Friendly Friday Photo Challenge:D Check out the scoop of the fun right ✨ HERE:D This week’s theme is Coffee Conversations Coffee is a language all of it’s own. I’m so thankful for the hugs it’s brought me. I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve gained because of it. I’m so thankful for it’s strength when […]

Much of what we struggle with is in our minds. Labels slap us with shame and doubt, though they say more about the individual trying to disgrace. To win, here’s what you can do. Take your power back. How do you do that? You sit with yourself and identify your weaknesses. From there, acknowledge that […]

Random thoughts I’ve had the last few days: Those single women who seek attention because they are able to survive without child support payment, annoy me. Everyone know no woman would voluntarily support a child without financial help. To post a meme that says “ Let’s see the women who…” is suggesting the lifestyle of […]

Materialism can suffocate what’s left of the love in this world… If we let it. People try to buy their way into lives, while trying to excuse their ignorence of absence. I hate seeing it. When we really allow ourselves to live as if there’s no tomorrow, intentions change. Perspectives change. Priorities change. Actions change. […]