Elementary Things

Michael Jackson was scrutinized for enjoying such things…

And I felt for him, because I too enjoy such things.

In a world full of immediate judgement upon that which we don’t understand, Michael loved and lived an entirely different life.

Balloons and rainbows,

Toy trains and tea cups,

Jokes and jump rope,

Lolly pops,

Cotton candy.

I believe he had the money to recreate the childhood that he dreamed he had. I believe he wanted to give children the same chance to just be kids.

When there’s no proof of wrong doing, in a county such as those in California, one of the most racist states in the US… After all the accusations, and demolishing of his reputation… After all the ransacking of his home…

How are we to believe he was a criminal?

We hate what we don’t understand…

That’s fact.

Many of us live complacently in our ignorance to even TRY to understand…

It’s common opinion so I’ll go with it…

Elementary Things… The simplest joys of life…

Children laughing

Enjoying rides

Blowing bubbles

Eating sweets.

It isn’t a crime to want such things.

My reminder of my inner child

Change begins with the man in the mirror


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