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Happy Friday Bloggers 📇

Taken from ShadowLifeman on Diviant Art

Today’s the last Friday in December. It’s the last Friday of 2019. It’s, also, the last Friday of this current decade.

Lasts are a good thing, sometimes. A last cigarette is an excellent example. A last minute flight to Aruba would also be awesome.

Lasts can really suck. Last minute shopping for example isn’t wise. Last time you get the chance to speak to a loved one is also really awful.

Life is peculiar, with the good and bad. In this last TGIF of 2019, I hope you reflect on the lasts in your previous decade and plan for an even better next.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè


  1. Awesome. Finished and posted the writing challenge you gave me over the summer. I have another story being published end of January 2020. Also submitted a short story to Readers digest contest for February 2020. Not bad right? 😎



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