Random thoughts I’ve had the last few days:

Those single women who seek attention because they are able to survive without child support payment, annoy me. Everyone know no woman would voluntarily support a child without financial help. To post a meme that says “ Let’s see the women who…” is suggesting the lifestyle of their lives is voluntary… which is a lie.

Secondly, well wishes should be just that. Wishes sent to individuals with good and honest intentions. Why on earth would someone treat an individual like crap, then send best wishes once they break up. That’s stupid as sin. Most people have dreams, wishes, and desires all the time. If the individual is with you, use your energy birthing and building those dreams.

Lastly, hurt people will hurt people. If you’re carrying around bitterness and baggage, you’re going to hurt others. If you’re untrusting and jaded, you’re going to hurt others. If you’re closed off and mean and unkind, you’re going to hurt people. This world is ugly enough. We don’t help this world at all by robbing ourselves of healing and emotional connection with one another. Just something to think about.

With Love & Light:


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