The Gift

Life doesn’t stop when someone dies.

Sure, it feels like it.

The hurt is unlike any other kind.

Uncertainty visits.

A sensation of numbness holds us hostage.

For, what feels like eternity… Then beyond

Memories flood our minds, in the quietest moments.

But, life doesn’t stop.

Days becomes the next…

The hour becomes the next..

The month becomes the next…

With time, other things happen.

Babies are welcomed into this world.

Loved ones are getting married.

New graduates are starting the dream job.

In a brief moment, the one we love passes into

For ever…

And in that moment, life hugs us.

Love is why we hurt.

Love is why they matter.

They matter because they lived..

And we lived…

Opening ourselves up to one another.

Death reminds us about life..


Breathe alot deeper.

Open our eyes, alittle bit wider.

Laugh more often.

Love so much harder.

Sing because we want to.

Try it despite the odds.


Capture it.


Because time doesn’t stop.

And Death escapes no one.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè

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