Music Go A ‘Round’ Challenge

These only some of the songs that took me by the hand and raised me to who I am today! That’s the Challenge! Songs that have deep meaning to you!!

This is an extremely sensitive and special invitation into my intimate relationship with music. It’s a special invitation to my memories… so appreciate it!! 😉😉






Tagged are individuals I’d love to participate in this “Music Go A’Round”

Ok, here we go:

Surf City- Jan & Dean

Little Old Lady From Pasadena- Jan & Dean

I Get Around- Beach Boys

Be True To Your School- Beach Boys

If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

Strong Enough – Cher

(This Is) A Song For The Lonely – Cher

Save Up All Your Tears – Cher

As Good As I Was To You – Lorrie Morgan

Five Minutes – Lorrie Morgan

Emotional Girl – Terri Clark

Any Man Of Mine – Shania Twain

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I’ll add more here in the near future!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè


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