Empowering Yourself

Much of what we struggle with is in our minds. Labels slap us with shame and doubt, though they say more about the individual trying to disgrace.

To win, here’s what you can do. Take your power back.

How do you do that? You sit with yourself and identify your weaknesses. From there, acknowledge that you accept them, while trying to improve.

No one, who matters, expects you to be perfect. Those who do, aren’t anyone that holds opinions of who you are.

As you continue to grow, you will build confidence and develop self love. This is your foundation. Just as an innocent defenseless infant needs protection, you will need to protect yourself in this growth period. You will need to surround yourself with good and wholesome influences.

Taking your power back feels like hope has been restored. Words of Manipulation won’t affect you as much. Deceptive behavior won’t confuse you. Abusive people won’t be around. Toxicity won’t be considered when you make your decisions. Life will be brighter.

A better you…a better life… Really does begin with you. You have so much power in your own hands. Grasp it and write your own story.

With Love and Light

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