so individualized.

In addition to all of this fun, we had virtual field trips to the Miami Zoo & Amazon Rainforest.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into our day:

Nova Namastè

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