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Month: February 2020


Random thoughts I’ve had the last few days: Those single women who seek attention because they are able to survive without child support payment, annoy me. Everyone know no woman would voluntarily support a child without financial help. To post … Continue Reading Thoughts

Question of the Day – No. 507

Excellent question! What would you say? Question of the Day – No. 507 Question of the Day – No. 507 — Read on

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Super easy & adorable kids crafts for Valentine’s Day! Art therapy helps me every time. Even something small, something simple, can make all the difference.

Your Destiny Number Revealed

Love this friend & her spiritual support/guidance. Check out her post here! Enlightenment at best!! Your Destiny Number Revealed Your Destiny Number Revealed — Read on

Troubled Water

My piece posted on the Lettrs app. ©️2020NovaAll Rights Reserved