Delight in Deliverance

No words of man,

that rise against me,

that wish to spew fear and false accusations,

Will Reach, Shake, or Collapse

My Love Wall Around Myself.

No toxic poison

Will seep through my

Protecting Surrounding

No Tears will be shed,

No sleepless nights,


In Light and all that is Love

Nova Namastè

I hold the 🔑 key

15 Comments on “Delight in Deliverance”

  1. I loved this and feel your strength! You are going to think I am a knucklehead, but I have never been on wordpress reading blogs! I thought I would get emails and wondered why for some people I didn’t. I am not even sure how I got here!

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  2. This is a beautiful Proclamation! I feel the same way! When people spew and deliver false accusations I hurt only for them, because negative outburts are a cry for help and recognized as someone else’s own hurt, or negative issues. I completely understand when writers vent in their work, but when it is directed at other people deliberately,it is a sad shame. I hope many of your readers respond in a positive way to your post. It is refreshing to read! ☀️

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