Bigger than Yesterday

Word of The Day from Tales from the Mind of Kristian: Heartfelt

Your Daily Word Prompt from Sheryl: Resilient

The saying goes, beautiful people aren’t born; they’re made.

In my life, some of the most beautiful people, have walked the hardest roads.

They’ve faced hardships I couldn’t imagine seeing. They’ve overcome nightmares that could numb a soul. They’ve looked adversity in the eyes, ready and resilient.

These incredible human beings haven’t allowed life to hold them back. They’ve persisted towards goals and achieved greatness.

Change is one of life’s few constance occurrences. None of us are bulletproof to it’s unpredictability, uncomfortability, and unfamiliarity.

Heartfelt support, a positive attitude, the package of all that is necessary to win has been they’re driving force.

I admire these individuals. They’re inspiring. They’re winners… And I hope they never lose that strength to be bigger than yesterday.

With Love and Light

One thought on “Bigger than Yesterday

  1. Very true! When you see people you have to realize that they’ve probably been through the worst to get to where they are. I’m sure there were a lot of lessons that had to be learned too. Thanks for sharing!



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