Christmas Eve Story

It was Christmas Eve ; and, the party was underway.

Children were excited for morning; and, Santa was prepping his sleigh.

Grown ups gathered together, to share the best of that year,

A scene of an American Christmas, abundant in laughter and cheer.

Far from home, a startled soldier suddenly awoke;

The gunfire had just started and then came the smoke.

Quickly, he snatched his rifle, timelessly dashed out the door

Not a moment of peace has he had, nothing ever as before.

His blood was pumping high, he dodged all the blows,

Threw himself beside his brother, strengthening forces in rows.

All this is happening, while our children safe in their bed,

Heroes gift us freedom, without hesitation or dread.

So, as Santa visits, and we anticipate Christmas Day,

Send gratitude to our Heroes; and, may they feel what we pray.

For all who have & are serving in the US military🇺🇸 Thank You!

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

Nova Namastè


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